Super Gene - Chapter 992 - The Reversed Dragon Scale

Chapter 992 - The Reversed Dragon Scale

Chapter 992: The Reversed Dragon Scale


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Moment Queen’s heart pounded in her chest as she watched Bao’er hit the floor with the ring in gleeful childplay. She wished to s.n.a.t.c.h it back.

But if she showed any interest in the ring, she knew Han Sen would take it away from her for good.

Bao’er continued to play with it, and Moment Queen hoped she’d soon lose her interest in it.

As Bao’er swung her arms around, with her fist clenching the ring, it looked as if it’d slip out from her grasp, any second.

“Bao’er, that belongs to the dead. You shouldn’t do that.” Han Sen was afraid she’d end up eating the ring.

Bao’er was stronger than anyone he knew, but on a certain level, she was still a baby. He still felt compelled to be as protective as any reasonable parent should.

When Moment Queen heard him speak, she hoped Han Sen would tell her to discard the ring.

She knew she still had to act cool and not show any interest, so she held back for a while and just watched Bao’er.

But then, Bao’er stopped messing about and just sat there. She fiddled the ring between her fat, wrinkly baby-fingers. It seemed as if she was actually considering whether she should keep it or throw it away.

Suddenly, she raised her hand as if to prepare a throw.

Moment Queen’s glee and excitement immediately returned, and in her heart, she started shouting, “Throw it! Yes, throw it!”

Bao’er’s hand raised the ring… and stopped. She didn’t throw it, and the baby’s crooked face suggested she was still deep in thought over whether or not to keep the ring.

Moment Queen’s face turned dim again. Soon, Han Sen would find the scale. And when he did, her opportunity of nabbing this ring for herself would go, too.

But then, Bao’er pulled back her raised arm, as if to finally throw the ring away.

This delighted Moment Queen. But the rollercoaster of emotions showed no sign of slowing down, as Bao’er’s arm dropped with the ring still in her possession. Moment Queen’s mind was furious, screaming, “Just do it!”

Finally, Bao’er came to a decision. Her face looked serious, and she seemed ready to throw it in Moment Queen’s direction.

“Yeah, that’s it. Come on, baby. Come on.” Moment Queen opened her arms, as if to gesture that she should really throw it her way, and prepare to catch it.

Bao’er’s face dropped its babylike glee, though. She was serious, like a baseball player, preparing to throw the game-saver.

Seeing Bao’er ready to throw, Moment Queen’s hands opened wide. The baby’s arm launched forward but… no ring left the clutch.

Bao’er smiled to Moment Queen like a little demon. She stood up, with the ring firmly in her hands, and ran over to Han Sen.

Bao’er climbed on top of Han Sen’s back and forced the ring on him.

Han Sen accepted the ring and smiled at Moment Queen.

Moment Queen, after seeing their impish smiles, knew she had been tricked.

Han Sen must have known there to be something special with the ring a long time ago. To test her faithfulness, and whether or not the ring was a worthy item for the taking, he pranked her.

“*sshole! *sshole father! *sshole daughter!” Moment Queen’s mind was an inferno of raging hatred, particularly so when she realized she had been tricked by a baby.

Han Sen took the ring. He didn’t know what good it would do him, if any, but if Moment Queen wanted it that badly, then he knew he’d be better off with it.

Han Sen did not say anything, though. He ignored Moment Queen and continued searching. He lifted up the armor and saw a scale that looked like that of a fish. It almost looked like a sh.e.l.l.

“Brother Dragon, you’re very dead, aren’t you? That means you won’t be needing this, right? Don’t worry, skeletor, I’ll make good use of it. You have my word. And who knows? I might make you famous again,” Han Sen said to the withered husk, as he plucked the scale from its bony torso.

Perhaps it was because the body was dry, but he had no problems taking the scale.

When his fingers felt the scale, it was cool to the touch. The scale was white and semi-transparent.

“Moment, is this the reversed scale you mentioned?” Han Sen asked.

“Yes,” Moment Queen coldly answered.

“Is there anything else around this place worth taking?” Han Sen asked, with a tone of slight mocking.

Moment Queen wanted to kill Han Sen. If it wasn’t for the ring, he wouldn’t even have learnt about the scale, either.

“No,” Moment Queen coldly said.

Dragon King died because of his attempt to level up. It was not his tomb or shelter, so it was likely she was telling the truth and there really was nothing else worth taking.

Finding the ring was lucky enough. And it was only through the emperor’s stubbornness it was there for Han Sen to claim.

“Well, if there’s nothing else for us here, we should take our leave.” Han Sen then returned the way he had come, and placed the angry Moment Queen back in the Sea of Soul.

With Bao’er up front, leading the way, the return trip to the shelter did not take long. Resting in his hall, Han Sen fiddled with the ring and scale he had retrieved.

“Moment Queen wanted this thing pretty badly. I wonder what it does, exactly?” Han Sen couldn’t discern what made either item special.

“Well, treasure is treasure. And besides, I’ve been needing a ring to pull my bow.” Han Sen then placed the ring on his finger.

When he wore it, though, the red of the ring seemed to come alive. It glowed menacingly, and the sound of a roaring dragon boomed through the hall.