Super Gene - Chapter 921: Scary Talent

Chapter 921: Scary Talent

Chapter 921: Scary Talent

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There were a lot of powerful creatures populating the knotted expanse of Thorn Forest; creatures Han Sen was currently unable to beat. Even if Han Sen could use his super king spirit mode for a long time, to kill creatures with six or more gene locks active, would be incredibly difficult.

"I should put my skates on and hurry to open my second gene lock. I should do that, and at the same time max out my basic and primitive geno points. My fitness level should be high enough for me to open the third gene lock, then." Han Sen contemplated his next move.


As Han Sen was lost in thought, a flaming blade suddenly appeared and exploded near him.

"How was that? Is my S-cla.s.s hyper geno art cool or is it cool?" Chu Ming smiled smugly, as a fire hovered above the palm of his hand.

"It's not bad." Han Sen nodded.

"What element is your hyper geno art? Can you show me?" Chu Ming asked Han Sen, politely.

"My hyper geno arts don't have a specific element tied to them, I can do whatever I wish," Han Sen answered.

"Really?" Chu Ming didn't believe it.

Chu Ming rolled his eyes and said, "then show me how you might cast Flaming Blade."

"Oh, that? That's easy. Give me the details on how to learn it." Han Sen smiled.

Chu Ming explained to Han Sen how he could learn Flaming Blade, but said, "It's useless to tell you, though. I don't have any more of the geno solution."

"I don't need it." Han Sen followed the instructions he was given, and he felt a fire come to life in his hand.

Han Sen waved his hand and a meter-long, flaming blade manifested a short distance from him, and flew out in the direction he desired. It hit the bone of a giant skeleton, which made it collapse amidst a fiery explosion.

"What the--? How is that possible?" Chu Ming's eyes were open wide.

Han Sen knew his Flaming Blade would be stronger than Chu Ming's, as he had maxed out his squire cla.s.s, knight cla.s.s and royal cla.s.s fire spirit geno points. He had also earned a king cla.s.s fire spirit geno point from The King of Day.

His practice of fire would far exceed the capabilities of ordinary people.

Spirit genes enabled a new talent. The more spirit genes a person could get, the more hyper geno arts they could learn.

This was especially effective with elementally-based hyper geno art. If you had many spirit genes you would not even need the geno solution to adopt them.

Humans had known about this for a long time, but most people had to work in the employ of spirits to earn a measly sum of them. They weren't half as easy to come by, as they were for Han Sen.

But Han Sen did not expect his Flaming Blade to be that much stronger than Chu Ming's.

If Han Sen's Flaming Blade was like a machete, then Chu Ming's was a plastic spoon.

They had both opened their first gene lock, and Chu Ming's entire focus was on the single element of fire. Yet the gulf in power between them was far bigger than Han Sen would ever have expected to see. The boons of earning spirit geno points were greater than he thought they could be, for sure.

"Do you focus on the fire element? Or did you secretly learn how to use Flaming Blade before? Or maybe, just maybe, you have already opened your second gene lock without telling us?" Chu Ming enquired, struggling to wrap his mind around how Han Sen could have only just learned Flaming Blade and become so dexterous with the skill.

Han Sen shrugged his shoulders and said, "Yes."

"Haha! I knew it. So, you've managed to open your second gene lock? It looks like I'm falling behind here, hehe. I should try and keep up and open my second gene lock, too." Chu Ming sighed. He was initially quite dismayed, seeing how powerful Han Sen was with Flaming Blade, but after hearing this, was happier.

Han Sen hadn't actually opened his second gene lock, but this entire happening reminded him that his strongest element was that of thunder. Aside from royal and spirit king geno points, he was maxed out with thunder. Furthermore, he had managed to earn three spirit king geno points for it. As such, his thunder talent was quite spectacular.

If he practiced a thunder surpa.s.ser hyper geno art, it'd be incredibly strong.

Sonic-Thunder Punch was merely an evolver hyper geno art. It was one that used sonic powers, too. Unfortunately for him, the sonic element was rare, and he hadn't even been able to max out the squire cla.s.s for sonic geno points.

"When I open my second gene lock, I'm going to learn a new thunder skill," Han Sen thought to himself.

Han Sen's Dongxuan Sutra was almost at the second tier, and all it took was a few more days of practice to feel as if his cells were about to break. He felt relaxed.

"Finally! I have opened the second gene lock." Han Sen was very hyped, and so he quickly went to cast it.

Dongxuan aura's field of view was ten times wider, and his senses had gotten much stronger, as well.

Also, the dongxuan aura now seemed to be able to affect the lifeforces of others.

There was no one he could test it on now, so he wasn't entirely sure what he could do with the new feature.

It was a shame, too, because Han Sen really wanted to know the effects of what it did. And because the shelter had not yet moved to the outskirts of the forest, there were no creatures he could go out and test it on.

The next day, Han Sen exited the tree in the early morning. Dismayingly, he was greeted with the sight of ma.s.sive th.o.r.n.y vines that were all tangled together like bushes. Connected all together, they looked like mountains.

It seemed as if the shelter had decided to move deeper into the forest.

But then, Han Sen's eyes opened wide, and he saw something move in Thorn Forest.

Like usual, he was unable to see any living creature. But a good distance away, he noticed the presence of a clearing, and in this clearing, a single, giant vine was growing. And hanging from off of it, was a golden fruit. Undoubtedly, it was something quite special.