Super Gene - Chapter 920: Repo Man

Chapter 920: Repo Man

Chapter 920: Repo Man

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Flower Empress believed Han Sen could not take her attacks anymore. He hadn't been defeated completely, but that was fine.

"You have been crushed by my Flower Stamp, haven't you? I don't think you can hit me. You're probably using all of your power to withstand the crus.h.i.+ng weight of my flowers, but if you divert any of that power into attacking me, they'll kill you." Flower Empress cackled maniacally, a sharp contrast to her beautiful face.

Although Flower Empress was a king spirit, she hadn't been born for very long. She wasn't much more proficient than a human female.

"I'm sorry, did you say something?" Han Sen coldly said, and shrugged all of the flowers off of his body. He did so casually, as if it hadn't cost him the slightest amount of strength to bear them.

Flower Empress turned to stone. Seeing the flowers cast to the sky like so, she was frozen.

"Her power was not effective on him." Heavenly Empress wore a wry smile.

The King of Day's face dropped, and he thought to himself, "Since she failed to defeat him, doesn't that mean she has to fulfill her end of the bet?"

Thinking of this, The King of Day's mind succ.u.mbed to a state of restless anarchy. He could no longer think straight, amidst the distress that had swooped down on him.

"You are obscene." Flower Empress realized Han Sen, the entire time, had only been pretending. He had feigned his exhaustion and trembling fatigue the entire time. He had done so, hoping she would not call off the bet before she reached one hundred free punches.

But it was too late, and she had indeed delivered her hundred. There was no way for her to escape the bet now.

"Why am I obscene? I offered the bet and gave you the free punches, as promised. You accepted my terms, fair and square." Han Sen smiled.

"You just are." Flower Empress had no prepared response, and wasn't sure what she could say in reply.

"It's my turn now, okay? So, prepare yourself!" Han Sen raised his fist, and a holy light gathered within and without.

Flower Empress looked almost pitiful, and she quietly pleaded, "Please be gentle."

After that, Flower Empress closed her eyes and awaited her end. With how delicate she looked, facing death, it was not hard to feel sympathy for her.

Tears ran along her long eyelashes and dropped to the embrace of her cheeks. No man should have been able to willingly destroy such a woman.


Han Sen punched her without remorse, as blood and flowers exploded in the air like fireworks.

A pink petal descended to enter Han Sen's body.

"Kingwood Gene +1; Fourth Rank Achieved."

Every spirit in the audience froze, seeing this. They never expected The King to so callously destroy her, without hesitation.

"The King; I'm not done with you! Only one of us will survive." Flower Empress resp.a.w.ned, and she fumed with a rage no one had thought possible from such a delicate-looking person.

She had made herself look so weak, hoping to gain mercy. And yet, Han Sen had not been swayed. He killed her and humiliated her in front of everyone.

"You're right; we're not done! You owe me a hundred kisses, remember?" Han Sen coldly replied.

Flower Empress, in her rage, had forgotten about the bet. She had never regretted something so much in her entire life. And now that Han Sen had mentioned it again, in front of all who watched, she knew she couldn't discredit herself even more and leave.

Flower Empress' face was red, and she did not know what to do. She couldn't leave, and she couldn't kiss him one hundred times in front of all the spirits that looked on.

Han Sen saw The King of Day looking angry, too. He was ready to rush forward and attack without thought, but he was stopped by another female king spirit. So, with no other fight awaiting, Han Sen stepped forward and grabbed Flower Empress. He held her in his arms.

Han Sen knew the king spirits had been trying to set him up, so he wasn't willing to let any one of them get off the hook that easily.

Flower Empress was as embarra.s.sed as she was shocked, but she was too weak to push her aggressor away. Han Sen had her locked against his chest.

"It's time for a tongue las.h.i.+ng." After Han Sen said this, he dove into her tasty lips.

Flower Empress could not resist, and she softened inside Han Sen's arms.

"I'm going to kill you!" The King of Day could no longer hold his tongue, so he ran forward. Turning into a sun along the way, he rushed towards Han Sen.


Han Sen continued to hold Flower Empress with one arm, as his other arm quickly reached out and punched the flailing madman. The sun of his new composure shattered into pieces, like frail gla.s.s.

"Kingfire Gene +1; Rank Unchanged."

"I'll accept this kiss for now. Just remember; you owe me ninety-nine more. I'll come back to collect at another time." Han Sen had already received what he wanted, so he didn't need to put her in any further distress. With a brief smile to her, he turned around and returned to the sanctuary.

The King had killed The King of Truth, Flower Empress, and The King of Day over the course of a single day. Word spread quickly amongst the spirits of Han Sen's accomplishment.

The spirits who witnessed the fights firsthand believed Han Sen to be the greatest spirit of all time. If he was able to unlock nine of his gene locks, he'd be able to become an emperor. Or perhaps even the legendary tenth gene lock.

The King's name spread far and wide; it was a household name. He was heralded as the strongest spirit ever born. And despite the fact that all the spirits desired to learn where he came from, no such discovery was made. He was still an enigma. The spirits still guessed he had to be the son of an emperor, but there was no evidence to support this.

Han Sen did not return to the spirit base for a while after this, and he thought of how he might go out and hunt mutant creatures.

Although spirit genes were great for personal buffs, they did not increase one's fitness.

If he wanted to become stronger, he would have to increase his fitness.

If he was in the Alliance or the sanctuary, super king spirit mode still only lasted three seconds.