Super Gene - Chapter 587: The Use of Red Mushrooms

Chapter 587: The Use of Red Mushrooms

Chapter 587: The Use of Red Mushrooms

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Zhu Ting was not afraid of being poisoned, it was just that Han Sen was toxic enough himself.

"Brother Zhu, don't you worry! Your Deadly Perfume is the best; there is no need for you to fear those little mushrooms. Even if they are poisonous, there is no way they can poison you, the poison king, yes?" Han Sen did his best to comfort him.

"I suppose..." Zhu Ting said c.o.c.kily, but then he changed his face and said, "But this is different! I know I am good, but good or bad, ten thousand is not enough."

"No problem. I am willing to raise the monetary offering for this kind service of yours to a whopping twenty thousand," Han Sen said with a smile.

Zhu Ting was angry, and he pleaded, "Han Sen, you do not treat professionals with the respect they deserve! Twenty thousand? To lay bricks would give me more. You... make... me... um... something is wrong."

"What is it? Is it the poison? Don't worry, I have medicine prepared! Quickly, shove this down your throat and I'll get you on your way to the detox center so they can rinse out your bowels." Han Sen quickly grabbed the medicine Professor Sun told him about.

But when he looked back, Zhu Ting's face and eyes had gone ruby red. He was gasping for air like an enraged bull and sweating profusely as he looked at Han Sen.

"Brother Zhu, don't look at me like that! I thought your Deadly Perfume rendered you immune to fatal poisons. Who knew..." Before Han Sen could finish his sentence, Zhu Ting started to tear the clothes from his body. Much to his surprise, a muscular body was revealed beneath. Zhu Ting had an eight-pack!

"Geez, what are you doing?!" Han Sen reached out his hands to ward off Zhu Ting from coming any closer.

Zhu Ting's eyes were red with l.u.s.t, and as he advanced on Han Sen, he tried to get on top of him to rip his clothes off. Zhu Ting tried to kiss him with the ferocity of a h.o.r.n.y bear.

"I want... I want..." Zhu Ting moaned and groaned in between his mumbling.

"Holy smokes! Those mushrooms can't be aphrodisiacs, can they?" Han Sen pushed Zhu Ting away from him and dashed out of the room. He closed the door on his l.u.s.ty aggressor and locked it tight.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Zhu Ting hammered the stone door like a madman.

"Brother Zhu, hold on! I'm going to get you a woman." Han Sen was glad that the shelter's doors were made of stone. Due to the strength needed to break down such a door, there was no way Zhu Ting would be able to escape.

"I can't take it anymore!" Zhu Ting screamed from behind his stone ward.

"Hold on! Use your hand first, while I go search for a woman in the meantime." Han Sen double-checked that the door was locked firm, and then ran off.

After walking around BlackG.o.d Shelter for some time, Han Sen came across an impoverished woman who was willing to sell her body to make ends meet. On a horse, she returned with Han Sen.

"Brother Zhu, I have brought a woman to take care of all your needs!" As Han Sen opened the door, he saw Zhu Ting sprawled out across the floor with a few shreds of cloth over his body. Crumpled b.a.l.l.s of tissue lay scattered around the room.

"Han Sen, are you even a human being? I cannot believe you fed me h.o.r.n.y pills!" Zhu Ting was furious, and he ran towards Han Sen, trying to grab him by the neck.

Han Sen dodged the incoming a.s.sault and tried to reason with him, saying, "Brother Zhu, see? I have brought you a woman. But who would have guessed you'd finish up that quickly, eh?"

"Quick, my a.s.s! You were out there for two hours, and here I was, all alone and almost bleeding. And besides, what kind of woman did you even bring me? This fat tramp looks to weigh two hundred kilograms! Is it a mutant creature?" Zhu Ting yelled angrily at Han Sen.

"A woman with a little booty is good; you'll never understand."

Han Sen waited around for a little while so Zhu Ting could calm down. Then he asked, "Brother Zhu, aside from this can you tell me of any other effects the red mushroom had upon you?"

Before he replied, Zhu Ting reached out his hand and said, "Give me my money."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." Han Sen reached into his pockets and presented Zhu Ting with a few thousand-dollar bills. Regretting what he had subjected Zhu Ting to, he said, "I know I was only supposed to give you twenty thousand but take thirty. Consider it my way of apologizing and trying to make up for what I just put you through. And payment for that woman will come out of own pocket; there is no need for you to cover the fee."

Zhu Ting thought what he was saying was fine, up until he mentioned the woman. Then his face became bleak. All of a sudden, he threw the money back at Han Sen. "No one wants your pity money. If you want to give me something, give me your medicine. Give me more of your red medicine!"

"Why? What do you want it for?" Han Sen opened his eyes wide and looked at Zhu Ting.

"That is none of your business. You owe me, don't you? Consider this retribution!" Zhu Ting said, with a scolding temperament.

Han Sen pulled out the last remaining bite of mushroom. He presented it to Zhu Ting, but when he tried to grab it, Han Sen pulled his hand back. He smiled at Zhu Ting and said, "I already gave you a slice. This is the only one I have left. If you want it, you're going to have to tell me what it does."

"Aside from making me h.o.r.n.y, you mean?" Zhu Ting said, before reaching out his hand again.

Han Sen avoided his grab again and said, "Tell me clearly."

Zhu Ting then told Han Sen that the mushroom worked not only to heighten your desire for s.e.xual activity, but to considerably strengthen your kidneys as well. The effects were powerful that even now, his kidneys were really warm. It was as if he had two hot water bottles inside him. He was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with so much energy that, even after playing with himself for so long, he was yet to feel tired.

"This stuff really is the good stuff." After Han Sen heard what the red mushroom did, he was quite happy. Something like this would most definitely benefit his progress with Jade-Sun Force.

Learning it by himself without any supplements would take a long time, after all. The red mushroom had incredible effects, and if he was to consume an entire mushroom, Han Sen wondered if he might be able to finish his study of Jade-Sun Force.

But the most blatant side effect of the mushroom was quite tempting for Han Sen. If he got Ji Yanran to eat it, he pondered, what might happen?

Still, he wasn't able to bring the red mushroom out of the shelter, and Ji Yanran was nowhere near the Icefield.

In the end, Han Sen did not give the last bit of red mushroom to Zhu Ting. The s.e.xual effects of the thing were too scary. It was so powerful that not even Deadly Perfume could withstand it. Han Sen was worried Zhu Ting might use the red mushroom for an ill purpose, so he refused to hand it over.

Zhu Ting left angrily. He collected the thirty thousand and cursed Han Sen numerous times before leaving.

Han Sen then returned to his room and locked his door. He looked at the last piece of mushroom in his hand. He looked and looked until at last, he put it in his mouth.

He chewed it a bit, and soon the pleasant feel of it in his teeth became a warmth in his belly. His kidney was already quite warm, and now, it was even warmer. It was as if he had two little stoves inside him, generating an endless supply of energy.

At the same time, Han Sen felt the entirety of his body heat up. What was below the belt could hold up the sky. He was starting to feel h.o.r.n.y, and he was overwhelmed with the desire to rip his clothes off.

Han Sen gritted his teeth and held off on that feeling, casting Jade-Sun Force as he did. He wanted to use Jade-Sun Force to absorb the power of the red mushroom.

As he did this, someone knocked on the door. From behind it, a woman's voice called out to him.