Super Gene - Chapter 445: Mountains of Meat

Chapter 445: Mountains of Meat

Chapter 445: Mountains of Meat

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Han Sen looked at all the beast souls he owned and finally had his eyes on the blood snail beast soul. It was a super pet armor, but it was no longer that effective in front of a sacred-blood creature in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Han Sen decided to try the black crystal on it as an experiment.

The super beast souls were all surrounding the black crystal, while the archangel had lost her interest in it. Han Sen could not tell whether it was because the black crystal was no longer useful to her, or that she had not transformed yet.

With Han Sen’s command, the blood snail quickly moved to the black crystal with joy, swallowing it entirely.

Similar to the angel, light started to form a coc.o.o.n that wrapped the blood snail up.

Han Sen was in no hurry. It was obvious that feeding a beast soul was much faster than feeding a creature. In the case of the angel, it did not take long. For the blood snail, it should take probably a month.

Han Sen had significant expectation. If what he thought was real, that would be fantastic.

In the ice cave, the berserk ice-armored beast that Yang Manli took back made quite a splash among the old-timers.

An evolver who had just entered Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary was able to kill a berserk ice-armored beast, which was simply unbelievable.

Some people were saying how impressive the young people nowadays were, while others thought it was just good luck.

Yang Manli did not explain anything. Even if she said that Han Sen killed the berserk beast with one punch, these people would not believe it.

Actually, no one would believe a fresh evolver could kill a berserk ice-armored beast with just one punch. Even a sacred evolver could not achieve that.

As people were still talking about Han Sen and the berserk ice-armored beast, they heard loud noises that sounded like an earthquake.

"Did the creatures find this place and come here to attack us?" Many people were shocked, going close to the teleport device, ready to leave G.o.d’s Sanctuary in case of any danger.

After a while, the rumbles stopped. They heard a voice shouting, "Manli, give me a hand."

Yang Manli clearly could tell that it was Han Sen’s voice. She quickly walked outside the ice cave. Others were also wondering what was happening, so some of them also followed out.

When they came out of the ice cave, all of them stared their eyes wide. They could not believe what they were seeing and their jaws almost dropped to the floor.

A golden lion that looked like a small hill was carrying piles of bodies of ice-armored beasts and other mutant creatures such as giant snow wolf and ice bear.

On top of the bodies stood a young figure. It was Han Sen who disregarded people’s advice and went hunting alone.

"Han Sen… Brother… These are all yours?" Xu You asked with his voice trembling. This was so hard to believe that he could not register the fact even though he had rubbed his eyes hard.

Everyone else had almost the same reaction. Many of them had been here for more than a decade, but none of them had witnessed so many gains. In addition, there were even bodies of mutant creatures.

Many of them felt unreal like Xu You, feeling they were in a dream.

Otherwise, how could there be so many bodies of creatures? And how could there be such a gigantic amount?

Yang Manli looked at Han Sen with a weird look, feeling complicated inside. She just said that Han Sen couldn’t take down the spirit shelter, but he returned with so many bodies of even mutant creatures in such a short amount of time.

Maybe he really conquered the spirit shelter? Yang Manli looked at Han Sen and did not know what to think.

The young man who she used to despise had grown so fast that he had fully exceeded her expectation and even comprehension.

"You can say that." Han Sen told them about how he encountered the sacred-blood snow spider, evil-blooded condor, monster of tentacles, and aristocrats spirit.

However, he was telling them the adapted version, in which he only witnessed a fight between the four and grabbed some gains when they were all seriously injured.

"Look, this is the bird leg of that blackbird bitten off by another creature. Unfortunately, it still ran away, so I only have this leg." Han Sen raised the bird leg that was the leftover of the archangel, as if he was showing off.

Everyone looked to Han Sen admiringly, saying that Han Sen was so lucky that he collected so many bodies of ice-armored beasts and mutant creatures and even a sacred-blood bird leg. Lady luck was really looking after him.

No one suspected what Han Sen said. Some people had been here for decades, and many of them had seen the snow spider and the blackbird. Some people had even seen the aristocrats spirit. For someone who just came here to know these details, Han Sen must have seen them with his own eyes, otherwise how could he possibly know?

"Brother, such luck." Xu You looked at the piles of bodies l.u.s.tfully. "What do you plan to do with these? You can’t eat all of them make yourself. How about you sell some of them to us? And we can give you a good price."

As Xu You said it, everyone’s eyes were focused on Han Sen. These people had a lot more desire toward the meat of creatures than ordinary guys, especially for those mutant creatures. Many people had been so excited that their eyes turned red, wanting to take a bite right away.

"Yes, of course they’re for sale," Han Sen said a.s.sertively.

"I’ll give you a hundred thousand for an ice-armored beast."

"One hundred and fifty thousand…"

As Han Sen just gave his answer, many people were starting to shout price already. The scene looked like a bunch of rich people who did not know how to spend their money, waving their checks at Han Sen.

"I am going to sell these creatures, but only to the insiders. If anyone else wanted to buy them, they have to double the price. Also, I only accept Saint Hall licenses and geno solutions beyond A-Cla.s.s," said Han Sen quietly. He did not bring all the meat back just to gain some money.

"Brother, would you mean?" Everyone was dazed, and Xu You asked eventually.

"I am going to set up a gang. Whoever in the gang could purchase meat with the insider price, and they can also use their points," Han Sen said casually.

In the future, he would definitely conquer the spirit shelter. It would take more than just himself to rule the spirit shelter, because he could not stay there all the time. He would rather recruit every master fighter at this place to follow him and guard the spirit shelter for him. This way, in the future, no matter how many people were teleported to this place, they had to follow his order.