Super Gene - Chapter 444: Evolution of Angel Finished

Chapter 444: Evolution of Angel Finished

Chapter 444: Evolution of Angel Finished

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Han Sen did not have any recollection about a beast soul glyph, so he had no idea what it was used for. He tried to summon the beast soul glyph of evil-blooded condor, and the condor suddenly appeared as a black shadow. The shadow then issued a scream before it disappeared in Han Sen’s body.

Han Sen looked at his body carefully and saw that he had a new tattoo of black condor, which was spreading its wings and ready to attack. The condor looked so fierce and gloomy that he almost felt like it was real and would claw out someone’s heart at any minute.

The tattoo stretched from the back of Han Sen to his chest, taking up the better half of his upper body, making him look like a bada.s.s fighter.

Han Sen tried to make a punch but did not feel any enhancement in his strength. Nor did he feel anything odd about his body. The glyph did not have any burden on his body like shapes.h.i.+fting beast souls either.

"What is this glyph for?" Han Sen frowned slightly, unable to figure it out at the moment. He had to look something up when he was back on the wars.h.i.+p Daphne.

Checking the bodies of the snow spider and evil-blooded condor, Han Sen was ready to summon the golden growler and take the meat back, in case the monster with tentacles came back.

However, he suddenly heard a crackling sound in his mind, as if something was broken.

Han Sen was dazed and suddenly remembered something. He looked to his mind and saw the coc.o.o.n of light that the holy angel turned into had been broken. The cute lolita walked out with the black crystal in her hand, looking exactly the same, without any change.

"That was fast." Han Sen was quite surprised, wanting to check on the holy angel. However, she suddenly left the black crystal and flew out of Han Sen’s mind on her own, throwing herself at the body of the snow spider.

"Hey, what are you trying to do?" Han Sen quickly stopped her.

The holy angel held onto the leg of the snow spider, pleading with her eyes full of tear. Although she could not speak, her vulnerable look made Han Sen soften his att.i.tude.

"All right. You go ahead." Han Sen thought that the snow spider was so big in size that it would take him several days to gain a sacred geno point, so it was much easier for her to eat it. After all, it was just a sacred-blood creature instead of a super creature. He will have plenty of such opportunities in the future.

In addition, there was also the body of the evil-blooded condor, which would take him at least two or three months to eat as well.

The lolita gained Han Sen’s permission and became so excited that she immediately opened her mouth and bit at the leg of the snow spider.

Han Sen was in no mood to watch her eating and quickly checked her current status.

Super beast soul archangel: Pet (can further evolve)

Seeing such a simple introduction, Han Sen felt completely dumbstruck. Archangel sounded a lot more impressive than holy angel, and there was no problem with the super beast soul status, or "pet," or the note "can further evolve." However, the problem was that the pet no longer had her transformed state.

"So, has she now returned to her original state and could no longer be transformed? Must I feed her all over again until the transformation happens?"

Han Sen was dazed.

If that was true, Han Sen would probably cry out loud. It took him so much effort for the pet to transform, while she had now returned to her initial state. Was it all a waste?

Han Sen thought about it and felt something was wrong.

There was no way for the holy angel to return to her original state, and her name was also changed to archangel, which was completely different from what it was.

"Maybe, she had turned into a super beast soul of Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary?" Thinking of that possibility, Han Sen’s heart started to race.

If that was true, it was to say that he already owned a super beast soul of Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. As long as he made her transform, he would have the ability to kill a super creature in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. There were many horrendous beings that had fitness levels above 100 among the sacred-blood creatures in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary, so there was no telling how strong a super creature could be. Han Sen was not sure himself when he could kill a super creature, the Archangel was undoubtedly a guarantee that he could hunt super creatures one day.

Of course, it was not easy to feed her until she transformed. With his experience of raising pets in first G.o.d’s Sanctuary, Han Sen was in no rush.

"Little girl, don’t let me down." Han Sen turned to look at the lolita and found her already eating the meat of the condor. The gigantic evil-blooded condor was devoured almost completely, with only a leg left. The snow spider was long gone.

"Stop it!" Han Sen quickly exclaimed. He was only lost in his thought for a little while, yet the Lolita had already almost finished two sacred-blood creatures. How efficient!

Luckily, Han Sen stopped her in time and saved himself a bird leg, which probably weighed a few hundred pounds. He did not need to worry about food in a long while.

The little girl stood next to Han Sen looking upset and dissatisfied, her eyes glancing at the bird leg from time to time, licking her pink lips.

"You foodie! This bird leg is mine and you don’t get to take another bite." Han Sen squeezed her tender cheeks and sent her back to his mind.

At the same time, he summoned the golden growler in its biggest form, putting the bodies of the ice-armored beasts and other mutant creatures on its back. Han Sen then took the piles of trophies back to the teleport device.

There was so much meat that Han Sen could not finish it himself. The bird leg alone would provide food for him in months. It would be nice if he could sell the meat to Xu You and others for some nice stuff in the Alliance. Like Yang Manli had said, it would only benefit him if humans got stronger in general.

As for the spirit, Han Sen had already learned how strong she was. He estimated that she was more or less as strong as himself. However, Han Sen did not know how many mutant creatures there were in the spirit shelter, so it would be a bit risky for him to go there alone.

Spirits were different from creatures in that they were intelligent. Han Sen made a sneak attack to kill the spirit just now, but a real fight would not be that simple. In addition, Han Sen needed to sell the meat at this point and search the information on the beast soul glyph in the Alliance, so he was in no hurry to go to the spirit shelter. As Han Sen walked to the ice cave where the teleport device was, he was wondering which beast soul he should feed the black crystal to next.

He was not so sure about the function of the black crystal at this point, so he was not able to make up his mind. Since the holy angel became archangel and returned to its untransformed state, did it mean that a beast soul that was not a pet would simply evolve?