Super Gene - Chapter 429: Someone Like Me

Chapter 429: Someone Like Me

Chapter 429: Someone Like Me

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After retiring, Lu Bin was hired by Ares Martial Hall as an instructor to teach leg skills, since Killer Kicks was one of the top leg skills for unevolved persons.

However, because most students had never been through life-and-death situations like Lu Bin, it was very hard for them to understand the essence of Killer Kicks.

Even Qian Hezhen who was very talented and instructed by Lu Bin personally was not able to grasp what Killer Kicks truly meant.

The skills were meant to kill in a war, so it could only be practiced at life-and-death moments. Since Qian Hezhen had not experienced that, it was not easy for him to have the epiphany.

Seeing Han Sen logging in the platform, Qian Hezhen who was a bit depressed that he did not get the skills right suggested a break to Lu Bin. With Lu Bin’s consent, Qian Hezhen invited Han Sen to fight.

Lu Bin was watching on the stands. Initially he did not really want to teach someone like Qian Hezhen. Qian Hezhen was so well protected that Killer Kicks was not the right skills for him. Killer kicks was more designed for a veteran on the battlefield, with many daring moves that put the user’s life at stake. It was something only the battlefield could produce.

The brave one always wins the fight. On the battlefield, even hesitation of a millisecond could get one killed. Cowardice and hesitation meant death.

Therefore, the essence of Killer Kicks was only one word, which was bravery, the bravery that made one kill enemies fearlessly while putting one’s own life at stake.

Qian Hezhen did not acquire the essence of Killer Kicks, so he was still using the hyper geno art’s that he was used to when fighting Han Sen.

Han Sen controlled his strength at the same level as Qian Hezhen, but he still felt awkward when fighting the guy. It was not because Han Sen had lowered his power. With Han Sen’s ability to control his own body, he could use his strength well no matter which level his strength was.

However, fighting Qian Hezhen like this made Han Sen feel awkward. Although he had lowered his fitness level, Han Sen still had his judgment. In Han Sen’s eyes, Qian Hezhen had too many weaknesses, which made Han Sen lose the desire to win.

Even if he lowered his strengths, Han Sen could still see too many opportunities to beat his opponent. It was simply too easy to win.

Han Sen could not reduce his judgment, so a fight like this made him feel bored. Han Sen did not hesitate to end the fight immediately.

Initially, Qian Hezhen wanted to relax himself by fighting Han Sen, but his fight against Han Sen was surprisingly depressing.

In other words, Han Sen was giving him too much pressure. Although Han Sen had always been strong, he was never able to bring such pressure to the room, which made Qian Hezhen feel alarmed.

The next moment, however, Han Sen quickly moved his fists around, punching at Qian Hezhen as fast as lightning bolts. It turned out Qian Hezhen was not even able to dodge the attacks but had to block them.

Although Han Sen had reduced his strength, the fists were still carrying endless fierceness, hitting at Qian Hezhen.

From the first punch to the last, Han Sen directly eliminated Qian Hezhen who was not even able to return one punch in between. Qian Hezhen was forced to the corner from the middle of the stage, and then a storm of fists made his body explode, costing his virtual life.

Qian Hezhen was dumbstruck for a while, unable to believe he had lost the fight like this. When he used to fight Han Sen, he had almost never lost. But after this short period of time, he was beaten easily by Han Sen. Qian Hezhen could not accept such result and was ready to invite Han Sen again. However, Lu Bin stopped him and said, "No need to continue. You are not his match."

Qian Hezhen was not persuaded. As he was about to argue, Lu Bin continued to say, "His fitness was too much greater than yours. Haven’t you noticed that he had intentionally suppressed his strength to fight you?"

"That is impossible…" Qian Hezhen suddenly paused. Reflecting on what had happened just now, he felt like what Lu Bin said did make sense. Otherwise, he would not have that kind of pressure.

"I’ll show you." Lu Bin did not explain anymore but sent Han Sen an invite.

In fact, after watching the fight between Han Sen and Qian Hezhen, Lu Bin felt an urge to fight. He was a veteran who had survived a thousand deaths, so he had very sharp senses.

The only did he see that Han Sen was suppressing his own strength, he also saw that Han Sen was not an ordinary person. All his skills must have been practiced between life and death.

For someone like him who had seen so many deaths in his life, he was not even able to tell Han Sen’s murderous intent when the two young men were fighting, which was shocking to him.

In order to kill someone, you must be determined. With that kind of determination, the murderous intent would be natural. If you tried to hide your intention to kill, your determination must be hindered. And if you did not have the determination, your moves would not be as swift.

However, Han Sen’s moves weirdly combined the self-contradicting elements perfectly together. Although he was very swift, he did not leak any intention to kill. That kind of ability was impressive. Even Lu Bin who had been through a million fights had only seen that kind quality in two persons.

One of the two was himself, and the other was a Shura fighter who was black-horned. Although the Shura was only a black-horned fighter, that was the worst fight Lu Bin had ever been through. In the end, although Lu Bin was able to survive, he suffered too bad an injury to keep serving, which was why he left his favorite place, the military.

Suddenly seeing someone else with the same kind of ability, Lu Bin was reminded of the b.l.o.o.d.y fight and felt an itch.

Invited by a stranger, Han Sen did not think that much. Since he would have chosen random match anyway, he simply accepted the invite. Han Sen entered the Coliseum, looked to the opposite direction, and saw his opponent smiling at him. Han Sen couldn’t help feeling nervous, because he also smelled someone like himself.