Super Gene - Chapter 428: Killer Kicks

Chapter 428: Killer Kicks

Chapter 428: Killer Kicks

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It so happened that the young man in the line next to them had also come to the window. He walked up, raised his voice on, and said to the staff, "I am here to be certified as a mutant evolver."

After that, the young man glanced at Han Sen provocatively, as if he were saying, I am a mutant evolver and what are you?

Han Sen did not even bother to say anything. He simply walked to the window, handed in his identification card and whispered to the staff, "Would you please handle my request to be certified as a sacred-blood evolver?"

Although Han Sen's voice was low, the young man quickly changed his expression. People around them also looked to Han Sen in surprise. The staff member who had been working long hours also raised his eyes and checked Han Sen out.

Seeing Han Sen was so young, the staff member repeated incredulously, "Are you applying to be certified as a sacred-blood evolver?"

A sacred-blood evolver was still quite rare at this point. On a small planet such as Rocca, 3 to 5 sacred-blood evolvers per year would be considered a significant number already.

In addition, Han Sen was way too young. He seemed to be around twenty or even younger, so it was hard for anyone to believe he was a sacred-blood evolver.

"Yes." Han Sen nodded.

The staff member quickly retrieved Han Sen's identification card. After scanning it, the AI showed Han Sen's information. The staff member gasped and said, "Twenty years old. Graduate of Blackhawk military Academy, and a major?"

As he said that, the young man and others were in doubt looked at Han Sen in a much different way.

Blackhawk Military Academy was a top school in the eyes of ordinary people. A graduate of Blackhawk was undoubtedly the elite among the elite. And those who could graduate with the rank of major were so few that they could be called the dragon of a man.

People like this were beyond the level of ordinary people, with a wide gap in between.

The face of the young man turned purple. He wished he could hide in a hole somewhere. Everyone else looked at Han Sen with admiration, and girls and women even started to wink at Han Sen.

A sacred-blood aristocrat of such a young age, an elite who graduated from the top school, and on top of that, a good-looking guy with skin so smooth that all women coveted. Even the widows were swallowing.

"Major, this way. We need to do a procedural test." The staff member called Han Sen by his rank directly with a lot of respect.

Han Sen entered the testing device under everyone's watch. All the items were quite regular. As long as he could reach the minimum of a sacred-blood evolver, he could finish the certification.

That was of course not difficult for Han Sen at all. He even needed to control his power intentionally to keep his numbers under thirty, otherwise it would be too abnormal.

After Han Sen finished the test, everyone else was watching him as if he were a star. Many people were filled with admiration, while the young man had left secretly at some point.

"This is the true elite of the Alliance!"

"A sacred-blood aristocrat of twenty years old. So handsome!"

"I wonder if he has a girlfriend. I wish to marry him."

"I don't mind if I only have one night with him."

"I wonder how much it would cost to sleep with him for a night."


A few days later, in a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, Han Sen was reading materials of ancient languages using his comlink. He should report to Daphne, but the location for reporting was in a remote galaxy called Dongyin. It was already the periphery of the Alliance. If people went beyond Dongyin, there was no Shura, but many undeveloped galaxies.

Han Sen did not know what Daphne's mission was to be located so far away. However, Han Sen had smelled trouble.

If the wars.h.i.+ps were serving in some special regions, the traffic would become an obstacle for him to return home. Many people serving special missions would not even return home once during the entire service.

Although Han Sen did not care where he served, he would feel terrible about not being able to see his mother and sister for several years.

However, there was nothing for him to do at this point. He had to report.

Because Galaxy Dongyin was located on the border of the Alliance which was very far away, it would take him a long time to arrive there. Han Sen was sore in his eyes after reading the ancient language for a long time and got up to the holographic hall of the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, ready to move around on the Gladiator platform.

It had been a long time since he last logged in Gladiator. Han Sen first checked his friend list, wis.h.i.+ng to see Queen there. He had improved significantly in fitness, so maybe he would last longer with her.

Unfortunately, Queen's name was grayed out. His only friend on line was QHZ.

Han Sen used to be very interested in fighting QHZ, but he started to feel bored at this point.

The fitness level of QHZ was around forty. Even if he had grown as well, it was hard for him to reach Han Sen's level. Beating QHZ would mean nothing to Han Sen, because they were not similar in strength anymore.

In front of the absolute strength, techniques could make very little difference.

It was like however good the sniper was, he could not resist an atomic bomb.

When Han Sen was ready to close the friend list and request a random match, QHZ sent him an invite.

Han Sen hesitated and clicked yes. Some time ago, QHZ did not refuse Han Sen because he was too weak and practiced with him for a long time, so Han Sen felt he should return the favor.

Qian Hezhen was talking to a middle-aged man at this point. The man was named Lu Bin, a prominent figure in Ares Martial Hall and even the entire martial hall industry.

Although Lu Bin was just an evolver, he had great talent in leg skills. Killer Kicks invented by him was masterful and had been designated as one of the routine skills in the Alliance military.

The reason the leg skills were impressive was that Lu Bin himself was a veteran who had been through a lot of combats against Shura and suffered numerous injuries. The Killer Kicks was a set of leg skills refined in blood and fire. It was not just great skills, but also experience gained from risking one's life.

Because Lu Bin did not have a good background, he only evolved with mutant geno points maxed out. Until he retired, he was only a colonel. However, his honor and glory and had earned him great reputation among many veterans who gave him both thumbs up not only for his leg skills, but also for his bravery.