Super Gene - Chapter 398: Dongxuan Sutra

Chapter 398: Dongxuan Sutra

Chapter 398: Dongxuan Sutra

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The latter part of the scroll was a statement of the writer. According to him, he was a Taoist who styled himself as "Dongxuan." He was the leader of an organization called Xuan Men. Having committed himself to Taoism, he eventually reached the state where he could break through the vacuum.

However, after breaking through the vacuum, Dongxuan found that he did not reach heaven. Or, the heaven he reached was different from his imagination. He appeared in a different world, where everything was beyond his comprehension. Unfortunately, although Dongxuan was successful in breaking through the vacuum, his body was severely injured by the s.h.i.+ft. Shortly after he reached this world, he wrote down the scroll and died.

Han Sen felt the story absurd. Using one's own body to break through the vacuum so that one could teleport into G.o.d's Sanctuary must require incredible strength. Even demiG.o.ds in the contemporary time could not achieve that. Han Sen felt like it was just a fairytale.

The former part of the scroll was a Taoist martial art called Dongxuan Sutra. According to Dongxuan himself, it was his life's work, and invention based on a Taoist martial art.

It was with Dongxuan Sutra that Dongxuan had achieved the state of breaking through the vacuum and landed in G.o.d's Sanctuary.

When he traveled through the vacuum, almost everything Dongxuan was wearing got destroyed, including a treasure piece he was wearing called the feathered cloak. Only Dongxuan Sutra made of void silk was kept intact.

"I wonder if it is true. If Dongxuan was telling the truth, then this Dongxuan Sutra should be even better than demiG.o.d hyper geno arts." Han Sen read Dongxuan Sutra with suspicion.

It seemed that Dongxuan Sutra was too difficult for the machine to translate. Han Sen could not understand the translated text and felt confused.

For generic content, the machine translation was good enough. However, for a Sutra, the machine translation was either wrong or messy.

"It seems that I should not try to translate Dongxuan Sutra using a machine. I have to learn the ancient language myself." Han Sen translated the text word by word but found that many characters had multiple meanings and he had no way to determine what they actually meant. Han Sen found that even if he knew what each character meant, he could not understand the article.

Han Sen eventually understood why the machine had failed at the task. For an ancient language like this, it was essential for the reader to have the knowledge in a certain area before reading.

Although Han Sen could guess the meaning here and there, he did not dare to try practicing what he guessed. Han Sen had to set Dongxuan Sutra aside and started to study the materials of the Ancient Language Department of Blackhawk.

It took time for Han Sen to learn the ancient language, and it could not be rushed. After resting for two days, Han Sen started to plan to transfer the beast souls of Dollar back to his own ident.i.ty.

Su Xiaoqiao who had now become the team lead of Bullseye was hunting a mutant creature with a group of people. Suddenly, someone dashed from a forest in front of him and cut the mutant creature in half.

"Dammit! Who gives you the nerve to s.n.a.t.c.h my creature? Are you tired of living this life?" Su Xiaoqiao bristled. However, when seeing who it was, he quickly stopped and stared his eyes wide. "Dollar, you did not evolve?"

"Very soon. So, I want to sell all my beast souls and need your help," Han Sen said and transferred all his beast souls and gear to Su Xiaoqiao.

Hearing the voice telling him about sacred-blood beast soul after sacred-blood beast soul, Su Xiaoqiao was completely dumbstruck. When Han Sen was about to leave, Su Xiaoqiao came to himself and exclaimed, "Dollar, you're not afraid that I will keep the beast souls for myself?"

"No, I'm not," said Han Sen casually without turning back.

Su Xiaoqiao quickly asked, "You haven't given me a price yet. And where should I find you after they're sold?"

"Do an auction. I only want S-Cla.s.s licenses of the evolver level. I will go find you," Han Sen said and disappeared in the mountains. Of course, he was not afraid that Su Xiaoqiao would keep the beast souls. After all, Su Xiaoqiao was working for Steel Armor Gang, and Han Sen knew everything about him.

"The beast souls are so good… Well, there is even a sacred-blood pet… Although he took off his armor, he was still covering his face and I cannot tell what he looks like. What a pity!" Su Xiaoqiao licked his lips and lamented.

"Boss, is that guy really Dollar? Why would he ask you to do the auction for him? What is your relations.h.i.+p? What beast souls did he give you?"

Su Xiaoqiao had not completely recovered from the shock, so there was no way he could answer that.

Very soon, the news got out that Dollar asked Su Xiaoqiao to do an auction of his beast souls in Steel Armor Shelter. Many people were shocked.

No one knew that Dollar was still in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, and no one could foresee that Dollar's beast souls would be for sale.

Many people investigated Su Xiaoqiao and determined that he could not be Dollar.

At this point, Ning Yue had also come to Steel Armor Shelter to find Han Sen. When hearing the news, he also looked into the background of Su Xiaoqiao and reached the same conclusion as others.

"Young master, Su Xiaoqiao is going to do the auction tomorrow. Should we attend the auction?" Liu Lin asked. The sacred-blood beast souls of Dollar were quite famous and coveted by many.

Ning Yue was deep in his thoughts. He murmured, "Dollar… Han Sen… These two… Go get me the information you gathered on both of them."

"Young master, you're saying that Han Sen is Dollar?" Liu Lin was dazed.

"We will know the answer to that question very soon. Go prepare for the auction," Ning Yue said quietly.

Every once in a while, Steel Armor Gang would organize an auction. It was rather easy for Su Xiaoqiao to conduct another one with the trained personnel.

On the day of the auction, almost everyone with some status in Steel Armor Shelter came. Ning Yue and Liu Lin were covering their faces, observing in the crowd.

Ning Yue's gaze lingered on Han Sen. It seemed that he was trying to tell something from Han Sen's look.