Super Gene - Chapter 397: Shocking Discovery

Chapter 397: Shocking Discovery

Chapter 397: Shocking Discovery

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Ning Yue slowly walked into the cold liquid of the evolution pool. Initially, he did not want to become an evolver so soon. Once he finished evolution, he must leave First G.o.d's Sanctuary in a short amount of time, otherwise his body would be damaged permanently.

However, Ning Yue still chose to evolve at this point. He had so many doubts about Han Sen that he felt it was worthwhile for him to evolve. Although he had summoned thirteen evolvers with their sacred geno points maxed out who worked for Starry Group in different shelters, Ning Yue still chose to evolve himself as well. Ning Yue did not want to give Han Sen any opportunity of survival. He only trusted himself with this mission.

Although Starry Group was powerful, they did not want to mess with the special squad unless they had to, especially in the case that Han Sen worked for Qin Xuan. Ning Yue could not do anything to Han Sen in the Alliance, so he had to do it in G.o.d's Sanctuary.

In the evolution pool, Ning Yue's body was undergoing significant changes. Other people only knew about Son of Heaven, while few people knew that Ning Yue was the most talented in his generation of the Nings.

Although he did not have the best health, Ning Yue was the only person who had practiced the sword skills of the family successfully.

Before G.o.d's Sanctuary was discovered, an ancestor of the Nings was one of the few people who had mastered sword skills. Their skills were called Que Yi, which had been considered a famous school since ancient times.

Since people had found G.o.d's Sanctuary, the Que Yi techniques were adapted into super geno arts and became even stronger.

However, Ning Yue did not think that. Although the super geno art was strong, Ning Yue thought his family never had another sword master like his grandfather Ning Tieyi since the invention of the super geno art.

When Ning Yue was a little boy and just started to learn to use sword, he abandoned the strong super geno art and insisted on practicing the old sword techniques.

When he just started, the techniques were not even close to the modern super geno art, but Ning Yue did not question his own decision. Two years ago, Ning Yue finally succeeded in practicing the old sword techniques and understood its essence. He eventually knew how ridiculous the adaptation was.

Initially, Ning Yue thought no one in First G.o.d's Sanctuary would be a worthy opponent for him to use the actual Que Yi sword skills. After meeting Han Sen, Ning Yue thought everything had changed.

Ning Yue had so many doubts about Han Sen. If Han Sen had become an evolver when they first met, he had been staying in First G.o.d's Sanctuary for too long, which should have already caused his body harm. No one would be so dumb.

If he had not become an evolver, he did already have the strength beyond an unevolved person. Ning Yue could only think of one possibility, which was that Han Sen had already acquired super genes.

Ning Yue even suspected that the dagger of Han Sen was a beast soul beyond sacred-blood beast soul. Otherwise, how could it be so sharp?

However, Ning Yue did not dare to tell anyone about it. Ning Yue was not the only person who was pursuing super genes, and the Nings was not the only family who knew about it. Ning Yue did not want anyone to know about Han Sen, otherwise Ning Yue himself would have even less chance.

Therefore, Ning Yue could only depend on himself even at the cost of leaving First G.o.d's Sanctuary early. He had to figure out Han Sen's secret.

Ning Yue did not want any accident. Therefore, he had used all his connections to gather the thirteen advanced fighters who were about to max out on their super geno points, help them fill their geno point count up, and make them evolve.

Ning Yue had been preparing all this, which was why he did not make a move on Han Sen. What he was waiting for was this opportunity.

After reading about the news that Han Sen had beaten the golden lion, Ning Yue was even more certain that Han Sen had acquired the power beyond sacred genes.

Meanwhile, Han Sen was drooling before the golden growler in the seventh warehouse. The beast soul of the golden growler was a mount. The super mount had not only incredible speed, but also adjustable size.

At Han Sen's command, the golden growler could be as large as a small hill. Its smallest was still the size of an elephant.

In addition, the golden growler had a tough body and an incredible ability to bear weight, which was outstanding for a mount. Han Sen wondered if the golden growler had other abilities, which he was not sure of so far.

Riding the golden growler in its smallest form in the warehouse, Han Sen felt fantastic. The ride was so comfortable like he was in an advanced private aircraft, even when the mount was running at its full speed.

"This is the ride that gets me girls!" Han Sen felt excited. Maybe he could take Ji Yanran for a ride on the golden growler sometime and maybe even do something naughty with her.

"What would the term be if we do it on the lion's back?" Han Sen wondered.

After playing around for a while, Han Sen took the golden growler back and started to look for information on the Skynet using his comlink.

After finding what he needed, Han Sen opened the scroll he took from the cave, scanned it with his comlink, and machine translated the characters into modern language using the device.

Indeed, the characters were in an ancient language, which were easily translated into the modern language. Han Sen carefully checked its content.

In the beginning, Han Sen felt quite relaxed, as he was just trying to determine where the guy was from. After a while, however, Han Sen's face became grim. Shortly, Han Sen was shocked. In the end, he couldn't even close his mouth. Han Sen could not believe what was written on the scroll was true.

"This must be a prank. How come this is possible?" After Han Sen read the content, he was appalled. However, thinking about how strange the dead body looked, maybe it was true.

"If it is true, then the entire Alliance would be shocked. It is completely against what we know so far." Han Sen could not calm himself down reading the translated text.

According to the translated text, the owner of the scroll, a.k.a. the dead man, was from ancient times when cold steel was the only weapon material. They did not even have electricity, let alone teleport devices. A man from that time could teleport into G.o.d's Sanctuary using just their body, which was hard to believe.