Super Gene - Chapter 386: Who Is in Charge

Chapter 386: Who Is in Charge

Chapter 386: Who Is in Charge

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Han Sen more or less had learned the strengths and shortcomings of the creature. This was exactly the opportunity he had been waiting for—the shapes.h.i.+fting time limit of the evolvers was up, so that they no longer dared to fight the creature closely. As long as Han Sen could face the creature alone, he will have his opportunity.

"Mr. Han, let's go back first. We will organize another campaign," Ning Yue exclaimed at Han Sen with his brows knitted.

"It's okay. You go back first. It fears my dagger, so I can try again," replied Han Sen, throwing himself at the red meat.

Ning Yue failed to talk Han Sen out of it and surprisingly came back as well, helping Han Sen distract the creature.

However, the evolver' could no longer take the pressure of going over the time limit. They quickly turned back to themselves and became much weaker, which made the situation direr.

"Ouch!" An evolver's arm was swept across by the red meat, and his muscle suddenly melted, his bones exposed.

Han Sen took this opportunity to make another cut at the red meat. This time, it seemed he had cut a vital part of the creature, which immediately screeched and returned to its sh.e.l.l, never coming out again.

Han Sen approached the sh.e.l.l and quickly cut at it.


Han Sen felt a strong force came through, almost made it impossible for him to hold the dagger, while the sh.e.l.l was only left with a white mark.

"Let me try with dagger!" Yang Yongcheng approached Han Sen and yelled.

Han Sen did not answer, backed up, and looked at the rest of the group. His att.i.tude was evident.

"Mr. Han, I will not lie to you. You should be able to see that this creature is significantly different from all the creatures we have seen. Maybe it is a being beyond sacred-blood creatures. If we are able to get its beast soul and meet, human beings will make another leap in the evolution history. Your strength is not enough to break its sh.e.l.l. You can choose to lend us the dagger or sell it to us. After we succeed, you can have half of the benefits," said Ning Yue.

Before Han Sen replied, a tentacle of the red meat reached from under the sh.e.l.l at an evolver. That person was paying attention to Han Sen's reaction and did not dodge in time. He was caught by the red meat and quickly drawn into the sh.e.l.l.

Blood was spilled, and screams were heard. The person became quiet in a moment, shocking the rest of the group.

As Ning Yue was about to say something, the creature moved toward the cliff with the sh.e.l.l on its back. Han Sen uses of the dagger to slice the red meat exposed under the sh.e.l.l, which did not do much because the injury healed quickly.

The creature continued to the cliff which was shaped like a reversed pyramid. The creature quickly went down and glued itself to the mountain wall, while none of the humans had such ability.

"Mr. Han, what do you think of my suggestion?" Ning Yue asked.

"I'm sorry. I'm not interested in lending or selling the dagger," Han Sen said quietly.

"Five sacred-blood beast souls for the dagger. And you still get to keep half of the meat after we kill the creature…" Ning Yue said and suddenly stabbed the sword at Han Sen's throat.

This move was so unexpected in the middle of a sentence that even an evolver like Yang Yongcheng would probably have been killed.

However, Han Sen was an expert in this aspect. The moment when Ning Yue moved, Han Sen had wielded his dagger as well.


Ning Yue sword was cut in half by the cursed wolf dagger. Ning Yue looked surprised, but did not stop attacking Han Sen.

Yang Yongcheng and the other evolvers were helping Ning Yue as well. It seemed that they had decided to kill Han Sen.

"Huangfu Pingqing said you are someone who always go by the rules. It seems that she is mistaken." Han Sen moved around the three persons, using the dagger to defend himself.

"I only go by the rules because I don't want others to fear me and misunderstand me. You are not someone who fears me though." Ning Yue was extremely calm. He summoned another slim sword. Although it seemed to be of a different style, it was still a sacred-blood beast soul.

"Even if you kill me, you will not be able to obtain the dagger," said Han Sen.

"I'd rather not have it than let others have it." Ning Yue's sword became more and more swift and deadly.

The two evolvers also did their best to attack Han Sen in the fiercest way possible.

"Huangfu Pingqing was right. You are indeed a scary person. However, there is one thing that you did wrong," Han Sen dodged several attacks and said.

"What is that?" Ning Yue did not stop his sword.

"You misunderstood who is in charge here," Han Sen said calmly. He suddenly held the dagger backward and his footwork became extremely odd.

His heart beat like an engine, and Han Sen was no longer who he was a moment ago.

The moment Han Sen pa.s.sed by Ning Yue, the dagger in his hand moved like water, cutting the spear in Yang Yongcheng's hand. In a flash, Han Sen moved to the other evolver and beheaded him. Blood sputtered everywhere.

Ning Yue froze for a second. Yang Yongcheng yelped.

They could not imagine that Han Sen could improve his strength so tremendously in a sudden. When besieged by two evolvers and Ning Yue, Han Sen even killed an evolver.

"You are also an evolver!" Yang Yongcheng widened his eyes. Unless Han Sen was an evolver, Yang Yongcheng could not explain Han Sen's speed and strength.

"You found out too late." Han Sen moved like wind, das.h.i.+ng past Yang Yongcheng.

Yang Yongcheng became shocked. With his speed, he could not even move away in time. All he could do was to summon a broadsword to block Han Sen's dagger.


Both the dagger and Yang Yongcheng's neck were cut by the cursed wolf dagger as if they were made of tofu. The blade was broken, and the man was killed. The body without its head fell to the ground.

Ning Yue watched Han Sen. As calm as him, his heart sank. After all the calculation, he failed to predict Han Sen's strength.

At the ring of the VIP section, Han Sen only showed how sharp the dagger was. Ning Yue did not know that Han Sen had the strength of an evolver as well.

"I am right that we are the same type of people." Ning Yue smiled unexpectedly. He had better judgment than Yang Yongcheng who was already an evolver and he did not plan to run away, because he knew very clearly that his speed was much worse than Han Sen's. Maybe as he turned around, his head would no longer be on his shoulders.