Super Gene - Chapter 385: Weird Creature

Chapter 385: Weird Creature

Chapter 385: Weird Creature

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The evolvers were so close to the creature that the snail suddenly turned into a snake with wings and left its sh.e.l.l, throwing itself at one of the evolvers.

The person quickly wielded his broadsword at the snake. Yang Yongcheng and the other person also started to attack.

The rat snake did not even try to dodge and let the weapons cut into its meat.

The evolvers became overjoyed. Currently, their fitness index should be over thirty. With a sacred-blood weapon, they might not be able to cut the sh.e.l.l, but they believed the weapons should hurt the soft meat. However, as their weapons. .h.i.t the meat, they realized how wrong they were. The thin blade cut the soft meat as if it had cut into glue. Not only was the meat intact, but all the force they used on the weapons was also absorbed.

Then, the red snake suddenly changed its shape. The red meat moved like liquid and wrapped the three weapons up.

The evolver's tried to retrieve their weapons, but found it was impossible. The weapons were bundled together with a strong force that they could not be taken out. What was more frightening was that the red meat started to develop tentacles looking like snakeheads, moving toward the guys.

The evolvers had to give up their weapons and come back. When they tried to summon their beast soul weapons, they found it was no longer possible. The three weapons were wrapped inside the red meat and melting.

All three evolvers became irritated. Initially, they thought after their evolution, they could pose threats to the creature. However, the moment they launched their attacks, they lost three sacred-blood beast soul weapons.

The red meat did not stop its attack. Its body could be twisted into any shape to attack in any form, making it impossible for people to defend themselves.

On the other hand, the three evolvers did not dare to touch it. They didn't even dare to use their weapons and were suddenly trapped in an awkward position. Once the red meat touched them, even their armor started to melt, which looked horrendous.

Fortunately, although the creature came very fast after coming out of the sh.e.l.l, it was not as fast as the cursed wolf. Otherwise, the three revolvers would have died a million times.

Even so, the evolvers were hardly able to make it to the place where Han Sen and Ning Yue were hiding.

Han Sen shapes.h.i.+fted into fairy queen and seized the cursed wolf dagger, wanting to go out and help the evolvers. In fact, he was trying to look for an opportunity to kill the creature himself.

Before Han Sen dashed out, Ning Yue pulled him and said calmly, "Don't hurry. This is not the time. Wait for them to draw the creature here, find a good spot, and make sure you kill it in one strike."

Han Sen glanced at Ning Yue and saw the guy had a blank face, as if he was chatting in his living room. The fact that Ning Yue was not nervous at all made Han Sen feel that the three evolvers were nothing to him.

Seeing through Han Sen's thoughts, Ning Yue said calmly, "If you go out now, then the risks they are taking will be wasted."

Before Han Sen replied, Ning Yue summoned a slim sword and walked toward the creature.

Han Sen was surprised. Ning Yue was so sick and had not evolved yet, so why would he go there himself?

Holding the slim sword, Ning Yue quickly stabbed at the creature at an incredible speed, which actually hit it. His sword was not stuck in the red meat either.

Impressive, this Ning Yue. Although they are twins, he is much stronger than Son of Heaven. Han Sen felt a bit shocked. He could tell that Ning Yue had not evolved, but Ning Yue was able to distract the creature and avoid its attacks. In addition, his sword skills were unexpected. Although he only had one move, he always attacked in the most surprising angle. Only his sword could be retrieved from the red meat which none of the evolvers dared to touch. Although the creature was not hurt by his sword, it became irritated.

Under the extremely intense circ.u.mstance, Ning Yue looked so calm that Han Sen could not tell that he was in a deadly battle.

The behaviors of the evolvers became more and more organized since Ning Yue joined them. They moved around the creature and gradually led it to Han Sen.

It is such a shame that Ning Yue has poor fitness level. His fitness index should be around fifteen, the number of a normal person with sacred geno points maxed out. Even with the cursed wolf dagger, I don't think he could kill the creature.

After watching for a while, Han Sen learned that speed should be Ning Yue's main strength, which should be around twenty, while his other items should be around fifteen.

Seeing that the creature was led to him, Han Sen gripped his dagger. He had been watching long enough to determine the fitness level of the creature.

As long as Han Sen did not use Heresy Mantra and Overload, he could injure the creature with the dagger but could not kill it, which was what Han Sen wanted. He could not kill the creature in front of the group.

Eventually, the creature approached Han Sen. Han Sen dashed out without hesitation and quickly slashed the dagger at the meat.

The meat that the evolvers could not hurt using sacred-blood weapons was cut deeply by Han Sen's dagger. The injury was about 3 inch deep and blood immediately flowed. The creature screeched and quickly shrank its body.

To everyone's surprise, after the red meat contracted, the injury disappeared as if it was glued up.

Han Sen joined the rest of the group. However, it seemed that the creature was scared by the cursed wolf dagger and did not dare to touch it again. It kept moving away from Han Sen and attacked the rest.

Although Han Sen found opportunities to stab it a few more times, it was useless. The red meat had an incredible ability to cure itself.

"That's it. My shapes.h.i.+fting time limit is up," exclaimed an evolver.

Ning Yue's pupils contracted. He commanded coldly, "Let's retreat."

Hearing Ning Yue, the evolvers started to go back together with the young master. However, Han Sen marched forward instead, making his way to the creature.