Super Gene - Chapter 228: Please Continue

Chapter 228: Please Continue

Chapter 228: Please Continue

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Although Situ Qing was the top among all evolvers and was about to become a surpa.s.ser, it did not necessarily mean that he was better at black and white boxing.

Black and white boxing did not have much to do with strength or speed. What was important was the control of one's body, judgement and state of mind.

Because Han Sen had practiced Jadeskin, the control he had over his own body and strength was not worse than an evolver, and the other two factors had nothing to do with status.

Han Sen had just started to practice Yin Yang Blast, and he was very much inspired by its theoretical knowledge.

Bai Yishan was right in that it was not dangerous to practice and also helpful to increase his fitness.

The danger of Yin Yang Blast was in its usage.

Using the yin force and yang force at the right moment was extremely challenging for the users. If a mistake was made, the users themselves would be hurt instead.

The yin force was a soft force, while the yang force was domineering. They were two extremes in essence.

Similar to black and white boxing, it was demanding for the user's judgement. You had to be able to tell what kind of strength your opponent was using to decide whether to use yin blast or yang blast.

If the opponent's strength was greater than you, you needed to use the yin force. If you used the yang force, then it would be like hitting a stone with an egg.

Because the yang force would consume all one's strength, a strike normally meant either life or death.

Of course, this was the most straightforward example. The usage of the forces could be very different. Combining the yin force and the yang force would allow one to cope with different situations, which was the hardest part of Yin Yang Blast.

Therefore, a great part of Yin Yang Blast was dealing with the judgement of all kinds of situations and the methods to hide the user's intentions.

The usage of the yin force and the yang force needed lots of practice, so Han Sen was not able to use them at this point. However, he had already benefited a lot from the theories.

And the theoretical knowledge went beyond the level of the unevolved and went all the way to the level of evolver and surpa.s.ser. As for the demiG.o.d level, Bai Yishan himself had not even reached that, so there was no relevant introduction.

Even so, Han Sen was able to understand the theories from a high level.

When he used this theoretical knowledge on Situ Qing, the effect was beyond his expectation.

Situ Qing's expression gradually changed. Originally he wanted to instruct Han Sen, while later on he started to treat him like a serious match. In the end, Situ Qing was extremely shocked.

"How did you manage to do that?" Situ Qing stared at Han Sen. He was not able to win a single round in a dozen matches. Situ Qing suspected that the student might have cheating equipment on him.

"That was easy. The way you use your strength was outdated. For example, when you use the black fist, the muscle on your arm..." Han Sen said something in the theories of the Yin Yang Blast.

Situ Qing nodded hard, looking like a primary school student listening to his teacher.

"Ahem... I'm sorry. I've said too much. I should go back to do the horse-riding stance."

Situ Qing stopped him and put Han Sen in his own chair. Pouring Han Sen a cup of tea, the coach put a smile on his face, "Forget about that. Please continue."

"That doesn't seem to be right," Han Sen blinked and said.

"What's not right? I have watched your test videos. You are doing great. I will show you some tricks later and you just need to practice them." Situ Qing suggested, "Let's do this—you can show me how to improve black and white boxing skills, and I can show you archery techniques. If you have anything that you don't understand, you could always ask me about it."

"Then I'll continue?" asked Han Sen.

"Please," insisted Situ Qing.

Han Sen grinned and continued to talk about black and white boxing, while Situ Qing took up the bow and arrow to show Han Sen some special archery techniques.

"Don't stop." Han Sen urged Situ Qing, he found that the coach had stopped demonstrating as he listened to Han Sen.

"Yes... Yes..." Situ Qing said and continued to shoot the arrows.

After two days, Situ Xiang felt it was about time to check on Han Sen. She would go see how miserable he was and the try to make him join the team proactively.

Imagining the look on Han Sen's face, Situ Xiang couldn't help smiling and quickening her steps.

The moment she stepped in the training facility, what she saw made her pause.

Opposite to her imagination, the popular student was even sitting in her father's chair, drinking a cup of tea.

Her dad, on the other hand, was shooting arrows next to Han Sen, smiling to the student from time to time. It was as if Situ Qing was the one under training and Han Sen was the coach. Situ Xiang was dumbstruck and thought there was something wrong with her eyes.

"Why?" Situ Xiang could not even close her mouth.

How come her dad who was called "the n.a.z.i" was acting like this? What spell did Han Sen cast on him?

She could not accept what she was seeing and thought she was in the dream.

"This must be a dream. My dad could not..." Situ Xiang pinched her own cheek, trying to wake up.

"Ouch!" The acute pain on her cheek confirmed that she was not in a dream. Covering her face, Situ Xiang had an odd look on her face.