Super Gene - Chapter 227: Small Request

Chapter 227: Small Request

Chapter 227: Small Request

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The next morning, Han Sen was waiting for Huangfu Pingqing in front of the teleport station.

He got a text from the Office of Academic Affairs when he just saw Huangfu Pingqing. In the text, he was asked to attend a training by Situ Qing.

"I'm so sorry. I have to go." Han Sen showed Huangfu Pingqing the text.

Huangfu Pingqing took a look and frowned. "If this is the Situ Qing that I have heard of, I'm afraid you're in trouble."

"What about him?"

"A vice president of Blackhawk. He used to be an archery coach in the military and had a nickname n.a.z.i..." Huangfu Pingqing told something about Situ Qing to Han Sen.

"Two years ago, there was a training by him which ended in a couple of days because of the complaints from the students. I didn't realize that the school would still allow him to do this. Be careful and our agreement can wait." Huangfu Pingqing left.

Han Sen did some research on the online school community and got a better idea who Situ Qing was.

Based on the text from the Office of Academic Affairs, Han Sen came to an indoor training facility. When he arrived, he felt that something was off.

In the entire facility, he was the only trainee. The student advisor Situ Xiang and a nice looking, well-dressed middle-aged man were waiting for him.

"Han Sen, this is Coach Situ Qing. From today, he will be training you for a month. You need to study hard under his guidance." Situ Xiang patted Han Sen's shoulder and left.

Situ Xiang smirked secretly, "Boy, I'll come back and see how miserable you are in a few days. By that time, you will beg me to take you with me."

Han Sen shrugged and came over to Situ Qing.

The coach smiled at Han Sen, "Han Sen, I've heard about you. You're very popular in our school. I heard that you are voted the most desirable date by girls. You have good grades and many talents."

"You flatter me, coach." When talking to Situ Qing, Han Sen maintained the standard stance of a soldier, which he learned during the military training.

"I mean it. I see great potentials in you and believe that you are the hope of our Archery Department. I will do everything I can to teach you everything I know so that you can help revitalize the department." Situ Qing patted Han Sen on his shoulder. It seemed he meant everything he said.

"Thank you, coach." Han Sen stood up straight and said.

Situ Qing smiled and reached his right hand in front of Han Sen. There was a piece of metal of 1 inch by 1 inch. It looked like Z-steel.

Situ Qing's hand suddenly gained the color and texture of gold. It was nowhere near human's hand.


With a light squeeze, Situ Qing's fingers flattened the Z-steel.

"This is a little gift for you." Situ Qing put the piece of Z-steel in Han Sen's hand with a smile.

Han Sen understood very well that it was a warning.

But it was indeed impressive. Han Sen could not achieve that so far. He had read about this kind of strength on the Skynet. It was a kind of martial arts that could only be practiced by evolvers. The concept was to change the structure of their body cells and turn them into metal.

Even if Han Sen could get his hands on martial arts like this, his body could not take it.

"Thank you." Han Sen accepted the gift with a smile.

"Alright. Here begins our training. We will start with the horse-riding stance. Ordinary people would think that archery relies on the strength of one's arms and fingers, which is wrong. Most strength needed in archery comes from the waist and belly. This morning we will practice your core strength with horse-riding stance." Situ Qing instructed Han Sen to make the stance and sat down in the chair, watching him.

"Coach, a small request?" said Han Sen while making the stance.

"You can try. But normally I would not grant anything. And talking would only make it harder. If you fall before lunch, then you will have to do the same thing in the afternoon." Situ Qing narrowed his eyes and said.

"Coach, one of my hobbies is black and white boxing. During the training, I'm not allowed to go on the Skynet, and this is not something I can practice alone. After training, could you join me?" Han Sen continued.

"Black and white boxing? No need to wait until the training's over. We can do it now. I heard that you are rather good at it and gave St. Germain a 0 on our behalf. That was very nice, but after all, it was a compet.i.tion on the unevolved level. I will give you some guidance now to make sure that you can beat the Alliance Central Military Academy next time." Situ Qing was very interested in black and white boxing and no longer required Han Sen to make the horse-riding stance.

Han Sen walked over to Situ Qing with a smile. He had learned from Huangfu Pingqing that although Situ Qing taught archery, his biggest hobby was black and white boxing.

"Come on. You attack first. Watch Me and I'll teach you how to do defense the right way." Situ Qing curled his finger at Han Sen.

Han Sen looked at the confident coach and had a strange smile on his face.

When it came to real combat, he could not beat Situ Qing. However, when it came to black and white boxing, strength was not the only factor.

Situ Qing thought highly of himself in black and white boxing due to his decades of practice. Han Sen's request pleased him very much.