Super Gene - Chapter 220: Showing Off

Chapter 220: Showing Off

Chapter 220: Showing Off

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Helplessness and despair made Lu Botao cringe.

The devil's hand was everywhere. In all kinds of Hand of G.o.d games that Lu Botao had experienced, he had never felt so much despair before.

No matter what kind of opponent he used to meet, even if he had lost a lot of points, he would always have some reason to finish the game.

However, this game was different.

Whichever light spot Lu Botao wanted to hit, his opponent would always beat him to it. No accident. No suspense. Lu Botao had never thought that he would want to gain one point so much.

"One point... All I need is one point..." As a member of the Alliance Central Military Academy, Lu Botao was a tough player. Others might have given up at this point, but he was still hanging in there.

Soon Lu Botao discovered how difficult it was to gain a point.


The last light spot was crushed and Lu Botao was dumbstruck. 100 to 0. The score on the screen made Lu Botao collapse.

"Botao, were you trying to be a gentleman?" Liang Yiming asked, uncertain. It did not look like Lu Botao was doing it on purpose. However, there was no other explanation for Lu Botao to get a zero either.

Lu Botao did not reply. Sitting up and staring at the holographic image, he quickly sent an invite to his opponent for another match.

His opponent agreed and the game started again. Lu Botao stared at the holographic image like a monster staring at its prey, gathering all his strength to prepare for a fierce attack.

When the game started, Lu Botao had lost all his confidence under the devil's hand.

No way... He could not hit anything...

Using all his strength and calculation, Lu Botao found his speed and strategies useless in front of the devil's hand.

That hand was everywhere. And Lu Botao felt there were a pair of devil's eyes watching his soul as well. No matter which light spot he chose to hit, the devil would always be there first, smas.h.i.+ng his hope.

"No, this is not possible..." Lu Botao felt that the hand was growing in size, taking up all the s.p.a.ce around him, and he was becoming smaller and smaller, reduced to a toy.


The game had not even ended, but Lu Botao had already collapsed on his chair, all his confidence and courage gone.

Liang Yiming next to him was also soaked in cold sweat. In the second match, he tried to imagine him as Lu Botao, and soon he became desperate as well, because he found out that he would not be able to hit anything either. It was not Lu Botao's fault. The opponent acted as if she could read people's mind.

" Lu Botao, this is Ji Yanran from Blackhawk? Are you sure this is not an evolver?" Liang Yiming could not believe that this person was a military school student.

" I have no idea..." Lu Botao was not sure either. He looked at his opponent’s ID and said, "This is her ID and this is the unevolved section. The evolvers shouldn't be able to enter this part."

Liang Yiming heard Lu Botao's theory and agreed. If his opponent was an evolver, that person would be sent to a different section.

But some evolvers who had not yet registered in the Alliance would be able to still enter the unevolved section. So that was a possibility.

"If this person is unevolved, then it's too scary. Maybe only the monster from our school could be her match," Liang Yiming said.

"Who are you..." Lu Botao sat up and sent a text to his opponent.

Lu Botao and Liang Yiming both stared at the holographic image, awaiting the reply.

In Blackhawk, Ji Yanran was sitting in Han Sen's lap and watching her boyfriend playing with only one hand.

Now she knew how she had lost to him on the s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p. His speed and prejudgment seemed to be beyond what a human could do.

From her angle, his dancing fingers were almost like they belonged to a pianist.

"You scare me." When Han Sen finished the game, Ji Yanran let out a sigh of relief.

"How?" Han Sen whispered into her ear.

"You left your opponent with no points." Ji Yanran's earlobe became red.

"He had his eyes on my girlfriend. That was unforgivable." Han Sens saw her cute earlobe and kissed it.

Ji Yanran felt electrified and shuddered.

At this time, the message from Lu Botao popped out. Han Sen saw it and replied, "I am Ji Yanran's boyfriend."

He was claiming his territory.

"Are you a Blackhawk student?" Lu Botao's message came again.

"Yes," replied Han Sen. He then exited the platform. With a gorgeous girl in his arms, he was in no mood to talk to a guy.

Ji Yanran realized something and her cheeks became crimson. Looking at her gorgeous face, Han Sen could no longer resist the temptation.

Although they were in public and could not go too far, Han Sen enjoyed himself enough.

"Hey love birds, stop showing off like this." Qu Lili suddenly appeared next to them.

Ji Yanran immediately blushed and ran from Han Sen.

Watching her roommate who was blus.h.i.+ng and Han Sen who stood up, Qu Lili smiled, "Yanran, genius, I did not mean to interrupt you. It's just Ji Yanran has promised me that today she would accompany me to pick a hyper geno art. And it's past our agreed time."