Super Gene - Chapter 219: Hand of Devil

Chapter 219: Hand of Devil

Chapter 219: Hand of Devil

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"What are you doing?" Ji Yanran smiled and asked.

"Nothing, just to remove all his desires to play the game hand of G.o.d. He has to pay for wanting to steal you," Han Sen said with his eyes narrowed.

Ji Yanran did not speak but blushed. she felt sweet at heart and enjoyed watching her boyfriend getting jealous.

Lu Botao was overjoyed. Last year, he watched the promotion videos of the Hand of G.o.d Societies from all military schools and was stunned by a beautiful female player named Ji Yanran.

However, Blackhawk did not compete against the Alliance Central Military Academy, and was not even among the top eight. So, there was no chance for him to meet Ji Yanran.

Lu Botao had to ask around to find out Ji Yanran's ID on the Skynet gaming platform. When he wanted to friend her, he found that her privacy setting was set to reject all friend requests.

Lu Botao had almost forgotten about that b.u.mmer and was suddenly randomly matched with Ji Yanran today by the system. He did not notice it was her in the beginning and thought his opponents had good techniques. That was when he checked her ID and found out it was Ji Yanran’s.

Holding back his joy, he beat her a few times to show off his power before he texted her and asked if she was Ji Yanran.

Learning it was her, Lu Botao was even more excited. He was prepared to show her how strong he was, and hopefully he would be able to earn her heart.

"Hi, Botao! What are you so happy about?" Lu Botao's teammate and roommate, Liang Yiming asked.

"Yiming, could you guess who I ran into on the gaming platform?" Lu Botao asked excitedly.

"The monster from our school?" replied Liang Yiming casually.

"Then I would have cried." Lu Botao grinned. "I ran into Ji Yanran from Blackhawk."

"Blackhawk? Are there any good players there?"

"The beauty! Do you remember? From that promotion video?"

"Oh yes! I remember that beauty. Didn't she reject to add you already? Are you successful this time?"

"I met her through the random match of the platform! It must be fate, because there are so many people on that platform and I met her," Lu Botao said contentedly.

"Are you serious? Such a small chance." Larry walked behind Lu Botao started to watch the holographic image.

"Of course it's true. She already said that if I beat her she will be my friend."

"Good for you, then it's a done deal." Liang Yiming saw Ji Yanran's game last year, she was okay but no match to any of them in the Alliance Central Military Academy, not even the bench players.

"Exactly. The game has started, I need to focus now." said Lu Botao. The countdown was over and the game had started.

To show off his strength and chivalry, Lu Botao did not try to steal the light spots on Ji Yanran side. He planned to finish off his light spots as soon as possible.

However, when the game just started, Lu Botao saw his opponent's hand reaching over to his side, obviously trying to steal his points.

"Ha-ha, this beauty thinks too much of herself, trying to steal my points," said Lu Botao, laughing.

"You have to let the girl do what she wants. Don't beat her too bad, you need to be a gentleman and leave her a few points." Liang Yiming also laughed.

"Alright. I understand that," said Lu Botao, reaching toward a spot.

When he was about to touch the spot, a finger suddenly crushed it and his opponent gained a point.

"Well done, you're offering her points early on." Liang Yiming thought Lu Botao did it on purpose.

"Had to." Lu Botao said reluctantly. It was not part of his plan.

"I should pay more attention." Lu Botao still thought he was just being careless and reached toward another spot.

Before he hit the spot, the finger once again crushed it.

Lu Botao panicked a little as his opponent had beaten him to all the spots he wanted to hit 8 times in a row, leaving him with no point.

"Botao, this is a little extreme. The Beauty's level is okay. Be careful or you might even lose." Liang Yiming still thought Lu Botao was doing this on purpose.

Lu Botao, however, was no longer in the mood to joke around. He was completely focused on the game, with his forehead sweaty.

He did not want to let his opponent win, but lost nonetheless.

Very soon, Liang Yiming could tell that something was wrong. Blue veins stood out on Lu Botao's Temple, and his fingers were dancing like crazy. Still, no point was gained.

And the other hand in the holographic image could always. .h.i.t the spot first.

Liang Yiming widened his mouth. He knew very well how good Lu Botao was. Although Lu Botao was relatively weak among the Alliance Central Military Academy players, he would be absolutely the first place in any other military school.

However, until now, Lu Botao still had not gained a single point, which was almost unbelievable.

Even Liang Yiming who was the second place in the alliance central military academy did not dare to say that he could do the same to Lu Botao. Unless the difference between the two players was heaven and Earth, this scene would never appear.

But it was what was happening at this point. In the 100-point game, the opponent had already gained 80 points, while Lu Botao still had nothing.

At this point, Lu Botao was covered in cold sweat. His movements became stiff due to too much pressure.

The hand of his opponent was like a devil's hand in Lu Botao's eyes.