Super Gene - Chapter 1513 - Crystal Armor

Chapter 1513 - Crystal Armor

Chapter 1513: Crystal Armor


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Both the human and the shura were wielding power equivalent to that of a super-cla.s.s being. It was almost unbelievable.

“It’s not weird to have a super-cla.s.s residing someplace in the New Community, but why are there so many? The way shuras practice makes it difficult for them to become a fourth-ranked fighter. It is incredibly rare for one of them to reach the fourth rank, and it was believed that only five shuras had done so. Why would such elites end up fighting for the New Community?” Han Sen thought to himself. He thought something was wrong.

“Yuanyuan, follow after them!” Yi Dongmu said coldly, as he leaped around in battle.

“But…” Fang Yuanyuan watched as Yi Dongmu continued moving around, not doing direct battle with Shafei. If he hadn’t had spatial powers, he would have been heavily damaged by now. Fang Yuanyuan had confidence in Yi Dongmu, but she knew the circ.u.mstances were still dire.

“Go!” Yi Dongmu said. His voice was stern.

“Yuanyuan, let’s go. With my brother here, they’ll both be fine,” Han Yan comforted her.

“There are cameras. We can watch what is occurring from there.” Zhao Mingze and the others all tried to convince Fang Yuanyuan to go inside.

When she did, and they reached the bottom floor of the safe zone, Zhao Mingze booted up a machine. A direct video feed appeared.

The hotel grounds were soaked in the constant flas.h.i.+ng of swords. The hardy ground below was ruined with deep clefts, and the buildings surrounding the fight were being torn apart. Buildings that were a dozen floors high were being lopped in two, causing the earth to quake.

“A demi-G.o.d’s power is too scary. Is she a demi-G.o.d, too?” Hong Lianshun asked.

Everyone felt calmer now. The scary lady, though she looked very strong, was being suppressed by Han Sen.

“It’s no wonder he’s called Senior Han. He drifted in the Barrens for ten years, and despite that, he came back just as strong.” The others all complimented him.

Zhao Mingze watched the video feeds, but he looked strange. He was a demi-G.o.d, so he could see and notice some things that the others couldn’t.

Han Sen’s powers were not just scary. Zhao Mingze had seen many gemstone creatures in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, but compared to Han Sen, they all now seemed weak.

“Had he already managed to reach super-status ten years ago? Dad was right. This man can practice like crazy!” Zhao Mingze thought to himself, as he stared at Han Sen battling.

Yi Dongmu was not doing as well, by comparison. His body repeatedly flashed, as he put his s.p.a.ce power and geno core on full-throttle. Even so, he was unable to damage Shafei. He had found himself injured, and it made Fang Yuanyuan worry a great deal.

But still, Yi Dongmu did not think of retreating. His eyes gleamed with fire, and he managed to go even faster.

“Annoying fly!” Shafei looked at him with disdain as she swung her sword. The shura practiced raw physical strength, and Yi Dongmu had the ability to teleport. There was no effective way for her to end her opponent quickly.

But she did know that it cost a lot of energy for him to teleport around the way he was. Yi Dongmu had not reached super-cla.s.s yet, and he wouldn’t last much longer, the way he was going.

“You’ll be dead the moment you tire.” Shafei then looked over to Tina and Han Sen. She was shocked by what she saw.

“How? Is Tina really being suppressed by Han Sen? Did he reach super cla.s.s?” Shafei knew full-well how powerful Tina was.

Although Tina didn’t have much experience, she had the scariest father in the galaxy. The chairman had helped Shafei become a fourth-ranked shura, so it was difficult to imagine how powerful Tina really was, given the fact she was the chairman’s daughter.

Even Shafei didn’t dare say she could beat Tina in battle, but there she was, getting suppressed.

“Powerful sword skills! It is no wonder why Naga failed. They cannot fight a human like that. This is scary.” Shafei was happy she had brought Tina along now.

Shafei had believed she’d be able to take on Han Sen alone because she did not expect him to have reached super cla.s.s. According to the plans she had made, she had already failed the mission, though. No matter the result, punishment would await.

But with Tina there, things had a chance of turning out differently. Her powers weren’t stronger than Han Sen’s, but she carried an item that bestowed her the powers of a G.o.d. Although she was too weak to use it as efficiently as was possible, she knew it might be enough to at least kill Han Sen.

“Miss! It is almost time. We have to kill him now,” Shafei shouted at Tina.

Tina was annoyed, and she was confident in her own powers. Aside from her father, nothing and n.o.body else ought to have compared to her. She didn’t expect herself to get suppressed by Han Sen, despite giving it her all.

Tina really was getting annoyed. It did not matter what skill she tried to use, her casting would always be interrupted. She had to cancel and move or otherwise risk a blow.

That feeling of not being able to finish casting her skills really annoyed her.

“Stupid human! You will pay for your rudeness.” Tina suddenly retreated, as her forehead shone and unleashed a bright white light. Suddenly, a white crystal armor began to envelop her entire body.

The crystal armor made her look holy, but when Han Sen felt the energy coming from it… It was shockingly strong.

Han Sen’s pupils grew smaller the moment his eyes saw the armor. It was familiar to him.

The armor reminded Han Sen of the black crystal armor he possessed in his Sea of Soul. They were visually distinct, but the power inside Tina’s armor was unmistakably similar to the armor set Han Sen had.

“Ignorant human! Prepare to be judged by G.o.d!” Tina screamed to Han Sen as a scary power exploded. She disappeared and re-appeared again, directly before Han Sen. Her greatsword was ready to come down on him.

It was just a set of armor, but it increased her power and speed by an incredible amount. It was difficult to believe this was real.