Super Gene - Chapter 1512 - Fight in Fantis

Chapter 1512 - Fight in Fantis

Chapter 1512: Fight in Fantis


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shafei didn’t see Han Sen in the lobby, and she was too lazy to go and find him. So, she stood with Tina and issued a command through her communicator.

All across Planet Fantis, explosions began to erupt. The entire planet was suddenly gripped in terror. Many of the humans that had gone there on holiday began to scramble and fight their way back to the landing pads to try to escape.

Because Planet Fantis was a privately-owned business, there was no security department controlled by the Alliance. The security teams there were run by the Zhao family, and they did their best to evacuate people and determine the locations that were exploding.

Explosions began to rock Han Sen’s hotel, causing the people inside to run away from it as quickly as possible. Han Sen and those he was with promptly did so as well, and they got a glimpse of what was happening.

Shafei and Tina saw Han Sen exit the hotel, and immediately, Shafei looked at Han Sen with a desire to kill.

Tina held her back and said, “Auntie Shafei, let me deal with Han Sen. You take care of the rest.”

Shafei wished to say something, but Tina was already running forward. She had summoned a big sword. At only 1.65m tall, she was quite short, and the sword she was wielding was actually bigger than she was. It was quite a funny sight, seeing the mismatch of height and equipment.

You weren’t allowed to use weapons on Fantis, and the AI patrols in the sky immediately began swarming towards Tina with their laser beams firing.

Tina began effortlessly swinging her greatsword as this occurred. The greatsword, after a few slashes, cut through and destroyed all the AI drones.

Tina didn’t even spare a glance at the AI she was cutting down, and her focus remained solely on Han Sen.

Han Sen and the others saw Tina coming, and Zhao Mingze looked incredibly angry. “Who are you? How dare you mess up Planet Fantis! Are you unaware that this place is a business belonging to Angel Gene?”

Tina did not say a word, and she directed her greatsword at Han Sen.

Zhao Mingze was fuming mad. He summoned his geno core named Angry Wind Spear and went straight for Tina.

The Angry Wind Spear came down against her steel greatsword and was immediately broken. The steel greatsword proceeded forward, now coming down on Zhao Mingze—he was going to be cut in half.

Zhao Mingze was shocked. Some blood spilled from his mouth, and he was unable to dodge. He was going to be cut in half.

Yi Dongmu leaped to Zhao Mingze and pulled him backward, saving him from certain death.

All the cla.s.smates from the Blackhark Military Academy were shocked. Zhao Mingze was a demi-G.o.d, and his geno core had been destroyed just like that.

It was scary, seeing a little girl who looked no older than fifteen wielding such power.

Yi Dongmu grumbled and summoned his own geno core dagger. Then, he tried to stab Tina. But all of a sudden, he found that another woman had appeared in front of him.

“Lady, kill Han Sen now!” Shafei shouted at Tina as she blocked Yi Dongmu.

“Okay!” Tina had moved in front of Han Sen by now, ready to swing her greatsword.

Han Sen stared at Tina, his Dongxuan Aura firing on all cylinders. But strangely, he could not feel Tina’s lifeforce. He couldn’t help but frown.

Seeing the steel greatsword, though, Han Sen could at least tell that she was a demi-G.o.d, and that her weapon was a geno core.

“Brother, let me do this!” Han Yan said as she summoned a strange-looking knife. It was bigger than a dagger, but the sword was extremely thin and semi-transparent.

Han Sen knew this was Han Yan’s geno core. She created it with the Falsified-Sky Sutra. It was called She-King Blade, and it had strong causality powers.

She-King Blade was on the bronze and silver geno leaderboard, and after her tests, it had actually managed to reach the top five. It was not much worse than Six Paths Sword. It might not have been number one, but it was scarily powerful, all the same.

Han Yan’s Falsified-Sky Sutra and She-King Blade were capable of killing creatures in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Her critical hits were something no creature could block.


The steel greatsword came against the She-King Blade, and Han Yan and her weapon were sent flying. Han Yan was in shock.

Han Yan had aimed at Tina’s body, and even with the girl’s greatsword in front of her, the Falsified-Sky powers should still have hit her. The fact that it had actually been deflected by the greatsword was quite unbelievable.

The scarier thing was that such strength was being displayed by a little girl. Han Yan was sent flying, and her silver geno core was webbed with cracks.

Han Sen caught Han Yan, using Yin Yang Blast to absorb the force that had attacked her so she wouldn’t be hurt. Then, he put her back down.

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me?” Han Sen asked Tina.

Han Sen helped Han Yan remove the damaging force, for he knew that the lady-foe was at least super in cla.s.s. It was unbelievable. Only Luo Haitang, Gu Qingcheng, and various members of Blood Legion had achieved super-cla.s.s. It was difficult to believe that a little girl such as that was showcasing such power.

“Because you have to die.” Tina spoke, then immediately swung her greatsword.

Han Sen’s back shone with the color red. Jewel-like b.u.t.terfly wings washed him with a ruby color.

Han Sen drew Taia and brought it against the greatsword.

When the two came into contact, the shockwave unleashed was enough to level the buildings all around. The aircraft that were parked nearby were all blown up.

“Senior Han is cool! That’s such a powerful woman, and yet she is unable to do anything,” Hong Lianshun said.

“It’s too dangerous to remain here. We should get back to the hotel. There’s a defensive program there that can defend against the attacks of a demi-G.o.d,” Zhao Mingze said.

“What about Yi Dongmu?” Fang Yuanyuan asked, seeing that Yi Dongmu was locked in combat with Shafei.

Yi Dongmu had a gemstone geno core, but he was being suppressed by Shafei. His skills were incapable of killing her.

“Yi Dongmu, they are coming for me! You should go back.” Han Sen saw Shafei and Tina, and he could clearly see Shafei was a shura. The little girl was definitely a human. He could tell this because she was using a geno core. Not many people were able to put these two races together to fight, and only the New Community had a proper grudge with Han Sen now.