Super Gene - Chapter 1421 - Breaking 33 Days

Chapter 1421 - Breaking 33 Days

Chapter 1421: Breaking 33 Days


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Blue lightning streaked across the entire battleground, and a blue halo formed beneath the feet of all the combatants.

Those on the human side were becoming much stronger, whereas those on the enemy side were becoming much weaker and slower.

Disloyal Knight had joined the fray, and after his cast, he leaped towards an emperor with his fist raised and ready to launch.

Serpent Throne donned the appearance of the Lady Chef, and she raced forward to engage another emperor with her weaponized-fork.

“Kill the rhino first! Kill their healer!” The two emperors that were engaging Serpent Throne and Disloyal Knight roared and stopped the other spirits and creatures from helping them.

The rest of the spirits and creatures roared and went for the rhino.

With the rhino still there, unless they could kill Dry Bone King and the Water Fairy in one hit, they wouldn’t die.

The rhino was a berserk super creature that had managed to open ten gene locks. Its heals were so effective, broken legs would hardly be felt, as they’d be repaired and restored instantly.

Dragons soared across the sky, blitzing the ground below with trails of fire. Centipedes and other grotesque creatures were headed for the rhino.

The Holy Rhino roared with its holy light, and wove a fabric of dandelions across the earth around him, imbuing his allies like Dry Bone King and the others, with a greater pool of health and a stimulant-like zest and energy to fight the king spirits, emperors, and other elites.

Although the rhino was powerful, it was harmless. It couldn’t stop the horde of monsters that were coming after him.

The battlefield was a mutilated h.e.l.lscape. It was like a bunch of monsters pulling at a rhino in h.e.l.l.

Luo Lan was sitting atop the Holy Rhino, which was not moving. She simply smiled.

Sky Emperor was the one who reached the rhino first. He planned to fell the rhino and Luo Lan simultaneously.

But as the emperor arrived near her to deal a killing blow, Luo Lan raised up her hand and made a simple waving gesture. The bladebeam he wielded was cut in two, as was the emperor’s body. In a stunning display, she cut the emperor spirit in half.

The emperor’s blood cascaded everywhere, drenching the sky and painting the ground.

All who approached the rhino were frozen stiff in fear; they almost couldn’t fathom what their eyes had just told them.

“Falsified-Sky power? This woman is also an heir of G.o.dslayer Luo?!” Someone screamed.

Luo Lan scanned the field ahead of her, and then, the Holy Rhino lifted up its two front legs and brought them down on the head of a centipede below, as if it had read her mind. After that, it leaped forward, up and over the horde, towards a dragon that was soaring through the sky.

As the rhino did this, Luo Lan waved her hand as they pa.s.sed by the horde, slaying a host more of the creatures and spirits below them.

“This woman has the powers of Asura! Han Sen did not lie.” Dragon King, who was a dragon, felt a chill, witnessing the screaming creatures.

The rhino continued to run, as she swung her hands repeatedly. n.o.body could stop her, and all those who tried were immediately killed.

Kill! Kill! Kill!

Luo Lan gave a heart-stopping smile as she cleaved her way through the horde, and it did not leave her face for the duration of the fight. She was scarier than the devil himself.

The Asura powers should not have come to exist in the sanctuaries, for it could lay waste to anything it went up against.

Luo Lan had not even maxed out her abilities and power, and yet, without the Ten-Life Mirror, none of the Emperors and creatures could block her strikes.

While the spirits and creatures were getting beat, a gold light came from the sky. It was a spirit that looked like a king, glowing as he came. It was Sky King, from Sky Tree. He was not a demi-G.o.d, though.

“Oh no,” Dragon King said.

Asura powers were insanely strong, but Luo Lan herself was not Asura. If there was one thing her powers would be ineffective against, it was the power Sky King wielded. That was: 33 Days.

With Sky King’s coming, greater pressure was put on Luo Lan.

Luo Lan, however, continued to make use of her Falsified-Sky powers, and she tried swiping it upwards to strike the incoming spirit. Unfortunately, it could not reach Sky King.

“One day is one world, and I have thirty-three of them. You cannot do anything!” Sky King coldly said.

“If Asura was still here, you wouldn’t dare say such a thing!” Dragon King called back out with disdain.

Sky King balked, then laughed and reb.u.t.ted, “Ha! Dragon King; it surprises me to see you are still alive, but this woman is no Asura.”

“I am not Asura, but neither is there a need for me to be.” Luo Lan said this coldly, before waving her hand again to attack once more.

Sky King attempted to evade the strike, but after rolling away, his face changed and he fell back. When he stopped moving, he noticed his armor had been destroyed and he was bleeding gold blood.

Sky King’s face changed, and Dragon King laughed. He called out to Luo Lan, saying, “Nice job!”

Sky King, looking gold, used his 33 Days on Luo Lan with immediacy, and he shouted, “What are you all waiting for? Go and kill her! I can hold-off her powers, and she won’t be able to kill you.”

The emperors, kings, and super creatures all resumed their attack on Luo Lan, after having been stunned into submission by her display earlier. Their original target had been the Holy Rhino, but it had now been made clear to them that the woman atop the creature posed the greatest threat.

Luo Lan hardly had what it took to repel the force and not submit to the pressure of 33 Days; if the rest of the enemy moved on her, there’d be nothing she could do.

With all those forces converging on her from every direction, she wouldn’t even be able to dodge if she needed to.