Super Gene - Chapter 1420 - Bad Fight

Chapter 1420 - Bad Fight

Chapter 1420: Bad Fight


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Let No G.o.d handle him; we will proceed onwards, to the shelter.” Ruin Emperor coldly said, and commanded the rest of his subordinates to avoid Xie Qing King and head for the human shelter.

“Spirits! Are you going to betray the treaty established with The King?!” a disdainful voice bellowed across the landscape. And then, many others approached.

A blue dinosaur, a knight wreathed with lightning, a lady formed of water, and a furry critter that looked like a s...o...b..ll approached, alongside many others.

A holy-looking rhino was also headed out, and upon it sat a woman. She was the one speaking.

The woman bid for Queen to ascend the rhino, which prompted the creature to bestow a healing light upon her. Then, she was as fit as she hadn’t been dealt a scratch.

“The King may have established a deal with Han Sen, but we signed no such treaty,” Ruin Emperor coldly said.

“Why waste time with talk? Their elites are here. Kill them and take back what is rightfully ours, and let these low-lives know who is the real boss.” A big dragon roared in the sky.

Then, the army of creatures and spirits began racing towards the shelter in unison. Emperors and super creatures went, also.

The land was blanketed by the coming forces, as an endless bastion of creatures roared in their charge.

Thorn Queen sp.a.w.ned countless vines to lash, impale, and choke the legions that ran forward relentlessly. The ground was dyed red with the blood of her victims.

Dry Bone King brought out his heart bone and began playing the instrument. All around, the hearts of the enemies exploded inside their chests as they heard the rhythm.

Water Fairy became a tidal wave of spooky proportions. It did not soak or drown the enemies it came across; instead, it stuck to them like jelly, then sucked them dry until they scattered like dust.

Blue Dinosaur was a lot less fancy, but just as brutal. He swung his tail to crush entire battalions, scooping many up so that he could munch on them.

Baby Ghost, Qing Jun, and Rock Giant rushed forward to do combat, as well. And as they did, trails of blood marked their wake.

Quickly, the spirits came forward to fight Dry Bone King and the rest.

“Dry Bone King, I have longed to do battle with you. You and me, one on one; now is the time we decide which of us is stronger!” A king spirit came before him, barking at Dry Bone King with a hammer in each hand. The spirit beat the hammers together, and the hammers unleashed a rain of thunderbolts which all came bearing down on Dry Bone King.

Dry Bone King froze, and beat the heart bone instrument to summon an invisible power to repel the thunder dragon power.


When the forces struck each other, no sound could be heard. Their clashes operated on a frequency that was too high-pitched for anyone there to discern.

But the shockwaves kicked up were so grand they rattled the earth. Dust, soil, mud, and blood were thrown into the air.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

While the two of those drummers fought, no creatures could go near them, as they destroyed everything. Some creatures around were too slow to leave their proximity, and were immediately killed. The ground shook and the calls of thunder were frightening.

“Water Fairy, how about taking on me and my water powers?” A female spirit appeared to challenge her, casting a sky river towards Water Fairy.

“Rock Giant, let us see if the strength of a mighty creature can compete with the power of a spirit. Face me!” a giant spirit said, creating a big hole in the ground.

Ruin Emperor, meanwhile, was flying towards the woman atop the Holy Rhino. But Purple Emperor cut him off before he could reach her.

“You dare lay your fingers on me?!” Ruin Emperor had the ability to trap and stifle the powers of anything that came into contact with him.

Purple Emperor laughed, swung his purple sword towards Ruin Emperor and said, “Why would I not dare?”

Ruin Emperor’s face then swiftly changed, not daring to accept the hit to be delivered by Purple Emperor.

Purple Emperor was fully grown now, and that hit he was to deliver would break h.e.l.l and kill Ruin Emperor for good. So, even Ruin Emperor with his Ruin powers would not dare risk getting hit by that.

The fight below continued to rage on, and Queen, having fully recovered, wished to rejoin the battle. Luo Lan merely frowned.

They were a force to be reckoned with, and they could take on any indivdual emperor, but there was just too many for them to deal with.

Dry Bone King and Water Fairy were not emperors yet, either; there was little they could do to fight and repel the oncoming hordes.

Although Holy Rhino could issue torrents of healing at a consistent rate, it still wasn’t enough to keep all their forces healthy and fighting. At least they weren’t going to lose swiftly, though.

There were many emperors and spirits headed for Zero now, too. They still wanted her dead, but she was able to mow them down with her red beams of light.

Her Falsified-Sky powers could also destroy the spirit stones of the spirits she slew, as well.

“It is the heir of G.o.dslayer Luo! Even he failed to kill me; do you really think a weakling daughter of his, like you, can kill me?” A spirit had come prepared. When another spirit was killed, an emperor came.

The emperor was holding a mirror, and Zero moved forward with her Bone Dagger. With that mirror, the emperor was able to block her Falsified-Sky powers and she was unable to kill him.

“You are not strong enough to break my Ten-Life Mirror,” Ten-Life Emperor said with disdain.

Zero frowned, but did not relent. After she re-stabilized herself, she lashed out at the emperor once more.

“Ten-Life Emperor is dealing with G.o.dslayer Luo’s heir. In the meantime, focus on felling Holy Rhino and the woman atop it!” A command was issued, and the majority of the remaining king spirits and emperors turned their attention to the rhino.