Super Gene - Chapter 1200 - The Reaper’s Busy Day

Chapter 1200 - The Reaper’s Busy Day

Chapter 1200: The Reaper’s Busy Day


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The captain was frozen when Han Sen re-appeared. He flashed between being visible and invisible, as each re-appearance coincided with a strike that brought several shura soldiers down in a haze of blood and pained screams.

The shura that were still standing fired their weapons as they had been doing the entire time, but it was as if they were firing blanks. Despite the barrage of laser fire that was being cast each second, none of the shots were able to find their target. The Panic Terminal was blackened by the laser scorch marks.

Han Sen was like the reaper himself, come to make good on a quota that had fallen far behind. His harvest of shura was grand, but terrifying to behold. One by one, under Han Sen’s sword-scythe, the shura fell and submitted to the cold clasp of death.

The captain and Old Xu were not soldiers, but the men under their command were. They already had their guns out, firing at the shura to aid Han Sen.

“Get to cover or get down; we’re lighting this place up!” a soldier exclaimed at the top of his lungs, as he squeezed the trigger of his blaster.

The captain, guards, and pa.s.sengers all fell back and got to cover.

The formation and planned tactics of the shura had fallen to ruin within moments of letting Han Sen into the middle. They were in disarray, with no clue how to respond. It was utter anarchy. Han Sen slew a few more s.h.i.+eldbearers after killing the leader, resulting in a complete collapse of their immediate chain of command. They were headless chickens, and all they could think to do was to try to kill the man who had brought ruin to their plans.

But Han Sen was like a ghost, and no matter what they tried to do, they could not hit him.

More shura soldiers came onboard as backup, but they were just meat for the grinder.

Han Sen thought to speed things up, so he summoned a copper knight and a stunning angel to join him in his running riot.

The angel of death moved her hand, then soared into the midst of the soldiers, cleaving a b.l.o.o.d.y path as she went. She swung her greatsword as chunks of flesh and ribbons of entrails curtained and showered her as if in celebration of the feat.

Disloyal Knight was no slouch, either. He used his halo to suppress the soldiers and make them move even slower.

Han Sen left a few of the shura soldiers behind for the other humans to deal with as he pushed forward with Taia to clear a path. There were many shura soldiers waiting for him, but the corridors were narrow, and they couldn’t respond very well to the threat that was bearing down on them.

When the human soldiers finished up the final few shura, they wanted to follow Han Sen. They took off after him, but when they turned the corner to look down the corridor Han Sen had gone, all they saw was a dim, red tunnel of death and destruction.

The human soldiers were shocked and even disgusted by the ghastly sight of all the dead shura that had been mercilessly slaughtered by Han Sen.

“Who said this guy’s a cripple?!” the captain gasped.

“This lad could very well be a demi-G.o.d, but…” Old Xu sighed.

Everyone understood what he was going to say. No matter how strong Han Sen was, the shura he was slaying were a fraction of the fleet at large. The s.h.i.+p was still surrounded by an armada and countless thousands of shura.

If the shura didn’t get what they wanted, Universe was doomed. Not even Han Sen could survive in s.p.a.ce, so they were still at a grave disadvantage.

“I’ll kill as many as I can,” a soldier solemnly said. For as long as he drew breath, he wouldn’t run. He would march into the maw of h.e.l.l itself if it meant buying as much time as possible and bringing down a bunch of ox men with him.

The two soldiers ran down the corridor, trampling the fallen shura as they went—the floor was too littered to avoid this. When they turned the next corner, the same horrific sight greeted their eyes.

The captain and pa.s.sengers followed from behind, too.

Ling Yuan felt like throwing up when he saw Han Sen’s work. A stomach-churning mixture of fear and excitement spun in everyone’s bowels as they treaded those murder-halls.

“Han Sen killed all these?” Ling Yuan asked.

A man who he had not believed to be special had suddenly become a deity of death. He had killed a lot in a gruesome way, but Ling Yuan couldn’t help but admire Han Sen for sticking it to the shura.

Old Xu said, “I have seen many strong surpa.s.sers in my time, but never before have I seen one wield this much power. If he doesn’t get himself killed, he might very well become the second G.o.dslayer.”

The captain gave a wry smile and said, “It’s a crying shame he has to die with us lot, out here in the armpit of the system. ‘Tis a crying shame!”

The two soldiers in the front moved forward in silence. They couldn’t find Han Sen, but it was easy enough to follow what was left in his wake.

A door eventually barred their pa.s.sage. There was a window next to it, and when they looked through, they saw the boarding craft that had latched itself onto the Universe through the hole they had punched through the hull.

Han Sen was nowhere to be seen, though.

“Where is he? Where did he go?” Xu Lan asked, as her eyes scoured the limited view the windows provided.

“It is s.p.a.ce out there. If you can’t see him, I’m afraid…” the soldier’s grim suggestion faded without finis.h.i.+ng, but everyone knew what he meant.

“Look!” a pa.s.senger shouted from the observation deck. Everyone looked to where the pa.s.senger was pointing.

They all went over to join him, since the radar was broken and they would have to use their eyes if they wished to know what was waiting for them outside in the black.

That place was supposed to be a simple sightseeing platform. You could see nothing but a black screen from the outside, but from the inside, you could see everything.

And what was transpiring out there was not what they had expected.