Super Gene - Chapter 1199 - Shura

Chapter 1199 - Shura

Chapter 1199: Shura


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The shura that boarded the s.h.i.+p were all wearing the same armor. Aspects that often revealed their level, such as horns and faces, had been hidden.

Only one of them stood out from the crowd. He was dressed in armor that was a far more glamorous and a far more intimidating sight. Presumably, this figure was the leader.

The shura in the front were holding energy s.h.i.+elds.

The humans inside all looked dismayed, thinking they were all to be killed by the ruthless shura that had come for them.

The captain gritted his teeth and fired his gun at the box which was still in Han Sen’s possession. Han Sen knew he was going to do this, so he was quick to react and avoid the shot hitting its target.


The laser beam hit the ground, forming a scorch mark.

“If I give this to you, will you let me live?” Han Sen asked the shura boss, holding the box up. Everyone was angered by this action, not expecting Han Sen, of all people, to betray them so casually.

“Rebel sc.u.m! Kill him! We cannot let that box fall into shura possession,” the captain issued the command without hesitation, prompting everyone to turn their weapons on Han Sen and attempt to gun him down.

The lasers came at Han Sen like the pa.s.sing of stars, but they did little to stop him. Han Sen was able to duck, dodge, bob, and weave his way around every shot.

The shura leader made a gesture, telling his s.h.i.+eldbearing men to provide him protection.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

The rest of the laser hits pinged off the energy s.h.i.+elds. The power of the shots was not enough to break them. It was only just a pa.s.senger s.h.i.+p, after all. The most hi-tech weaponry was not given to traditionally uneventful cruise personnel.

Han Sen ran into the middle of the shura horde, wanting to give the box to the leader.

“I will give this to you if you spare my life,” Han Sen said, with a trembling voice.

The leader took the box from Han Sen with visible glee.

Tracking down the box had caused them a lot of trouble and grief. It made them exuberantly happy to see a human hand-deliver it for them. The leader did not care much for Han Sen, though. He thought the human looked young and weak.

And with the humans wanting to kill Han Sen for real, he was able to tell this was not an act. The leader followed his instincts, which were telling him Han Sen genuinely wished to help, even if it was for his own benefit. He didn’t think Han Sen harbored any malcontent.

“A pathetic human,” the leader thought. But Han Sen had done him a service, after all.

The leader accepted the box, but in the next moment, a copper dagger was plunged into the shura’s chest.


The armor he wore was unable to provide an adequate defense against the power of that strike. A second later, Han Sen turned red, as wings sprouted from his back in a glorious display. In his hand, a copper dagger was clenched tightly.

The leader threw a punch towards Han Sen’s face with ferocious, terrible power. The shura were powerful beings, and it usually took a lot more than a stab to stop them from being able to fight.

The rest of the shura then turned to fire at Han Sen.

Han Sen didn’t care too much about them, though. He dodged the punch and evaded every single laser. He ducked his head as one last laser whipped past his face. The soldier had only missed that shot because he didn’t want to hit the leader.

Han Sen pulled out Taia and drew back closer to the shura leader.

The shura leader cared nothing for the wound he had suffered, and with the box in one hand, he threw a whole bunch of punches towards Han Sen with the other. Again, Han Sen was able to dodge the punches with relative ease, all the while avoiding the lasers blasting in his direction.

With Taia in his left hand, Han Sen hopped and sliced it across the leader’s throat.

The leader was still standing, but only just. He wished for nothing more right now than to grab Han Sen by his neck and snap it. Han Sen spun around, dodging the feeble attempts of the dying leader, and continued to evade the laser fire.

He went around the leader and cast Blood-Pulse Sutra as he went.

Taia returned to dig a trench across the other half of the leader’s neck. And this time, the entire head left the quivering body. It went flying up into the sky, casting blood across the room as it went.

Han Sen took the box back and kicked the headless body into the crowd that still sought to gun him down.

This had all happened in a short amount of time, and the humans who were now watching barely had time to acknowledge what had transpired. They almost didn’t realize Han Sen had spun a yarn to trick the leader and behead him.

The moment Han Sen kicked the body, though, he disappeared from sight.

The shura were now in chaos. The blood of their leader had them at a loss, and they grimaced at how quickly the tables had turned.