Super Gene - Chapter 1133 - Transparent King Scorpion Beast Soul

Chapter 1133 - Transparent King Scorpion Beast Soul

Chapter 1133: Transparent King Scorpion Beast Soul


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen had saved ten bucks and knew he could not wait any longer. If the dinosaur lost its grip of the scorpion, he’d lose its position and lose the only chance he had in ending the threat.

A coin, with the number ten on it, was set free to spiral through the air and home in on its target.

And then, it stopped. It stood still in the air and did not drop, as if it was defying gravity and the laws of physics themselves.


Something dropped from the air and created a ma.s.sive crater in the ground.

The blue dinosaur let go of the scorpion and leaped away.

The coin was on the sand, quivering and trembling after its discharge. The scorpion did not die, though, despite the vast surge of power it had just been a victim of.

The coin began to move, still fixed on its target. With this marking his foe, Han Sen fired a barrage of coins to accompany it.

Those coins had not been buffed by Saving Money, but the super king spirit mode was still fueling their firing, and that was more than enough to damage the scorpion.


It sounded as if a watermelon had just greeted a sledgehammer in full swing. The coins were sinking into the invisible target, despite Han Sen not being able to see what damage he had actually caused.

“Berserk Super Creature Transparent King Scorpion killed. Beast soul gained. The flesh of this creature is inedible, but you may harvest its Life Geno Essence. Consume its Life Geno Essence to gain zero to ten super geno points randomly.”

Han Sen was delighted to have received the beast soul from such a terrifying foe; it had to be amazing, whatever it was.

Han Sen quickly ran to the sandpit and picked through the invisible carca.s.s to collect the Life Geno Essence. He found an invisible crystal and a.s.sumed that had to be it.

The blue dinosaur approached Han Sen, not looking hostile at all.

Han Sen examined the creature’s wounds. They looked rather ghastly, but they didn’t seem to have done any lasting, permanent damage.

“This guy is a super meats.h.i.+eld. It’s the worst job I can think of, but someone has to do it.” Han Sen patted the dinosaur’s head.

Han Sen let the dinosaur stay in the valley. And then, he rode Golden Growler back to the shelter as he was too weak to fly.

Han Sen was keen to find out what had happened to Uncle Bug’s son. He had slain the scorpion, so he wished to see whether or not the son would be given back his life, free at last.

If Han Sen only wanted to help his son, he wouldn’t have had to go through all the trouble—he’d only have to end the man’s life.

But before Han Sen entered the shelter, he saw Uncle Bug walk out with his son’s body in his arms. He looked as if he had been crying a lot.

Han Sen sighed in his heart, painfully admitting to himself, “I was unable to save him.”

But Uncle Bug was not mad. He was able to lift a genuine smile at Han Sen, and when he approached, he told him, “Thank you for freeing him from the painful existence I forced upon him. Before he… left this world, we had a discussion unlike we have ever had. He was happy. And that makes me happy.”

“Uncle Bug…” Han Sen did not have the words to respond.

But Uncle Bug did not expect anything. He said, “Little Yan wished to be buried in a grove he very much used to love. When I am done, I will seek you out.”

After that, Uncle Bug walked into the forest with a composure that was a mixture of both sadness and happiness. It was bittersweet.

Han Sen needed to wait until Uncle Bug returned, so he decided to examine the beast soul he had received.

Berserk Super Beast Soul Transparent King Scorpion: Gem Type

Han Sen felt the presence of a transparent gem in his hand. It could not be seen, but Han Sen knew the scorpion was inside it. Han Sen had received a gem beast soul before. They could be fused with another beast soul to increase their power.

Han Sen could use it on any beast soul, and it’d level up to a berserk super beast soul. It’d be given the power and might of the scorpion.

While he could do this with any beast soul he wanted, it was always best to infuse a gem beast soul with the same type of sacred-blood beast soul.

Han Sen did not know which element this was, so it was tricky. If he could find or purchase a sacred-blood scorpion beast soul to infuse it with, the success rate would be solid, though.

“Should I have an armor beast soul? And if so, would that mean I could be invisible? Or should I opt for a weapon? If it was a weapon, they wouldn’t even know I was near. If I do go for a weapon, though, I should go for an arrow.” Han Sen had many different ideas, all as good as each other.

Uncle Bug did not return for a while and wouldn’t, so he brought out the Life Geno Essence he had collected. Han Sen had not been able to see the scorpion’s energy flow, so without being able to simulate its power, he was unable to absorb it.

But Han Sen still had another two Life Geno Essences to absorb, both of which were already in-process. Perhaps he could absorb this one when his Dongxuan Sutra was better.

Uncle Bug returned that night.

Han Sen was not going to invade his privacy at once, and so he planned to give him some s.p.a.ce first. Not everyone could remain calm following the death of their son.

“Follow me.” But Uncle Bug approached Han Sen and told him to come; then, he led Han Sen to his room.

Han Sen followed. He wished to say something comforting, but he could not formulate such words.

“Thanks to you, both me and Little Yan can be at peace. You eased our sorrows, son.” Uncle Bug shut the door and proceeded to brew a pot of tea, which he then served to Han Sen.

“But I was unable to save him,” Han Sen said with a wry smile.

Uncle Bug said, “I forced him to live one hundred years longer than he should ever have had to, in an existence that was nothing but pain. If I had the chance to go back in time, I’d have allowed him to die.”

Han Sen remained silent, unsure of what to say.

Uncle Bug acknowledged this and just smiled. Then he said, “Ask me what you want to know.”