Super Gene - Chapter 1132 - The Dinosaur is Born

Chapter 1132 - The Dinosaur is Born

Chapter 1132: The Dinosaur is Born


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen returned Disloyal Knight to the Sea of Soul. He wanted to flee the valley, and he believed with his super armor and super king spirit mode active, he could still manage that much.

He had been unable to slay the transparent scorpion, and that was partially due to his inability to see the foe. He knew he’d have to figure out a way to see it before he returned to try again.

Before Han Sen was able to escape the valley, though, he very clearly heard the sound of something cracking. And then, something falling to the ground.

When Han Sen took a look at what he had heard, he saw a broken blue eggsh.e.l.l on the ground. It was very brittle and very close to opening entirely.

“The blue metal dinosaur has finished its evolution now?!” Han Sen was shocked, and scrambled to pick it back up.

Even if the dinosaur was a super creature, though, Han Sen did not believe it could effectively deal with the scorpion.

Before he could pick up the metal egg, though, a sharp pain struck into his back. It pushed him forward, throwing him through the air until he came cras.h.i.+ng into a rocky wall that erupted into a plume of ruined stone, sand, and haze.


An invisible power trampled the egg, shattering it.

The sight of that made Han Sen incredibly angry. He had waited a long time for the egg to hatch, and when it was finally about to, it was mercilessly slain underfoot.

If he could see the scorpion, he’d unleash his most furious barrage of attacks he had ever performed and slice it up into mincemeat.

But of course, he still could not see it. So, he still had to make an escape his priority.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Han Sen heard a clanging noise behind him, and when he turned to look, he saw an invisible power repeatedly strike the spot where the eggsh.e.l.l lay shattered. A hole was formed in the ground that was stomped on, over and over again.

But strangely, the vision of blue began to expand until it claimed the shape of a blue metal dinosaur.

“It wasn’t killed?” Han Sen was given a single moment of happiness amidst this grueling ordeal.

The blue dinosaur expanded in size until it was three meters in height. It looked incredibly heavy and monstrous.

The body of the beast was so tall and heavy, it looked indestructible.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Han Sen could make out the fact the stinger was repeatedly striking the dinosaur. It may have been able to deal damage to Han Sen through his armor, but it was largely ineffective against the st.u.r.dy metallic hide of the dinosaur.

The blue dinosaur, unfortunately, was unable to see the scorpion just like Han Sen. When it got hit, it began to roar and run around helplessly in pursuit of the invisible aggressor.

Fortunately, though, the scorpion seemed to occupy itself with the dinosaur exclusively. It let Han Sen be. The dinosaur was knocked down by the repeated scorpion strikes, but each and every time it was. .h.i.t, it got back up.

“The dinosaur is slow, and its power may only be decent, but boy oh boy—it’s a tank!” Han Sen knew he did not have much time to stay and admire his new pet, though.

Super king spirit mode only lasted an hour, and so he had to leave soon.

Han Sen was going to command the blue dinosaur to leave alongside him, but the dinosaur roared again. And then, a blue horn sprouted from its forehead. And as if they were bright light bulbs, the eyes flashed.


A wretched force whacked the dinosaur and made it collapse on the ground, a deep mark etched across its hide.

But the light bulb eyes then fixed themselves in a certain direction, and then they followed something.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Han Sen heard more noises, as more and more wounds began to manifest across the dinosaur’s body. But all that time, the eyes were fixed on something.

“Holy sh*t b.a.l.l.s! Can it actually see the scorpion?” Han Sen was shocked at this revelation.

Then, the blue dinosaur moved. It moved its arms forward as if it was hugging nothing at all. It was still receiving blows, but the dinosaur managed to open its mouth and bite down on something that didn’t seem to be there. The maw of the blue dinosaur would not completely shut.

The scorpion had been bitten. It was maddened, and it unleashed a barrage of pincer snaps and stinger strikes at the dinosaur. The dinosaur was strong, but not strong enough to withstand all of those attacks. Eventually, it began to bleed blue blood.

The mouth of the beast was bleeding due to one particular hit.

But still the mouth of the dinosaur was clamped down on something, and it refused to let go.

Han Sen stopped running. He held a single coin between his fingers, as a number ticked up.

The scorpion acknowledged what Han Sen had cooking, and it wanted to free itself to prevent the terrible power that was about to befall it.

And whether or not it was aware of what was going on, the dinosaur just didn’t let go. The scorpion was trapped in place, no matter how it tried to squirm its way free.

“Hold on… hold on…” Han Sen said to himself, as the coin quivered and shone with a cruel power.

“Seven, eight, nine.” As the numbers ticked up, the appearance of that coin looked scarier and scarier.

The scorpion knew about the danger, and it repeatedly stung the dinosaur in a bid to loosen its jaws and escape.

The stings were awful, though. They were wickedly powerful, and the dinosaur had to loosen its grip to scream a little every time.

And with that small amount of leeway, the scorpion was able to escape the dinosaur’s metal maw. But unfortunately for it, it was still gripped in place by the dinosaur’s talons.

“Now!” Han Sen could not wait any longer, so he fired his coin towards where the scorpion had to have been.