Super Gene - Chapter 1000 - Battling the Ape King

Chapter 1000 - Battling the Ape King

Chapter 1000: Battling the Ape King


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen left the shelter with Bao’er. He killed a few primitive cla.s.s bugs at first, to see if that would draw the ape out.

Not long after, it had indeed come to steal his kills. It crept near to Han Sen and watched him.

It was possible the ape knew Han Sen was special, more accomplished than the others fighters it had boorishly stolen from. This time, it did not make an immediate appearance and try to tackle Han Sen before running off with the goodies; it just waited and watched.

Han Sen was aware of the ape’s presence, but pretended he wasn’t. If he revealed he knew it was close by, there was a chance the ape would scarper. And if so, he’d most certainly be unable to pursue the ape if it was empty-handed.

Han Sen faced away from the ape, and holding Bao’er, he looked for more prey he could kill. When he started to move, so did the ape.

Han Sen found a black scorpion lying ahead, and noted it was primitive cla.s.s. He fired an arrow.

The scorpion’s carapace was broken by the sudden shot, and the insect quickly died.

And just as this happened, a blue flash leapt out of the bushes. The ape spared no time in picking up the scorpion, shouting mockingly at Han Sen, and running off back into the tangled depths of the forest.

The ape could have easily killed the scorpion if it wanted to, and it was clear it was interested in annoying Han Sen more than anything.

Han Sen immediately opened the three tiers of his Dongxuan Sutra. As he did, he covered the ape and sealed its seventh sense.

“Where are you going to run now, you little imp?!” Han Sen pulled out his bow and fired.

Having been unexpectedly robbed of its seventh sense, the blue ape was quite shocked. It frantically panicked as if it had been blinded, and a Sabertooth-Bee Arrow had already made a home on the hairy fiend.

The sharp arrow hit the monkey’s soft belly, and it accelerated as it came into contact, spinning as if it were a drill.

Surprisingly, the arrow was only able to ruffle some of the ape’s fur, and was unable to break the ape’s skin.

The blue ape squealed in fright, but it didn’t let Han Sen’s meddling stop it from trying to escape. Although its seventh sense was still sealed, it was still able to reorient itself and try to flee. Perhaps, Han Sen thought, the monkey was familiar with the area, and thus it could still run off in a certain direction with great speed.

Han Sen gave chase, determined to fire another arrow that would strike the monkey’s a.r.s.e.

Through the boons of Dongxuan Aura, Han Sen was able to fire the arrow silently. And because of this talent, the arrow managed to avoid the attention of the ape. As planned, the arrow dug into the monkey’s meaty backside.

Roar! The blue ape’s a.r.s.e was bleeding. It pulled its arms back to finger the wound, which oozed blood. It looked rather funny.

“Haha!” Bao’er clapped and laughed at the sight.

Han Sen was going to fire another, but the ape’s blue light appeared. And after this occurred, the speed of the ape greatly increased.

He tried giving chase to the monkey, but Bao’er looked unmoved, and it didn’t appear that she wanted to bring out her gourd and kill the ape before it could escape. Needless to say, this disheartened Han Sen, somewhat.

Bringing out his bow again, he fired. Unfortunately, not even the arrows could keep up with the fleeing ape. Eventually, it disappeared from his sight.

“It went fast.” Although Han Sen had lost sight of the creature again, all was not lost. This time, he had drawn blood. With a good whiff of the ape’s scent, Han Sen would be able to track it and discover where the ape had gone to.

The blue ape traveled through the forest for a good long while, and Han Sen was determined to follow it. As long as the ape’s trail didn’t lead him to the more nefarious corners of the forest, that was.

Because Han Sen was able to mask his scent and movement, even if there were creatures near him, he would most likely be able to avoid them and not alert them to his presence.

After fifty miles of travel, however, the scent became lighter. Han Sen presumed the wound on the blue ape’s a.r.s.e had probably healed up.

But the blue ape seemed to have a taste for vengeance. Han Sen had inflicted a decent bit of damage, and in an embarra.s.sing spot, too. Given the chance, Han Sen believed it would only be a matter of time before the ape returned for him.

“Dad. Monkey.” Bao’er suddenly pointed to a s.p.a.ce ahead.

Han Sen peered in the direction she was pointing, and suddenly saw an army of monkeys jumping around.

The monkeys had already spread out to surround them, something which had shockingly escaped Han Sen’s realization.

“Ooh-Ooh-Oohaha!” The thieving blue ape made an appearance. And as it revealed itself, so did all the other monkeys that surrounded them. They all chanted in their simian banter, wildly and sharply.

Han Sen observed them all, and counted there to be around one thousand of the creatures. Save for the sole sacred-blood blue ape, which had clearly established itself as king, the rest were all a mixture of primitive and mutant cla.s.s types.

In unison, all the apes let out a cry and ran towards Han Sen. As cool as ever, though, he did not flinch back from their approach. And as this occurred, Bao’er clapped her hands as if she was applauding grand theatrics.

Han Sen opened his Dongxuan Aura and sealed the seventh sense of every creature there. And like they had just become headless chickens, all the monkeys lost their sense of direction and became aimless.

Han Sen brought out his bow and fired an arrow at the blue monkey king, aiming for the felon’s ear.

The arrow drilled neatly into the spot he had selected, but it did not remain there long. Immediately after it had settled, the ape grabbed the arrow, pulled it out, and broke it.

Han Sen was disheartened by the loss of the arrow, so he pulled out Taia and ran towards the king.

The ape king could no longer hear or see, but it looked as if it was able to do just fine with guesses. It turned around and sought to run-off again.

The blue ape’s behavior was starting to aggravate Han Sen. The beast was too cowardly, despite its dastardly acts. Han Sen wanted to fight it face to face, but his inability to do so annoyed him.

Han Sen was even angrier at the thought he could never actually catch up with the fiend if it chose to flee.

Still, this area was home to many such monkeys. Wherever the blue ape lived, it had to be near.

“I don’t think so,” Han Sen said, with Bao’er on his back sucking a dum-dum in excitement.