She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 98 - Nora Smith The Little Moneymaker

Chapter 98 - Nora Smith The Little Moneymaker

Chapter 98 - Nora Smith The Little Moneymaker

As soon as she went down, Melissa immediately saw Miranda coming over impatiently.

She had a bit of a haughty look on her face. Even though she still held the matter about Tanya against Melissa, she nevertheless asked stiffly, "Have you gotten the money ready?"

Melissa held the bank card given by Nora and smiled gently, "I only have slightly over $300,000 here. Let's use that first."

At once, Miranda pursed her lips disdainfully and said, "Only slightly over $300,000? How much over $300,000 is that?"

The additional money was from Nora's bank card.

However, Melissa hadn't gone to the ATM to confirm the balance, so she answered casually, "About $20,000, I suppose."

Surgeons still earned quite a bit after all. However, Nora was still young, so there was no way she would have made that much. There was probably only about $20,000 in the card at best.

Miranda looked down on her even more after her reply. She said, "So little? Are you kidding me? If it wasn't because your elder brother was afraid that you're having a hard time and insisted that we let you earn some money along with us, I couldn't even be bothered to come here. Yet you're patronizing us with just $300,000? Are you looking down on us?"

Melissa clenched her fists. "Miranda, you're aware of the situation my family is in. We're depending on the Carefree Pill to revive the business, so all our working capital has gone into the production costs. All we have is this $300,000 here."

Miranda scoffed and said, "If I were you, I would mortgage the house and take out a $3,000,000 loan!"

The villa was built in an excellent location in the city center. Housing prices in New York had skyrocketed in recent years, so it was now worth 15 million dollars.

It was indeed very easy to take out a $3,000,000 loan if they mortgaged the house.

However, Melissa shook her head and said, "I'm only investing along with him to make a bit of pocket money. There's no need to mortgage the house…"

As soon as she said that, Miranda reprimanded, "If you invest $3,000,000, you can earn at least half of that amount! $300,000? It's too embarrassing to even bring up a pittance like that! What's the use even if you earn $150,000? You can't even buy a slightly better handbag with that! If you want to make money, then mortgage your house. If you don't, then forget it!"

The slender Melissa stood tall and straight. Upon hearing Miranda's words, she slowly said, "If that's the case, then never mind."

If it weren't because her elder brother had personally called and said that he wanted to let her earn a bit of pocket money together with him and that the children would need money for a lot of things now that they were all grown up… In particular, Sheril was a girl, yet she didn't even bear to spend on a pretty handbag… If it weren't because of these, she would never subject herself to her sister-in-law's detestable attitude.

But why should she allow Miranda to come here and bully them?

Miranda actually just wanted to embarrass her and see her lower her head to beg for help. She didn't think that Melissa would really refuse to invest.

She immediately scoffed and said, "Well done! You're a tough one, aren't you? Haven't you always thought little of money ever since you were a child? The Woods may be able to support a delicate woman like you, but can the Andersons do it? I heard you can't even bear to use premium paper for your paintings now! If it wasn't because your brother can't bear to see you live in such poverty, do you think we're that free to let you make money with us?"

It was that haughty and arrogant look again.

And that attitude and tone as if she was being charitable…

Melissa raised her head suddenly and looked straight at her. "You—"

But before she could finish, a cool voice reached them. "My aunt doesn't need your pity."

Both women were taken aback. They looked up to see Nora walking down the steps. She looked at Melissa and said slowly and lazily, "Aunt Melissa, you can come to me if you want to make some pocket money. You don't have to ask others for help."

Melissa was a little surprised.

As for Miranda, she frowned and said, "You talk pretty big for your age! Do you know what we're investing in?"

Nora raised an eyebrow.

Well, she didn't.

While thinking about it, she heard Miranda ask, "Have you heard of the Lowes?"

The Lowes… The family that Whitney Lowe married into?

Nora didn't even need to respond, because Miranda had already gone on by herself and said, "It's obvious from the way you look like you wouldn't know them. The Hunts started up as a real estate company, but apart from them, the Lowes are also a family who started up as a real estate company! The Lowes have bought a large plot of land in New York, but because they can't afford it all by themselves for the time being—yet they are also reluctant to take out a huge loan from the bank—they are asking a few other families that they know, such as us, whether we are interested in joining them!

"Real estate has been a hugely profitable industry in recent years. The profits are clear for all to see! The Woods have been wanting to expand into the real estate industry for many years, but the field has unfortunately been monopolized by the Hunts and the Lowes all this time. But we finally have an opportunity to make a fortune now!"

Miranda looked at the two of them after she finished.

The real estate industry was an extremely profitable one! Those two must be full of regrets now, right?

But unexpectedly…

Melissa was already aware of this a long time ago, so she didn't seem surprised. However, the young Nora was actually also expressionless?

Miranda frowned.

She reckoned that she probably wasn't informed about the real estate industry.

When Melissa saw that Nora had stayed quiet, she said, "Miranda, I'm grateful that my elder brother is concerned for my well-being, but if you continue to be so aggressive, this will become a feud instead! I only have a little over $300,000 here. If you want to help us and let us invest, then go ahead. If you don't, then just take it as I'm not fated to be involved in the investment!"

After speaking, she held out both Nora's and her bank cards to Miranda.

Miranda didn't dare to go too far. After all, she would also be in trouble if Melissa were to complain to her elder brother.

She snorted and reached out her arm as she said, "Fine, $300,000 it is, then…"

However, a fair and slender hand suddenly snatched both cards from Melissa's hand.

Miranda, "?"

Melissa was also taken aback.

Nora stared at the bank cards in her hand and gave Melissa a smile. She said, "Aunt Melissa, if you trust me, then let me make some pocket money for you with this $300,000!"

The real estate industry was done for.

Should they really throw the money in, they probably wouldn't even be able to recoup their capital in the next few years.

Miranda was so furious that she laughed instead. "Fine, since that's what you say, then forget it! I'll just take it that our goodwill has been taken for ill intent!"

She left in a huff.

In any case, she would be able to answer to her husband when she got home. It wasn't like she didn't try to help, but his younger sister had been fooled by the niece whom they had just brought home. She had taken the money and gone off to do god knows what with it!

By the time Melissa wanted to ask Nora about it after Miranda left, Nora had already gone upstairs with two bank cards.

Melissa, "…"

Never mind. $300,000 wasn't a lot anyway. If Nora lost the money, then she would just treat it as if they had given her some money to practice investing with!

At noon the next day.

Nora immediately heard the dispute downstairs the moment she woke up.

"How can you be so muddleheaded? $300,000 may not be much, but how can you just give it to her? How is she going to make you any money?"

The one speaking was a man who looked somewhat like Melissa, except that he had a stern look on his face.

Melissa sighed and said, "Farrell, Nora seems to be trading stocks."

"Stocks?" Farrell Wood, Melissa's elder brother, reprimanded, "Are you crazy?! Has she bought them yet?"

Farrell picked up his cell phone. "What did she buy? I'll check how the market is today!"

Melissa was about to say that she didn't know when the corners of Nora's lips curled upward and she replied unhurriedly, "The stock code is 00083."

Farrell frowned and input the stock code into his cell phone as he said, "Take the money out of the stocks immediately! Stocks have been plummeting recently. Both of you are really out of your mind…"

However, his words came to an abrupt end at this point!