She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 97 - Sweetcherry, Slamming People In Progress

Chapter 97 - Sweetcherry, Slamming People In Progress

Chapter 97 - Sweetcherry, Slamming People In Progress

'sweetcherry VS KindnessPrevails'

A few big words were splashed across her live-stream channel's comments section. One wouldn't be able to see their profile photo on their own live-stream channel; they would only be able to see it at the leaderboard on the main face-off page.

Cherry was still just a newbie at the moment. Although she had a big boss like Sponsor Grandpa supporting her, she nevertheless only gained 200,000 fans during this period of time. She wasn't on the same level as big-name live-streamers with millions of fans.

The photos displayed at the top of the event section on the homepage were all of the big-name live-streamers. Cherry's photo was all the way at the back, so her first face-off wasn't displayed at a promotional section.

However, once one entered the top ten, one would be featured on the homepage. Not only would it attract a great number of fans' attention, but it would also trend on social media for sure!

At the live-streaming platform's company.

The supervisor was chatting with the person-in-charge of the face-off competition. He asked, "How can we liven up this year's competition? Are there any interesting topics?"

The person-in-charge replied, "The big-name live-streamers in the gaming channels are still the same few people, but I have high hopes for sweetcherry."

The supervisor was taken aback. He asked, "sweetcherry? How many fans do they have?"


The supervisor waved dismissively. "What can you do with 200,000 fans? We have tons of such nobody live-streamers on the platform."

The person-in-charge laughed and said, "But she's a five-year-old child!"

The supervisor was surprised.

Intrigued, he asked, "Really?"

The person-in-charge nodded. "Yes, really. Here, I'll show you. I saw the video of her revealing her face during her live-stream. It's definitely worth hyping about!"

The supervisor said, "Then what are you waiting for? Put it on social media and hype it up!"

However, the person-in-charge shook his head mysteriously and said, "We can't do that yet."


"There isn't enough attention on her yet!" He said, "Let's wait till she's in the top ten first!"

The supervisor immediately laughed and said, "Can an unknown live-streamer with 200,000 fans even make it to the top ten? It'd already be pretty impressive if she can make it to the top twenty!"

When the person-in-charge heard what he said, he smiled mysteriously again and said, "Do you know how much her top fan has tipped her? 1.5 million dollars! That money's already enough for her to buy a position among the top ten! Once she enters the top ten and faces the big-name live-streamers, the hype will naturally come. When that happens, if we show the charming contrast between her personality and people's expectations of her, that little live-streamer will definitely go viral!"

The person-in-charge took out his cell phone and showed Cherry's photo to the supervisor. He said, "Take a look at this. Do you know who she is? I really suspect she's a kid from some wealthy family who's just having some fun on the platform. Her top fan pampers her too much!"

The supervisor picked up the cell phone and looked at the photo carefully for a long time. However, he shook his head and replied, "I've seen a few of the well-known kids among New York's wealthy, but I've never seen her before."

The supervisor took out his cell phone and watched sweetcherry's live-stream for a while, listening to her verbally slam people online with her young, tender voice. Just five minutes into the live-stream, Cherry had already delivered quite a few golden lines.

For example, a player in the game had complained about her not joining a team in the early stages. Even after she explained, the other party still continued to insult her, so she immediately snapped, "Is your entire family so skilled at doing nothing?"

The supervisor didn't understand what she meant, but he found the answer in the comments.

'Hahaha! The live-streamer is saying his entire family is full of good-for-nothings! She has such a sharp tongue!'

'She is too cute!'

Someone also asked:

'Where did you learn all these insults from?'

sweetcherry actually replied earnestly, "Some of them I saw on the Internet, and some of them I made up by myself, yeah!"

The supervisor laughed several times during the ten minutes he spent watching the live-stream. To think listening to sweetcherry slamming people online would actually feel so good!

He looked straight at the person-in-charge and said, "This kid is a natural Internet celebrity! She appeals to randoms especially well. She doesn't make people feel that she's crass even when she's insulting others; on the contrary, it actually feels good to listen to her! She's definitely someone who can be mega-popular! Whether or not we can reach our required KPI this year will depend on how popular she becomes!"

"Her photo is too unclear! Find a way to make it more high-definition. We must make sweetcherry our walking billboard this year! It'll definitely make her popular all over the country!"

Cherry, who was completely unaware that some people had set their sights on her, immediately saw that she had won the face-off after she ended her live-stream.

After all, the other party was also a nobody live-streamer with only 100,000-odd fans. On top of that, they didn't have Sponsor Grandpa or Sponsor Daddy, so how could they possibly beat her?

After ending the live-stream and putting her cell phone down, Cherry saw the Mathematical Olympiad worksheets on the desk again. Her face immediately scrunched up. Sob, it was time for homework again! Help, Pete!


Nora was about to go upstairs after dinner.

She had only just stood up when she heard Melissa ask, "Simon, how much cash do you have with you?"

Simon answered, "About $300,000. What's the matter?"

All the working capital in the company had gone into the Carefree Pills at the moment. It was still early, so they hadn't recovered the production costs yet.

Melissa's brows knitted together.

Simon asked, "How much do you need?"

Melissa sighed. "At least $3,000,000, I guess."

Simon gasped. "Why do you need so much money all of a sudden? Did something happen, Melissa?"

Melissa hesitated for a moment before she replied, "No, it's nothing."

She got up and went upstairs.

Nora, who was in the stairwell, stopped in her tracks after overhearing their conversation.

Melissa went upstairs and entered her bedroom. She was staring at her jewelry in a daze when she suddenly heard footsteps at the door.

She looked back to see Nora there.

Melissa immediately concealed the sense of resignation in her and asked with a smile, "Nora, what's the matter?"

Nora lowered her gaze, took out a bank card from her pocket, and handed it to her. "Take this."

Melissa immediately waved and said, "Did you overhear me talking to your uncle? You don't have to, Nora. How can I use your pocket money?"

Besides, Nora was just an ordinary surgeon. How much money could she make?

Simon had already told her in private that one-third of the Andersons' assets was Yvette's, so it made sense to give them to Nora now.

This way, she would own some assets of her own, which would be helpful to her when she got married in the future.

Nora had become famous among mid-tier wealthy families ever since the dance party the other day.

People had been approaching them to ask about Nora lately.

While she was lost in thought, Nora placed the bank card on the table and said, "I still have some money. You can take this for now."

Melissa's eyes reddened as she looked at her from the back.

The young woman might look cold, but her heart was warmer than anyone else's.

She didn't know how many years Nora might have spent saving up that money, nor did she know whether there were tens of thousands of dollars in the card or not…

Although that bit of money was just a drop in the bucket for her, if she refused, she would be standing too much on ceremony with her own family.

Ah, well.

She just wanted the money to do some investments anyway. She would just see how much money Nora had first and treat it as investment funds. Once the dividends came in, she would also be able to earn Nora a bit of pocket money.

After thinking it through, Melissa took the bank card and rushed downstairs excitedly.