She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 941 - Troublesome! Cooperation!

Chapter 941 - Troublesome! Cooperation!

Chapter 941 Troublesome! Cooperation!

Queenies idea was not bad.

Barbarian was very difficult to fight.

However, the dozens of guards brought by Trueman were definitely not simple. If they dealt with Barbarian, both sides would be injured at the least. Nora and the others could then easily detain all these people when Brenda and her team arrive on the scene!

Nora looked at Queenie with s.h.i.+ning eyes.

Trueman was wearing, so the change in his eyes could not be seen. However, the smile on his lips became even more brilliant. He turned to look at Barbarian.

Barbarian took a step back warily. After running from the mysterious organization for so many years, Barbarian hated and feared the mysterious organization from the bottom of his heart.

It was like the shadow of his childhood. Even if he had become stronger, he would always be a little afraid. Barbarian raised his fists in Truemans direction. Just as he was being vigilant, Trueman suddenly said, I dont have any ill intentions toward you.

With that, he smiled. Back then, only five people survived the gene changing experiments. Youre one-fifth of that entire populace, how could I really kill you? Your existence is the meaning of the mysterious organizations existence! At the very least, your existence can let humans see how powerful genetic modification can be! Youre the spokesperson for the mysterious organizations external image.

When Trueman said this, their expressions changed drastically.

Yes, that was right.

Until now, even though she knew that the mysterious organization was very powerful and not to be trifled with, Nora was still most wary of Barbarian.

After all, the power of the mysterious organization was general. It was not substantial. However, Nora had faced Barbarians power first-hand! Barbarians genetic modification was more apparent than any intelligence or longevity gene modification!

Barbarian was like a tall mountain standing in front of her domineeringly. It made her truly realize how imperfect human genes were, and how powerful human bodies could become with perfect human genes!

No one could compare to Barbarians strength.

Even if she and Justin worked together, they could not fight equally with him After all, she and Justin were just normal people in this aspect, but Barbarian had already become extraordinary.

It could be said that Barbarians genetic improvement was the most obvious and apparent.

When Trueman said this, Queenie immediately looked at him. What do you mean?.

Trueman smiled. Why do you think I asked you for two gene serums?

Queenie looked at Barbarian in surprise. You want to give it to him?


Trueman said slowly, The mysterious organization has been buried for so long and has silently contributed so much to human society. It has to be made public. We cant hide underground forever and be rats hated by everyone, right?

Queenie clenched her fists. But you dont have the V16!

Trueman said casually, Its enough to condense all the excitement of life into 30 years. Why do you want to live so long? Queenie found it ridiculous. Youre improving your lifespan genes! Of course. The mysterious organization has to have a witness. I want to see my mysterious organization become the largest organization in the world. Of course, I have to live well. As for Barbarian, he can be my right-hand man! He will also be the spokesperson of the mysterious organization. Otherwise, wont I be lonely for the rest of my life?.

After improving his genes, his lifespan would naturally increase.

Although he did not know how long Barbarian could live, Trueman had drawn a huge picture for him!

Barbarian was simple-minded. When he heard this, his guard against Trueman indeed dropped a little. There was even excitement in his eyes.


If the mysterious organization was really made public and was accepted, could the people he had killed in the past be ignored?

Could he return to the Queen again?

When he thought of this, Barbarian said, Okay, Ill cooperate with you! As long as he could return to the Queens side and protect her So what if he has to work with the organization that he used to hate? He was willing to do so!