She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 940 - Let Them Fight!

Chapter 940 - Let Them Fight!

Chapter 940 Let Them Fight!

How could Solos bullet hit Barbarian?

He slithered like a snake and avoided all the bullets coming at him. He rushed to a few mercenaries at an extremely fast speed and neatly put them down!

Then, he looked at Queenie. Heh, is this all your people can do? If it were Nora and Justin, they could still take a few moves from me, but these people are too weak! Queenie, die!

With that, he walked towards Queenie.

Nora walked out from behind Queenie and stood in front of her.

Queenie grabbed her sleeve. Youre not his match. Move aside.

Nora shook her head.

Queenie gritted her teeth and shouted at the surroundings, Arent you coming out yet? If you dont come out, Ill give the V16 to Barbarian!

Nora: ?

She frowned and looked at Queenie.

Queenie did not look at her and continued to stare at her surroundings as she shouted, I know youre worried about me, so you would definitely get someone to follow me! You wont come to the agreed place, right?

Through these words, Nora suddenly realized that Queenie was calling someone from the mysterious organization!

In other words, she was shouting at Trueman?!

Nora stopped in her tracks silently and stood beside Queenie.

When Barbarian heard Queenie shout, he sneered. Even if you call fifty or a hundred people over, so what?

With his current physique, was he afraid of a mere hundred people?

Taking the generals head among thousands of troops was a simple task for the current Barbarian!

However, at this moment, the buzzing of a few cars suddenly came from afar.

Immediately, four to five black Land Rovers buzzed as they drove over from all directions.

There were dirt roads on both sides of the highway.

These off-road vehicles drove valiantly on the dirt roads, stirring up waves of dust. However, they did not care. They rushed straight for Queenie and Barbarian.


The cars stopped and surrounded the group of people. Immediately, five to six strong men in black jumped out of each car.

At the end, a minivan quietly drove over.

The car door opened and a man in a suit got out.

The man was tall and slender. He was wearing a pair of and a top hat, looking a little European. He came to the few of them and smiled sharply. Queenie, long time no see.

This voice

It was Trueman?!

Noras eyes widened suddenly and she looked at the man.

This was because he was wearing a hat and One could not see his looks, but they could see that he was tall and slender. His lips were tilted and curled up slightly, giving him a sinister stature.

She had known Trueman for so long and he was the most familiar stranger.

Although they were familiar with each other, the two of them had fought for many rounds.

However, they were still strangers.

Because Nora had never seen Trueman.

Now, Trueman had finally appeared?

She was even a little excited.

Currently, there were only two people threatening her for s.n.a.t.c.hing the V16. One was Barbarian, and the other was Trueman!

If she could capture Barbarian and Trueman here in one fell swoop Then Xander would be safe in the future!

Queenie stared at the man and hesitated for a moment before asking, Trueman?

The man smiled. Yes, its me.

Queenie sized him up.

Trueman continued, his strange tone making ones heart turn cold. After being separated for more than twenty years, I thought you had forgotten me and your family!

Queenie lowered her eyes. I dont dare to forget for a moment.

Trueman chuckled again. Very good.

His gaze landed on the metal box in Queenies hand. This is the V16? Give me the gene serum and Ill get them to let your family go. Queenie did not move and looked at Barbarian. Before you ask for the serum, shouldnt you help me get rid of this person first?

Noras eyes narrowed at once.

Was she asking them to fight amongst themselves?