She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 93 - The Photo From The Live-Stream

Chapter 93 - The Photo From The Live-Stream

Chapter 93 - The Photo From The Live-Stream

Seth tugged on her sleeve again. "Cherry, a girl won't be able to become a boy. You'll definitely lose, so don't agree to it!"

In a soft and tender voice, Cherry replied, "I have a way around it, yeah!"

Brandon touched his hair and snorted again. Only then did he walk away with his hands in his pockets.

After he left, Sinead rushed over to Cherry. She lifted her chin and said, "Cheryl, you're in trouble! Your life will definitely be very hard now that Brandon has set his sights on you! He loves making his sidekicks bark like a dog the most! You're gonna be Cherry the Doggy tomorrow!"

In the midst of her gloating, puzzlement flashed across Cherry's big round eyes and she asked, "But how does one bark like a dog?"

Sinead immediately bent over, held her hands up like little paws, and said, "Woof! Woof!"

Then, she stood up straight and said, "Like that!"

Cherry asked again, "Like how?"

Sinead frowned and said, "Why are you so stupid?!"

Then, she did the same pose again and imitated a dog again. "Woof! Woof! Woof!"

Cherry grinned and exclaimed, "I see! So, you're Sinead the Doggy!"

Sinead, "…"

When she realized that Cherry was mocking her, she burst into tears with a loud wail again.


Classes for the day ended very quickly. In the afternoon, parents came one by one to pick up their children.

When Cherry left home in the morning, she already knew that Tanya would be the one picking her up after school because Mommy would definitely slack off. Sure enough, when she went out, she spotted Tanya standing there.

She skipped over, got into the car with Tanya, and went home together with her.

At the Andersons.

The kindergarten took care of all three meals a day for the children, so Cherry, who'd already had her dinner in school, usually didn't eat any more after she went home. Thus, while the rest of the Andersons were having dinner, she secretly hid upstairs and gave Pete a video call.

As soon as the video call connected and she saw her brother, Cherry immediately smiled sweetly and said, "I missed you, Pete!"

Pete was currently doing his homework seriously and the background of the video was his study.

He picked up his earphones, put them on, and said, "I miss you and Mommy too."

Cherry asked, "In that case, can we switch for a while?"

Pete, "??"

He was a little hesitant. "Haven't you already started to attend school? It seems like the kindergarten uniform is a skirt?"

"But…" Cherry lowered her head and twiddled her thumbs. A grimace appeared on her adorable little face and she said, "Someone's bullying me in school. He wants me to be his sidekick."

Pete panicked the moment he heard that. He said, "I'll switch with you!"

His younger sister was only allowed to follow after him and be protected by him. Who was the little brat that was so daring as to bully his younger sister?

Cherry's eyes lit up immediately and she threw her brother under the bus without any hesitation. She said, "We have dance lessons every day for the performance during the celebrations, so you'll also have to practice."

Pete, "!!"

He didn't want to wear a skirt or dance, but for his sister's sake… He could only grin and bear with it.

Cherry hopped off the chair and moved her phone a little further away. "Let's practice the dance moves, Pete!"

"… Okay."

At the Hunts'.

Justin had an important and mysterious meeting later, so he finished all his work early. After dinner, on the way to his study, he passed by the door to his son's small study.

He was currently on the phone with his son's psychiatrist. "… Yes, it's been quite a long while since his last relapse. He's been pretty normal during the last few days. His behavior and so on aren't as weird as before anymore."

The psychiatrist replied, "In that case, Pete's condition has likely stabilized. If there's no relapse after a few more days of observation, then perhaps he's recovered."

Justin heaved a sigh of relief.

After hanging up, he sneaked into his son's study to check up on him and see whether he had encountered any difficulties in his studies.

While personally supervising Pete's studies recently, he found that his genius son had returned.

As expected, his utter ignorance in history and mathematics when they were in California were due to psychological reasons!

He gently opened the door to the small study. He had originally thought that he would see the usual sight of his son sitting at his desk and reading seriously, but unexpectedly…

Cherry's adorable voice rang out in Pete's earphones: "Twist your hips, Pete!"

Pete stuck his hips out and twisted them.

"Pete, do this action when the flowers bloom! After that, you must smile!"

Pete's fingers curled into a dainty pose and he held his chin with his hands before he gave a sweet smile. After that, he asked, "Is this okay?"

"Pete, you should say, 'Is Cherry doing okay?' instead! That's how I talk, yeah!"

With much difficulty, Pete said, "… Okie-Dokie! Cutely, yeah! Adorably, yeah! …"

After saying that, he turned and immediately spotted Justin who was at the door.

The man's and the boy's eyes met, and for a while, it was dead silent in the study.

Five seconds later…


Justin shut the door. It must be because he didn't open it the right way just now!

He turned around, picked up his cell phone, and called the psychiatrist. "It seems like Pete… is having a relapse again."


At the Andersons.

When Cherry saw that Pete wasn't moving, she asked anxiously, "What's wrong, Pete?"

Pete stood up straight and went back to his usual expressionless self. He replied, "The tyrant came just now."

Cherry said, "Really? I've not seen handsome Daddy for so long! I miss him so much!"

Pete changed the subject. He asked, "Is there anyone whom you're particularly good friends with in the kindergarten?"

"Yes, yes!" Cherry became excited at the question. "I'm great friends with Seth Walker! He's really good-looking, and he can even do Mathematical Olympiad questions!"

Pete, "??"

He glanced at the Mathematical Olympiad worksheets on his desk. A contemplative look flashed through his big eyes that looked identical to Cherry's. He said, "I've mastered the dance. Let's hang up for now?"


After hanging up, it was now time for Cherry's live-stream.

She started a live-stream. Sure enough, she saw that her number one fan, Sponsor Grandpa, was already there. Cherry immediately greeted him and said, "Hi, Sponsor Grandpa!"

Ian's response was: 'Grandpa has sent you 999 airplanes'

Cherry giggled. Suddenly, a message popped up on the live-stream interface: 'The Mid-Year Live-Streaming Contest is accepting applications now! Come and sign up!'

The live-streaming platform she used held two live-streamer contests every year. One was held in the middle of the year while the other was held at the end of the year. In the contest, two live-streamers would be pit against each other, with the winner progressing to the next round. The top ten finalists would win promotional resources and even become part of the Top Trends on Facebook.

Without even taking a good look at the pop-up message, Cherry immediately tapped 'Join'.

Every live-streamer was required to fill in their personal information during the registration process. As a result, the applications were accepted by default.

Cherry didn't think much about it and immediately switched on the game interface.

Thus, she didn't notice that a customer service staff member had sent her a private message: "Hi sweetcherry, this is customer service staff Kay at your service. I noticed that you've signed up for the live-streamer contest. I'll need a photo of you for registration purposes. Can you send one to me, please?"

After a few minutes, when the customer service staff saw that she wasn't replying, they sent another message: "Please note that if we don't receive any reply, by default, we'll have to use the photo of you during your live-stream."