She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 92 - A Little Sidekick

Chapter 92 - A Little Sidekick

Chapter 92 - A Little Sidekick

Whitney never answered phone calls during lessons. However, she had set this particular unique ringtone for her husband.

Whitney was a professional dancer, and the Lowes treated her very well after she married Bob. This was also what gave her the confidence to be so arrogant.

When she realized that it was her husband who was calling, she told the children to stay where they were and play for a while. Then, she walked to the side, took out her cell phone from her bag, and answered the call.

Cherry had grown up being pampered and had never suffered any hardships before. She did indeed find actions like barre rises, splits, and stretching exercises very difficult.

Her leg was propped on a small stool while her chubby little arm tried hard to stretch forward to touch her toes…

Children were rather flexible, after all. Moreover, her physique was indeed very suitable for dancing, so she succeeded in one go.

She stood up straight excitedly. When she saw that the other children were all playing, she also decided to take a break. However, it was at this moment that she suddenly heard a loud and sharp shout.

"Cheryl Smith!!"

Cherry jumped in shock. She looked over to see Whitney glaring at her. The white part of her eyes was bigger than other people's, so she looked a little scary when she was glaring at someone like that.

Whitney had reprimanded Cherry because she noticed that she was slacking off. Before she continued, she pressed the button to pick up the call. Right away, she heard her husband's anxious voice coming from the other end.

"You mustn't do anything to that little girl!"

Before Whitney could ask why, he went on and said, "I know who she is now! Her father is Justin Hunt!"

Whitney, "??"

Her eyes widened in astonishment. Bob continued and said, "No wonder they could get Tanya Turner to make a trip specially for her! Also, he rejected our partnership proposal today because of his child!"

Whitney, "!!"

"Alright, I'm hanging up. I have to check if there's anyone else who wants to be part of the project. Sigh!"

Bob hung up without giving Whitney any chance to speak at all.

In the distance.

Cherry was frozen in place after Whitney's yell. Sinead took the opportunity to walk up to her. She made a face at her and said, "Hmph, how dare you slack off! Mommy will definitely punish you!"

The other children also chimed in anxiously and said, "Cheryl, hurry and continue practicing. Mrs. Lowe is very, very fierce!"

"Ah! Mrs. Lowe's coming over!"

Someone yelled, causing everyone to immediately disperse.

A triumphant Sinead stood beside Cherry and made another face at her. "Hmph! Mommy's here to lecture you now! You're gonna cry very soon!"

Cherry, "?"

The little fellow frowned. Just as she was wondering how she could get out of the situation if Whitney were to start scolding her, she noticed Whitney standing in front of her aggressively. She said, "C-Cherry…"

Using a nickname felt like it would make their relationship feel a little closer.

Next to them, Sinead made faces at her and taunted, "The calmer Mommy is, the more miserable you'll be later!"

As soon as she said that, however, the expression on Whitney's face turned awful. The corners of her lips twitched forcefully and she forced a smile that looked even fiercer than if she were crying. Then, she asked stiffly, "Do you want to be in the center?"

Sinead, "??"

Cherry, "??"

Both kids were dumbfounded.

Before Cherry could answer, Sinead suddenly burst into tears with a loud wail. "Mommy, you're a bad person! The center position is mine!"

Cherry, "…"

Well, that was rather sudden.

And Mrs. Lowe, too. Could she refrain from smiling? It was really pretty scary.

Cherry tilted her head and thought for a while. Then, she replied happily, "Yes!"

Whitney forced another smile. "Okay. You're in the center position from today onward. Don't practice splits anymore. You can return to the team now."

Then, she started to lecture Sinead. "Stop crying. You'll be standing next to her, so it's no different from being in the center!"


Sinead, who refused to listen to her, started crying even louder.

Cherry ignored the two of them. She ran to the center of the children and stood in the position that originally belonged to Sinead.


Originally, she wouldn't have had any interest in the center position if Sinead didn't create any trouble. After all, she was a newcomer! However, Sinead had bullied her. In that case, she would make life difficult for Sinead!

Mommy had taught her that one could take anything they want except the short end of the stick!

After some time, Whitney finally got Sinead to stop crying and they resumed practice.

Cherry had an undisciplined lifestyle. As her IQ was very high, she had little patience. However, now that she was in the center position, she didn't dare to slack off or take a sloppy attitude anymore.

After half an hour, she had already memorized most of the dance moves. Her talent alarmed even Whitney.

No wonder Tanya said that she wanted to take her as her student!

After the dance lesson, everyone returned to the classroom.

"I want to sit with Cheryl Smith!"

"Me, too!"

"Go away! I'm the one who's gonna sit with Cheryl!"

Several children carried their little stools over to sit with Cherry. For a while there, she became the class' favorite person.

Ms. Lynn sighed at the sight of them quarreling, her head hurting.

Cherry was just too popular!

She squatted down and said, "Alright, stop arguing, everyone. Cherry, who do you want to sit with?"

Cherry carried her stool, ran into the crowd, and sat down next to a handsome little boy. She said, "I wanna sit next to Seth Walker!"

"Why?" Ms. Lynn asked.

Cherry replied loudly, "Because he's the most good-looking one here! Good-looking people play only with good-looking people!"

Sinead burst into tears with a loud wail again. "No wonder Seth has been ignoring me! So, it's because I'm not good-looking enough!"

Everyone was speechless.

After class, everyone ran over to Cherry to play with her again. Not only did she have a good temper and often came up with a lot of fun ideas, but the teachers also liked her very much. Most importantly, even the dance teacher whom everyone feared didn't dare to bully her. She was simply too amazing!

Cherry was playing with building blocks when a little boy suddenly walked over. He asked, "Hey, are you Cheryl Smith?"

Cherry looked up to see a handsome little boy with fox-like eyes standing in front of her. The boy said, "I'm the boss of this kindergarten! Become my underling, and I'll take care of you in the future!"

Cherry pouted and replied, "I'm the boss here!"

"Hmph!" The little boy said, "How dare you try to snatch my position as the boss! On account of how good-looking you are, I shan't beat you up! Hurry up and call me Boss!"

Cherry blinked. Next to her, Seth said, "He's Brandon Smith. The Smiths are the most powerful among everyone here, so you'd best not offend him."

Cherry, "?"

She placed her hands on her hips and said, "What's so great about using your family background to compete with others? If you're that great, then let's compete in other things! The winner will be the boss!"

Brandon immediately puffed up his little chest and said, "Only boys can be bosses! How can a little girl be the boss? If you can become a little boy, then I'll acknowledge you as my boss!"

Cherry's eyes lit up. "Okay! You gotta keep your word!"

"Hahahaha!" Brandon laughed. "So, you're actually a little dummy! My Mommy said that there's no way anyone can change their gender, yeah! If you can't become a little boy, then you'll have to listen to my commands in the future and become my sidekick!"