She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 898 - Justin Hunt is King!!

Chapter 898 - Justin Hunt is King!!

Chapter 898 Justin Hunt is King!!

Justin Hunt.

The two words resounded in the room.

The Queen was speaking in Welsh.

This particular aide was the subordinate the Queen trusted the most.

Although it was forbidden to speak of the name to outsiders, after holding back for so long, the Queen finally couldnt help but say it out loud today. The aide was astonished but also enlightened. She remarked, No wonder you treat him differently.

It didnt stop at just differently, though!

If it werent because the man couldnt marry into the royal family, the Queen would have died to marry him!

Unfortunately, the royal family had a literal throne to inherit and her own marital matters were not something she had a say in. Despite that, the Queen had never forgotten Justin all these years.

Just as the aide wanted to speak, her cell phone rang.

She answered the call and then said to the Queen, Its Princess Lucy.

The Queen took the cell phone, sat on the sofa, and took over the phone call.

In the closet, Nora quietly stood where she was. It was unknown whether she had heard them when they spoke that name just now.

On the sofa, Princess Lucys adorable voice came over through the phone. Mommy, where are you? I miss you so much-

The Queen replied, Im at the hotel. Do you want to take a look around?


After Lucy spoke, the Queen childishly held up her cell phone and went around the room. Lucy smiled and said, How I wish I could be there with you! But Ill only reach the day after tomorrow, sigh!

The Queen couldnt help laughing. Its just two days.

But these two days feel like forever to me. I miss you so much.

The Queen snorted and replied, You mean you miss Cherry, right?

Lucy giggled and said, Of course I miss you more, Mommy. By the way, have you prepared the gift I asked you to?

The Queens expression immediately turned sullen. She said, Thats my favorite figurine but youre taking it just to give it to Cherry! Lucy, youve come a long way, havent you?!

Lucy wheedled, Mommy, youre an adult. How can you fight over something with a child? Besides, didnt we already agree on this long ago? My most esteemed royal Mommy?

Although the Queen was dissatisfied and wore a huffy expression, she nevertheless said, Fine, fine!

Also! Mommy, remember to help me prepare a gift for Cherrys mother too-.

The Queens face darkened immediately. I refuse.

Come on, Mommy. My royal Mommy, my most favorite and the most beautiful Mommy in the world, I know you dont like her only because youre jealous that shes prettier than


The Queens face darkened even further. Lucy!

The sight of the Queen, who was frosty and all-powerful in public, behaving like this when interacting with her daughter in private made Nora see her in a new light a little.

Lucy hung up.

The Queens aide asked, Shall I prepare a gift for Ms. Nora Smith?

The Queen snorted and replied, Yes, do it. Shes Cheryl Smiths mother, after all!

Yes, maam.

The aide then asked, Are you really going to give that figurine to her?

The Queens heart started to bleed at the thought.

The figurine in question was no ordinary figurine; it was a limited edition one that was specially made for her because they knew that she liked it! As it was made of pure gold, it had caused a great stir in the Royal Family back then, with all of them saying that she was being too extravagant.

After all, the Royal Family had to be mindful of its public image. Although they led a luxurious lifestyle, they should still remain approachable to commoners.

At the time, the Queen had declared that she would never ask for a second one. Therefore, once she gave it away, it would be gone for


The aide comforted her and said, Why dont I switch it with an ordinary figurine instead? Princess Lucy is not interested in such things, so shell never realize.

The Queen hesitated for a moment. In the end, she sighed and said, Forget it, just give it to her! What am I fighting with a child for?

It was unknown whether the child she spoke of referred to Lucy or Cherry.

When the two were about to start chatting, all of a sudden, chaos broke out on the lower floors.

Outside the door, the captain of the bodyguards suddenly said, Your Majesty, a fire has broken out downstairs! The fire is spreading too wildly. Lets hurry and s.h.i.+ft someplace else!

As he spoke, the fire immediately spread to the upper floor with a great boom like a serpent of flames!

There was obviously something wrong with these flames. It was clear that someone had doused the place with flammable materials.

They were trying to burn the Queen to death!

Nora frowned.

Who would harbor such an intense grudge against the Queen?

While she was wondering about it, the aide answered her question.

The mysterious organization is so horrible! How can they do this to you?! They are so persistent, coming after you from abroad all the way to Switzerland! Your Majesty, lets hurry and leave!

Nora was stunned when she heard her.

The mysterious organization was after the Queens life?

Did this mean that the Queen and the mysterious organization were enemies?

The cogs in Noras mind turned at high speed.

According to Trueman, Barbarian had betrayed the mysterious organization. However, the Queen was backing up Barbarian. It might seem like Barbarian was protecting the Queen, but in truth, wasnt he also under the Queens protection?

Otherwise, the mysterious organization would already have found him in all these years.

The fire was fierce, and to make matters worse, they were on the higher floors. Nora pushed open the closet door and walked over to the window to check on the situation outside.

On the first floor, Black Panther and Abbott had discovered the fire upstairs and were running up frantically with their men.

Since they had taken the remuneration, they must do their job.

This was a rule in the Alliance.

Just as she was about to jump out the window, gunshots suddenly rang out from beyond the door!

The door was pushed open once more; the aide and the captain of the bodyguards protected the Queen as they entered. The captain said, Their firepower is too intense out there! We can only hide here for now!

The aide retorted furiously, But the fire will reach us soon! Are we supposed to just let ourselves turn into roast pigs by staying here?

Even at a moment like this, the Queen reprimanded her angrily and said, Please mind your words! Youre the only pig!

The aide:

The aide looked at the captain and yelled furiously, What do we do now? Think of something! If Barbarian was here, hed definitely be able to take the Queen out of here!

The captain frowned and said, I didnt expect the mysterious organization to be so powerful that they could even infiltrate the Swiss government Dont worry, everyone will rush upstairs once they hear the gunshots. There arent many of them, so they will be subdued very soon!

The aide, however, yelled, There may not be many of them, but all of them are fighters ready to lay down their lives! They are risking their lives precisely to stop the people downstairs from saving us!

Fighters ready to lay down their lives for their missions did not fear death.

Moreover, the corridor was narrow. By staying there, they were preventing the Queen from going out and stopping people from coming in just so they could burn the Queen alive.

Now, the captain could either charge out there and fight those people outside to death, or they could stay there and wait for their deaths.

The captain was certainly willing to risk his life. But the problem was that once he charged out there, should he die, there would really be no one left to protect the Queen! Until the a.s.sailants barged into the room, the captains duty was to stay by the Queens side and protect her. At the window, Nora found herself for words as she listened to their conversation.

She was originally planning to jump down by herself, but for some reason, she suddenly thought of the Queens facial expression when she said that she would give the figurine to Cherry.

The Queen was arrogant, but it seemed that she wasnt entirely useless either.

When she thought of this, Nora suddenly put on Black Cats mask and walked over abruptly. The moment she moved, the captain noticed her presence, and he immediately pointed his gun at her.

Nora couldnt be bothered to waste her breath on him, so she cast a silver needle at the muzzle, pus.h.i.+ng it away from her. Then, she went up to the Queen and grabbed her arm. Immediately after, she rushed to the window and leaped out!


The Queen thought that she would be smashed into pulp, but unexpectedly, the speed at which she was plunging suddenly dropped to zero. Only then did she realize that Nora was clutching a rope with her other hand.

It was unknown what kind of material the rope was made of, but it was resistant to fire.

However, because Nora had only one hand to grip the rope with, her hand ended up rubbing tightly against the rope. Moreover, she was even carrying another persons weight. This led to the glove becoming damaged from the friction, which caused her palm to bleed.


Nora landed on the ground.

As for the Queen, she fell onto the ground.

At this point

A screech of tires rang out-Barbarian was back from picking up the guest. He jumped out of the car and ran toward the Queen. Your Majesty, are you all right? Barbarian helped the Queen up.

The Queen got up. The woman, who had experienced many attempts in her life, was calm and collected. She replied, Im fine. Wheres King?

Ive brought him here.

Following Barbarians reply, the door of the car opened and a tall familiar-looking figure got out of the car.