She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 897 - Untitled

Chapter 897 - Untitled

Chapter 897 Unt.i.tled

Nora didnt have any intentions of saving the Queen.

After all, Barbarian was her personal bodyguard, and from the looks of it, he seemed like the one she trusted the most. The information shed gotten from Karl had also stated that the Queen was on very close terms with Barbarian.

Therefore, it was yet unknown whether the Queen was a friend or a foe. Besides, the two didnt get along. Nora would have to be so bored that she has nothing better to do before she would even think of saving her.

However, she still felt that tonight was her chance!

She had already become suspicious of the Queen when she first found out that Xander had grown up in a bas.e.m.e.nt in the royal palace. Coupled with how close a relations.h.i.+p the Queen and Barbarian shared, Nora now suspected that the Queen was related to the mysterious organization. In fact, she might even be the leader of the mysterious organization.

Trueman was just the young master after all. His father could be called the real leader, but what if his father was actually serving the Queen?

After all, the Queen did have the power!

She was the sovereign of a state, after all!

Thus, Nora wanted to sneak into her room to find out the truth.

But with Barbarian around, she couldnt sneak in at all. With a powerful guard like him around, the chances of her being discovered were simply too high. Although Black Cat was nimble and agile, and there was almost no place in the world she couldnt get into, wouldnt it be safer if Barbarian was not there?

Therefore, tonight was her chance!

Nora hung up the phone. Then, she yawned and walked over to the lobby.

Black Panther and the others were walking around the lobby on guard duty. The benefit of being away from the Queens floor was that they could be relatively more relaxed. At the sight of her, Black Panther hurried over and asked, Whats the matter?

Nora replied, Since you dont need me around tonight, Im going back.

Black Panther: ?

He was dumbfounded. What are you going back for?

As if it was right and justified, Nora answered, To sleep.

Black Panther became even more flabbergasted. Cant you sleep in the car?

Its uncomfortable in there, replied Nora.

Black Panther: !!

G.o.ddammit, he felt like swearing!

What did she think a mission was? Did she think it was okay to be so casual about it?

He wanted to speak but Nora left without giving him a chance to.

Black Panther: ??

As he stared after Nora, Black Panther couldnt even bring himself to swear anymore. He could only fume indignantly to himself-If Black Cat was here, she definitely wouldnt be like this!

That woman was simply too unprofessional.

At the sight of his reaction, Abbott, who was next to him, seized the opportunity to mock him. He said, Women are nothing but trouble, if you ask me. Look at Black Cat, is this the att.i.tude she should be taking toward a mission as an Just because its uncomfortable in the car shes going home to sleep?

Black Panther was awfully frustrated and aggrieved.

He knew that Abbott was saying that while being fully aware that this Black Cat was fake in other words, he was deliberately besmirching Black Cats name.

After all, it wasnt like Black Panther could change his tune and say that Nora wasnt Black Cat but just the young lady of a wealthy family

He could only swallow his frustration

Nora, however, didnt pay any attention to the two mens dispute. After she left the hotel, she took off her mask, fished out from an inconspicuous part of the hotel a set of dark clothes that she had hidden in advance, and put them on.

Before coming, she had already scouted out the place.

After all, even if Barbarian was around, she still wanted to check it out, just in case.

If the Queen turned out to have anything to do with the mysterious organization and the transnational biological gene serum case, then Nora would definitely teach her a good lesson!

Of the more than 1,000 children who had been experimented on, only five remained

This had nothing to do with her, but Xander had been locked up by them for whole five years!

Even though she had been very calm and impa.s.sive on the surface after she found her son, the moment she thought of how her son had lived in a place like that for five years, a surge of anger welled up in her.

She would definitely take revenge for him.

She walked straight to the back of the hotel building. Immediately after, she took advantage of the moment when the guards were changing s.h.i.+fts to put on a pair of non-slip gloves and climb up the wall!

Her movements were as agile and nimble as a cats as she pressed herself flat against the building. Coupled with how it was dusk, so it was getting dark out but the street lights hadnt yet turned on, no one would notice that there was someone there unless they looked closely.

Nora climbed straight to the floor where the Queen was and looked in through the window to observe the situation. When she reached the Queens room, she hung off the wall with one hand and took out a small thin wire with the other. Then, she poked it in, fiddled with it a couple of times, and the window opened at once. Before anyone could react, she slipped in in a flash.

Her movements were smooth and fluidic, and she did not attract the guards attention at all.

The Queens suite was huge. Nora quickly found a closet and slipped in. The Queen happened to come out of the study at that point with a doc.u.ment in her hand.

The royal aide following the Queen by her side was giving her a report on some of the UKs affairs. Nora was not interested in the talk until the subordinate suddenly asked, Your Majesty, you have been making mention of King all this time, but who on earth is he?

At the question, the Queen said a name.