She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 893 - Take Off The Mask

Chapter 893 - Take Off The Mask

Chapter 893 Take Off The Mask

Everyone there was stunned by the Queen suddenly turning her head and looking over.

Everyone tensed up even further.

Noras sharp ears caught Abbott muttering, Did Her Majesty notice me? She must be looking at me! Im sure of it! Look at me, look at me

Nora: ..

The corners of her lips spasmed.

Just how much did that guy want a connection with the Queen?

The Swiss president would never receive the Queen in person, of course. Therefore, the one here to receive her was someone from the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA). Next, they had to escort the Queen to the prearranged location where she would be having a meeting with the Swiss president.

Seeing the Queen suddenly stop, the minister heading the FDFA couldnt help but ask, Your Majesty, may I ask what you are looking at?

At the question, the Queen withdrew her gaze and her lips curled into a smile. I didnt expect to see a woman among the guards, thats all.

Yes. The minister followed her line of sight and saw Nora, upon which he immediately explained, That is Black Cat.

Black Cat?

The Queens interest was mildly piqued. She asked, That world-renowned

The minister nodded and replied, Yes, Maam. In order to receive you into the country, we have brought in third-party security personnel from the Alliance and the Hitman League, both of which are very well-known globally. I am sure you must have heard of them before!

The Queen nodded.

Of course she had, but She couldnt help but cast another glance at Black Cat. Then, she shook her head.

Seeing this, the minister couldnt help but ask, May I know if something is the matter, Maam? No, its nothing. The Queen replied, lowering her gaze and hiding the emotion in her light blue eyes.

She merely felt that the woman looked a bit like a person she disliked, thats all.

That persons name was Nora Smith, she was Queenie Schmidts niece.

Queenie, who had no children of her own, was said to cherish that niece of hers very much, so the Queen had once hosted a banquet to entertain them a few years ago.

Shed originally planned to foster a good relations.h.i.+p with Nora.

After all, Queenie had already gotten on in age, so even though she wanted to please Queenie, she had nothing in common to talk to her about.

But little did she expect that woman to be just as difficult as her G.o.dmother.

Yes, thats right. Even though the Queen had found out through her investigations that Noras mother and Queenie were sworn sisters, what Queenie told outsiders was that Nora was her G.o.ddaughter.

With that, she was announcing Noras ident.i.ty to the public.

The Queen thought back to that banquet. While she was talking to Nora, Nora had fallen asleep

Yes, thats right, she had fallen asleep.

Was it because the things she was saying were too boring? The Queen had been awfully embarra.s.sed at that time. Even though Queenie subsequently explained that Nora had a weak const.i.tution and needed a lot of sleep, the Queen hadnt believed her.

That reason was simply too perfunctory.

Besides, the wild and untamed aura around Nora had already put her, someone in a position of power, off from the start.

Of course, these were all things that the Queen could tolerate.

The one thing that she couldnt, however, was that she had married Justin Hunt!

Out of the many men the Queen had seen, she was only impossibly infatuated with Justin. But due to her status, a relations.h.i.+p was impossible between her and Justin.

Even so, she had hoped that Justin would never be close to any woman. After all, he was such an outstanding man. There were only a few in this world who would be worthy of him.

Yet the woman living abroad just had to receive news that Nora had married Justin.

To make matters worse, the most hateful thing was that the articulate Cheryl Smith had turned out to be Justins daughter!

Justin must have accepted her only for the sake of the child!

After all, Nora didnt have any talents. All she had accomplished was finding a good G.o.dmother!

When she thought of this, the Queen suddenly wasnt angry anymore.

Yes, what was there to be so calculative about with a useless woman who thought only of sleeping?

Besides, how could a capable person like Black Cat possibly be Nora? It wasnt like she was short of money, she must be sleeping at home at the moment!

When she thought of this, the Queen revealed a touch of a graceful smile and said, Im very curious about Black Cat. Let her protect me at close proximity!

She nodded to the person behind her.

The bodyguard beside her immediately said, Yes, Your Majesty. Then lets have her join your motorcycle fleet!


The Queen agreed to the suggestion. The bodyguard, however, looked at the Swiss personnel and said, Have her remove her mask before she joins us.