She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 892 - Security Work

Chapter 892 - Security Work

Chapter 892 Security Work

Nora didnt pay any more attention to Abbott. After the ident.i.ty check, she went to the specified a.s.sembly point with Black Panther and the others.

They were planning to head to the airport in a while to pick up the Queen.

After leaving Abbott, Black Panther came up to her and said, Ahem. You unexpectedly have some pretty good moves.

Nora raised her brows. But before she could speak, Black Panther spoke again. Dont get ahead of yourself, though. Black Cat is definitely better than you. All that would be no big deal for Black Cat. Also, keep quiet when they start talking about troop deployment, formations, and all that. I will give the directions, instead.

Oh, okay, Nora said.

Soon, the ten people on Abbotts side finished the ident.i.ty checks. The 30 of them then followed the Swiss troops, and with great momentum, got ready to set off for the airport.

Before they set off, Clifford said, Please turn off your cell phones and turn them in.

One was not allowed to carry their cell phone on missions. This was a rule.

Nora understood.

Thus, she didnt plan on asking for special privileges, and she took out her cell phone. However, when she was about to turn it in, it started ringing.

She gestured to Clifford.

Clifford immediately nodded and permitted her to answer the call. Had it been anyone else, he would definitely have been much stricter, but she was Black Cat, after all. On top of that, she had even displayed a bit of her skill just now, so Clifford was quite afraid of her at the moment.

Nora picked up the phone callit was Cindy, the lady helping her look after her houses in the residential district.

Ms. Nora, somethings come up. Just thought Id inform you about it.

Nora raised her brows. What happened?

Cindy replied, Its all Liams fault!

Liam? In other words, s.p.a.cey?

Wasnt he already dead?

While Nora was wondering about it, Cindy said huffily, That Liam is such an as*hole! Do you know? He gave Renes address to her family before he set off! And her family found their way here yesterday! They were crazily fierce and forcibly took Rene away

Nora lowered her eyes.

She remembered looking into Rene before. She was an orphan taken in by her adoptive parents. However, her adoptive father had abused and even raped her. When her adoptive mother saw what had happened, not only did she not hold her adoptive father responsible but she had even given Rene a beating. That was how Rene had become the way she was.

After leaving them and living with Liam recently, Renes condition had improved.

It was just that Liam was simply too nasty. After making use of her, he pushed her right back in there?

However, Rene was just a stranger to her.

Nora was not a saint. Without saying anything else, she prompted, Uh-huh, and then?

Rene was mentally ill, so in the eyes of the law, she was deemed legally incapacitated and was required to have a guardian. Her adoptive parents were her legal guardians.

Therefore, legally, there was no problem with them taking Rene away.

Cindy said angrily, I didnt stop them because I thought they were legally allowed to take her, but I didnt expect things to go so wrong today! They live relatively far away, so they didnt go home immediately after they took her yesterday; they instead went to a hotel nearby. That night, when her adoptive father was about to violate her again, her adoptive mother found out and they got into a fight. The man killed her adoptive mother and was about to kill her too, but he was arrested by the police in time. Poor Rene, there were injuries all over her. She has been sent to the hospital, but because she has no other relatives, the police contacted me when they found out that she is my tenant. Boss, Id like to bring her back.

Cindy had always been a kind woman.

Back when she was in a desperate situation, Nora had helped her out. Because of this, she also tried to help her fellow Americans as much as she could.

In the past, Cindy would never have reported something like this to her, but because it involved Liam, she had brought it up.

Nora answered indifferently, You can do as you wish.

And then, she hung up.

After that, the group set off for the airport.

Nora rode a motorcycle this time too.

She vaguely heard Abbott instructing his subordinates next to him, Be alert and smart about things. Thats the Queen, you know. If our performance satisfies the Queen, things will go very smoothly for us when we go to the UK in the future. In fact, if we work harder, we can even become members of the Queens personal guard.

His subordinates replied, Yes, sir.

Nora glanced at Abbott.

Black Panther curled his lips. Through the walkie-talkie, he asked Nora, Do you think the Queen will think highly of him?

To be honest, it went without saying that all of them hoped to excel and stand out in this security operation.

Nora answered with great certainty, No, she wont.

I didnt think so, either. Even if someone does impress her, it will likely be someone from the Alliance. After all, we have the trump card-Black Cat!

For once, Black Panther didnt diss her. Nevertheless, he still asked, Why do you think thats the case?

Because he is ugly, Nora answered.

Abbott was not a good-looking man.

But the Queen of the UK Heh, she was someone who liked good-looking people.

Unattractive people would never catch her fancy.

At the thought of the Queen, Nora couldnt help but curl her lips disdainfully.

Queenies business was often involved with the British Royal Family. The Queen was acquainted with her, and on top of that, she had been trying to invite her to expand her business into the UK all this time. If she could get NTT to expand operations into the UK, it would bring a huge fortune to the country.

Thus, the Queen often invited Queenie to various banquets.

Nora had attended a few of them.

But her personality clashed with the Queens.

The two didnt like each other.

If it werent because Cherry got along relatively well with Princess Lucy, and her daughter only had that one friend, Nora wouldnt even want to meet the Queen at all.

Later, it was Queenie who took Cherry to the UK instead of her, and she never went there ever again.

Black Panther:

The corners of his lips spasmed and he commented, Women sure look at things from a strange perspective.

Soon, the group arrived at the airport with mighty momentum.

Clifford arranged for all of them to stay at the periphery of the airport.

Abbott craned his neck and glanced at the exit from time to time. He asked, Say, will the Queen notice us? What can we do to get her attention?

Thats the Queen, you know! Shes royal blood!

Yeah, were already very lucky to be able to act as her guards even once

While the few were conversing, they noticed movement from the other side.

The people conversing instantly shut up. Hoping to show their best to the Queen, everyone stood up straight and kept quiet like the police officers inside.

Then, like the moon surrounded by a myriad of stars, the Queen came out of the exit. She kept her eyes in front of her and walked toward the car in front.

But just as she pa.s.sed by Abbott, Nora, and their men, the Queen suddenly turned her head and looked over.