She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 733 - Face-Slapping!

Chapter 733 - Face-Slapping!

Chapter 733 Face-Slapping!

Her emotionless one-liner took Lauren aback for a moment.

But right after, she recovered. How could Nora possibly have any evidence?

If she had any, then she would have already produced it as soon as Roger came over. She was probably just being stubborn by saying something like that now!

Besides, the two of them had only chatted casually with each other a little. Outsiders hadnt heard them, so how would she have any evidence?!

Lauren snorted. What kind of evidence can you possibly have?

Nora raised her brows. Suddenly, she took out her phone and played a video-it was a conversation between Lionel and Greg!


It didnt just include their conversation from just now, but also what Pete had overheard them saying in the toilet that day!

When they were coming over, Pete had been worried that they would deny the allegations, so he had passed the recording to Nora.

After they arrived, Nora had deliberately stood behind the two and listened to their conversation for a very long time before she finally stepped forward, just so she could obtain the evidence.

How would Pete and Nora possibly not have a plan B?

As for why she hadnt said anything just now

Nora had been waiting for Lauren to come over and confront Iris. By producing the evidence at this moment, she was giving Lauren a slap in the face!

The recording finished playing. Nora had specially removed the part where the two of them called Iris a vixen-after all, the fact that they had badmouthed about their little masters was already enough.

There was no need to publicly poke fun at the elders.

There was now solid evidence of Greg and Lionel talking about their employers behind their backs. In addition, they had even said such nasty things about them. Their outcome was now a foregone conclusion!

Laurens expression immediately changed after the recording finished playing.

She broke into a frown. Then, she immediately changed her tune. Ms. Smith, if you had evidence of what they did, then why didnt you produce it earlier? By doing so, arent you causing misunderstandings among us?

Nora did not need to reply to herbecause Iris had already done that for her. Iris said, Tsk, if she had produced it earlier, then how would we have seen that side of you just now? Lauren, you covet the Hunts housekeeping rights, yet you cant even distinguish right from wrong. How can the Hunts housekeeping rights be given to you?! Youd better just keep Herman happy instead!

Lauren: !!

Her face alternated between being as pale as a sheet and as red as a tomato. In particular, Iris lecturing her from a higher position felt especially unbearable for her.

She was a mistress-turned-lawful-wife, so her status in the family was low from the start. And now, she had been thoroughly embarrassed by someone else.

She clenched her fists angrily.

On the other side, Roger immediately said, Tsk, look at you, Nora. If you had produced the evidence earlier, I wouldve dealt with these two people right away. Alright, since there is now evidence, rest assured that I will drive them out of the house. In addition, no one out there will dare to hire them ever again!

After saying this, Roger kicked the two mens butts and said, Get lost!

He took the two men with him and slipped off with his tail between his legs.

It was only when he left the garden that he came to a stop. After getting someone to take Greg and Lionel away, he looked at the upper floor.

Where Justins study was, despite curtains blocking the view, he could see a tall and lean figure standing there.

A sharp look flashed in Rogers eyes.

The person next to him asked, Mr. Roger, what are you looking at?

Roger sneered, Im looking at that man and wondering why hes so lucky to find such a smart wife!

In the garden.

After Roger left, the rest of the servants, who had realized what happened, dispersed and returned to their respective posts to work.

For a while, only the masters of the house were left in the garden.

A triumphant Cherry was singing praises of Nora to Xander. Did you see that? Mommy is the most powerful person on earth! No one can escape her clutches once she decides to fight!

A silent Nora looked at her daughter. She was about to make a dry remark about how Cherry was probably the only one who would talk about her like that when she noticed Xander looking at her with his eyes all bright and shiny.

Last time, Mommy had defeated those two bodyguards who could kill even Butterscotch, and now, shed taken revenge for him

Xander could only sigh and marvel inwardly: Mommy was simply too amazing!

Despite his thoughts, though, he didnt dare to express them. When Nora looked over, he immediately reined in his look of worship and adopted a cool expression again. He grinned and scoffed, Whats the big deal?

Yes, thats right.

Noras lip corners curled into a smile and she said, Keep calm and carry on.

Xander: ?

He looked at Cherry blankly. What does that mean? Is it an idiom?

Cherry, however, was very familiar with Internet lingo and memes. The little fellow shook her head and replied, No, what Mommy means is, these are all small matters to her, so just act normal and dont be too impressed!



As expected, only women understood other women!

While the four of them were talking to one another in low voices, Iris and Lauren had reached the point of dishing out tough talk.

Lauren stared at Iris. After her expression changed a few times, she finally sneered and said, Ha, you cant deal with me by yourself, so you got yourself a helper?

Iris was unfazed. Well, at least I have someone I can ask for help. What about you? What, did the old madam not help you?

Lauren: !

Bringing up that topic was no different from stabbing a knife straight into her heart.

Mrs. Hunt valued status and family background the most. One must know that Iris was a model young lady of a wealthy family, whereas Lauren was just an ordinary person. Therefore, Mrs. Hunt had already disliked her intensely back then.

This time, even though Mrs. Hunt had taken Hermans side on the surface, in private, she actually leaned more towards Justin.

At least, with regard to housekeeping rights, Mrs. Hunt hadnt made any trouble this time.

Of course, this also showed that Nora and Justins efforts some time ago hadnt been in vain. The old lady did indeed understand some things now and had become more reasonable.

Lauren balled up her fingers in anger. A while later, though, she loosened them. She said straight to Iris, Yes, I may not be valued, but no matter how unvalued I am, at the very least, I wont impede Herman. But I cant say the same for you, can I? Youre a vixen with bothersome debts everywhere. Youre the one who brought the Hunts to a point where father and son have turned against each other!

Iris, if I were you, I would be ashamed to even stay in the Hunt Manor. How come you have the cheek to do so?

Her words made Iris choke. Nora, however, immediately retorted, Tsk, Lauren, we are all women here, why are you victim blaming? Is Aunt Iris at fault just because shes good-looking? Whereas youre right because your looks are average? What kind of reasoning is that?


Lauren stretched out her finger and pointed at Nora angrily. But even after a while, she still couldnt find anything to rebut her with. As such, she could only shout, Just you wait! The Hunts will be Hermans sooner or later, and when that happens, all of you will be driven out of the house! And you, cherish your last moments with your son! Philip has already called Herman last night, the two of them are planning to join forces! Lets see what your outcome will be like in the end!

She left immediately after saying that.


Inside Justins study.

The corners of Justins lips curled into a smile as he watched Nora stand up for his mother and publicly slap Lauren in the face for her.

It would be too low-class of him to interfere in the household affairs. Hed better let the women settle their own affairs instead!

At this moment, his cell phone suddenly rang.

When he answered, Philips voice came from the other side: Young man, do you admit your mistakes?.

Justin raised his brows and sat on the sofa. His voice was calm as he said, No.

Philip sneered, As expected, you really are young and brazen. Do you have any idea what you are about to lose? Without money, even your lover will leave you!

Justin replied, She wont.

Philip sneered, She wont? Thats because youre not there yet. Didnt your mother leave me back then precisely because she thought I was poor?

Justin suddenly said, No, its because you were not worth her trust.

If one concealed the fact that they were rich, and continued to test their girlfriend instead of helping her even in her most desperate time of need

People like that deserved to lose their girlfriend.

Philip paused. Then, he said sinisterly, Very well, you have thoroughly offended me! Young man, do you know the consequences of that?

Justin raised his eyebrows.

Of course he did. The consequences were that Philip had lost 45 billion dollars, of course!

Before he could speak, Philip spoke again. Do you know who you have offended or not?

Justin lay down lazily. Well, no, I really dont.

His understatement-like tone made Philip choke. It was only a short while later that he finally asked, Do you know of the Imperial League?