She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 732 - Who Says I Don’t Have Any Evidence?!

Chapter 732 - Who Says I Don’t Have Any Evidence?!

Chapter 732 Who Says I Dont Have Any Evidence?!

Nora hadnt even married into the family, yet she was already punishing the Hunts servants who had bullied her son.

To be honest, if news of the incident spread, it really wouldnt sound very nice,

On top of that, the worst thing was that she didnt even succeed in doing so, which would only serve to make it look even more like she was not respected at the Hunts residence. This was exactly Rogers objective.

He had fought Justin for the position of the head of the family for a lifetime, yet hed never been able to obtain the position all this time.

Now that he finally had the opportunity to make trouble for him, Roger was really giving it his all.

He looked at Nora triumphantly and said, Nora you may be Justins fiance, but its not right of you to do that! Without any evidence, how can you fire the servants so carelessly? We are no longer in ancient times. The servants are also humans, we are all equal here. We have signed contracts between us. If you must fire them, sure. Youll just have to pay them additional wages as compensation. Shall I ask the Finance Department to give them the extra wages and then dismiss them?

Dismissing them with extra wages would be tantamount to admitting that the two servants hadnt made any mistakes, but were dismissed purely because Nora didnt like them.

Should news of it spread, wouldnt it still end up as Nora abusing her authority?

Those sure were some nice plans that Roger had made.

Nora still looked as calm and dispassionate as ever. Seeing Rogers stance, she looked straight at the two servants. With a contemptuous smile on her lips, she asked, Are the two of you really not going to take the initiative to resign?

Lionel and Greg hurriedly shook their heads.

We really didnt do anything wrong, how can we resign?

Yeah. You can just say so if you dont like us, Ms. Smith. You can fire us, but surely you cant be so bossy as to force us to resign, right?

The more they spoke, the more aggrieved the two of them became, which attracted people nearby to gather around them. A group of servants hired by the Hunts had gathered at the back door to the garden and were watching the excitement.

Roger glanced behind him. His men among the crowd immediately started to fan the flames. He said, Ms. Smith, you havent married into the family, right? What right do you have to deal with the Hunts servants?

Yes, besides, servants are also humans. What makes you think you can be so overbearing? Theres equality in the society now, you cant look down on us! We are just working for the Hunts, theres no other relationship between us. Your actions are really disappointing!

Yeah! Ms. Smith, you are too much!

Nora raised her eyebrows and looked at them without speaking.

The dispute quickly reached the few masters of the Hunts.

Soon, Iris came over. When she entered, she immediately reprimanded the servants gathered there. What are all of you doing gathered around here? Go and do what you should be doing!

When the rest of the servants heard her, they subconsciously wanted to leave. However, Roger said, You cant put it that way, Aunt Iris. Arent they all servants? They just want to see whether our family will treat them fairly! The Hunts hundred years of good reputation mustnt be ruined by Nora today!

Rogers men also spoke up at once. Yes, we are going to stay right here. Greg, Lionel, dont be afraid! Sometimes, we just have to stand up strong and safeguard our interests!

We and the Hunts are just employer and employees, we dont have a master-servant relationship here! Make no mistake about it,


Exactly, we are not slaves! Slavery has long been overthrown! Its the era of peace and democracy now



The rest of the servants were manipulated into thinking that Nora had bullied the servants and was looking down on them.

As a result, people from the other villas also started to echo them.

The bigger the commotion became, the more people started to gather

Iris frowned and reprimanded them at once. Its working hours right now, what are all of you staying here for? Go back to your respective workstations at once!

Although Iris had only moved back into the Hunts manor for a few days, with the help of Justin, she had already taken over the Hunts housekeeping rights shortly after she moved back in.

Besides, the woman was simply too beautiful, so much so that she had a unique aura around her.

It made one unable to hate her or dislike her.

Everyone did like listening to their beautiful employer, so they decided to leave. But when they were about to leave, another voice traveled over: Iris, now thats not right of you to say that. Who would still be in the mood to work when something like this has happened? Havent they already all gathered here? Since that is the case, then, in my opinion, why not just handle this incident in an open and fair manner?! Along with the voice, Lauren walked over gracefully.

Her hip twisted from side to side as she walked over. When she came forward in front of the crowd, she looked at Nora with a smile and asked Iris, Are you going to protect your daughter-in-law? Or are you going to protect your employees?

With a single sentence, she put Nora and all of the Hunts servants on opposing sides.

As expected, she sure was impressive.

Nora raised her eyebrows and looked at Lauren.

On the way to the manor, Justin had already told her that ever since Herman came into possession of the Hunt Corporations shares, he and Lauren had moved back into the Hunts manor.

In addition, Herman wanted Iris to give up her housekeeping rights to Lauren.

Mrs. Hunt was already very old. While she took the medicine that Nora made, she also turned a blind eye to all these things.

But because of Herman and the fuss hed kicked up, Laurens speaking rights at home had suddenly increased.

There were now faint signs that she could contend with Iris.

And sure enough As soon as she heard that something had gone wrong with Nora, she had hurried over immediately.

At the sight of her, Iris frowned in disgust. What do the affairs in Justins villa have to do with you?!

Lauren sighed at once. Now thats not right of you to say that, Iris. No matter what, I am still Hermans lawful wife, whereas Ms. Smith and Justin are not married yet! Besides, we are all part of the Hunts here, of course Id have to be concerned about the Hunts reputation! News of Herman and Justin fighting for shares has already become the talk of the city-thats not a bad thing, though, because the Hunt Corporations shares have skyrocketed as a resultbut at a time like this, we mustnt allow any negative news from within the family to become exposed. Things like bullying and oppressing servants and nannies must not happen. Besides, the servants and nannies are here to help us and take care of us, everyone is a friend. We mustnt have arrogant and unreasonable employers who carelessly bully the servants

Her words had completely put herself on the moral high ground.

All the servants around them, no matter who it was, clapped when they heard her.

Iris was very calm. She said, Dont you dare sow discord here. When have I ever said that the servants are treated as lower-class humans? Neither do I have any intentions to suppress them. Lauren, dont bother diverting the conflict with your words. The incident today is purely between Nora and those two people, it has nothing to do with anyone else! Besides, judging from what you said, are you saying that as long as they are part of the weak and powerless, they will always be right? Even Herman had to be punished and driven out of the Hunts when he made a mistake back then, let alone them. Everyone is a human here. Why cant they be punished when they have made a mistake?

Iris had never been a coward or someone who allowed others to bully her. She was articulate and eloquent from the start, and she easily refuted Lauren with just a few words.

Lauren curled her lips disdainfully and sneered, Iris, you keep saying that they have made mistakes, but what mistakes did they make? Surely the Hunts cant drive them out of the house just because Ms. Smith casually made some false accusations about them without any proof, right? In that case, if I find someone an eyesore in the future, does that mean I can also casually accuse them of stealing money without any evidence and then drive them out? Is the labor contract nothing but an ornament?

Iris scoffed, Of course it isnt, neither do I dare treat it as one. However, families have family rules of their own. Lets go by the book today!

Go by the book? The way I see it, arent the rules and regulations here completely dictated by the two of you? Iris, if you cant produce any evidence today, then I think youd better not manage the household affairs anymore. Youre making too big a mess here!

Lauren stepped forward and said very arrogantly, I, however, dont mind giving myself a little work and taking care of the family!

As she spoke, the corners of Noras lips curled into a smile. With the way you twist the truth and how you condone the servants speculating about their employers, why should you manage the family?

Lauren scoffed, You insist that they were speculating about their employers, but what did they say? Do you have any evidence? The most hateful thing here is you spreading rumors when you dont have any evidence! Iris, in my opinion, a daughter-in-law like Nora is simply too unreasonable. Youd better carefully reconsider the marriage with the Smiths, and not let Justin take such an unreasonable wife who has the audacity to run amok at home when she doesnt even have any evidence!

Just as Iris was about to speak, Nora said contemptuously, Who says I dont have any evidence?