She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 717 - Face-Slapping (2)

Chapter 717 - Face-Slapping (2)

Chapter 717 Face-Slapping (2)

The place was silent.

No one there dared to offend Iris-after all, she was Justins mother. Although they werent on good terms with each other, it was said that Justin would still specially visit the suburban villa every month.

Besides, no matter how bad their relationship was, Justin would never sit by and watch other people bully his mother.

Therefore, no one defended Lauren. However, Lauren could cure orchids illnesses. Everyone there was an orchid lover, so none of them dared to offend Lauren either.

For a while, no one said anything.

Iris lip corners, however, curled into a smile. Although she hadnt asked Nora just now if she was really Orchidiance, it had given her confidence.

She looked at Lauren and said, Whats the big deal about being able to cure orchids? My daughter-in-law can also do it!

She looked at Nora with a proud look on her face.

When Lauren heard this, she looked at Nora.

A moment later


She let out a soft laugh.

After she laughed, Lauren said, Sorry, I really couldnt help it. Mdm. Iris, what you said is really funny. I know Ms. Smith is the great Dr. Zabes disciple, and I also know that she is Anti the famous surgeon, but neither of those titles is related to orchids. Mdm. Iris, surely you dont think that every alternative medicine practitioner can cure orchids, right? Flowers are different from humans!

Iris also smiled when she heard her. Of course I know that. Its just that my daughter-in-law happens to have studied orchids a little before. In fact, she is

Before she could say Orchidiance, Lauren interrupted her. Is that so? Then why dont you come over and have a look at Matthews Ghost Orchids, Ms. Smith? You should know that pot of Ghost Orchids prior condition, right? Can you cure it?

Nora glanced at it and said calmly, Yes.

As soon as Lauren wanted to reply, Iris took out a piece of paper. This is the prescription that my daughter-in-law wrote for that pot of Ghost Orchids. You can take a look at it!

Does Ms. Smith really know how to cure orchids?

If you think about it, theres a chance that she does. Ms. Smith is the best alternative medicine practitioner after all!

Once Lauren lost the advantage of being able to cure orchids illnesses, the people around them immediately dared to speak up for Iris.

When Lauren heard them, she immediately took the prescription from Iris. After she glanced at it, she said, Iris, Matthew must have told you about this prescription, right? This is exactly the same as mine! Its just a pity that even if youve made a copy, you left out one ingredient!

She didnt leave it out. Nora said unhurriedly, Its because the prescription doesnt need that ingredient. Orchids are delicate flowers. The ingredient you added will hurt it.

Itll hurt it? No way. Lauren said confidently, That ingredient is supposed to revive a plants shine and glow, so how could it possibly be harmful? Whats more, that pot of Ghost Orchids is being displayed so vividly and vibrantly in front of everyone right now. Everyone can see for themselves the flowers current condition. In just a day, it has regained its vitality. Ms. Smith, you are being too dogmatic!

Nora looked at the pot of flowers. Affliction of diseases makes one collapse like a mountain, and the treatment of diseased areas is akin to trying to extract strands of silk from one another. The usage of such strong medication will only keep the orchid alive for a while but make it wilt even faster. As an alternative medicine practitioner, surely you dont need me to teach you something like that, right?

Lauren: ?

Her understatement-like way of talking made Lauren angry. She said, Ms. Smith, I know that you are Justins wife. Theres nothing wrong with protecting and defending your mother-in-law, but even so, you cant just speak so carelessly like that. This ingredient is certainly a little strong, but Ive already tested it on other orchids before. There wont be any problems in the future! Facts speak louder than words. I know that you are an alternative medicine practitioner, but alternative medicine requires many years of practice to accumulate experience. From what I see, you dont give medical consultations very often, so youre probably not very experienced when it comes to the practical aspect, right? Besides, humans are different from flowers. I have treated a lot of flowers and gone through a lot before I gained experience. What about you?

When Nora heard this, she said calmly, Then lets make a bet.

What do you want to bet on? Lauren asked.

Nora looked at the pot of Ghost Orchids and answered, That problems will definitely occur with this pot of flowers within an hour.

Lauren scoffed. Ms. Smith, stop joking. How can that be? Ive already cured that pot of flowers! How can anything go wrong with it when its so filled with vitality? But since youve said so, then okay, I accept the bet, Ms. Smith. If nothing goes wrong with the flowers, then I hope Mr. Hunt can allow Herman and I to return to the Hunt Manor and stay there.

Noras lips curled into a smile. Okay. If something goes wrong with the flowers, then I want you to apologize for wrecking someone elses marriage back then!