She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 716 - Face-Slapping (1)

Chapter 716 - Face-Slapping (1)

Chapter 716 Face-Slapping (1)

Lauren had organized the orchid exhibition to suppress Iris arrogance.

Back then, even though she had succeeded in changing her status from a homewrecker to the mans lawful wife, to be honest, she knew that there werent many in the circle of wealthy ladies who approved of her. Everyone approved of Iris instead.

In that case, Lauren would outdo Iris in the latters forte! This way, she could also show off in front of everyone else!

She said, Iris, why are you keeping quiet? Are you upset? Well, thats true. Theres no one in New York who doesnt know that you love orchids the most. By right, you should have been the one organizing the orchid exhibition instead, but because you didnt take any action, I found someone to do it instead What a shame. I heard that you also have a pot of Ghost Orchids, so I even wanted to let everyone admire them!

As soon as she said that, Iris looked at the people around her. She smiled and said, The things you say are so ridiculous. Must I hold an orchid exhibition just because I like orchids? In that case, since Mrs. Lange likes diamonds, must she also hold a diamond exhibition? Since Mr. Sullivan likes antique paintings, should he open a museum then? These are just personal hobbies. On the other hand, why havent I heard anything about you liking orchids before?

Her few simple words had immediately suppressed Lauren.

How would the wealthy and the noble possibly take out whatever they liked and show them off to everyone? If they did that, then they wouldnt be showing off their wealth instead!

Lauren had made a mistake at a fundamental level, making her seem petty and cheap, and also making all the ladies look down on her. They had only attended the exhibition because of Matthews Ghost Orchids.

After all, Matthews Ghost Orchids really were a rare sight.

Iriss words had suppressed Laurens momentum, causing everyone around them to laugh. They echoed Iris and said, Shes right, we are not frivolous people.

Showing off ones wealth for no reason would only arouse aversion and disgust from other people.

Moreover, even though Lauren wasnt an orchid lover, she had held an orchid exhibition. Iris had pointed out her objective.

Lauren clenched her fists in anger. Shed finally invited so many ladies to the exhibition today after much difficulty. Originally, shed wanted to improve her position among the ladies, but little did she expect Iris to be so sharp-tongued!

Lauren lowered her head and smiled. I certainly dont have any love for orchids, but dont forget that I am an alternative medicine practitioner. Its only because Matthew asked me to cure his flowers that I decided to hold the orchid exhibition. I found his Ghost Orchids such a rare sight and wanted everyone to see it! This way, everyone can also share their experience on growing orchids with one another along the way.

Her few simple words immediately made the rich ladies around them not dare to laugh at her anymore.

Everyone at the exhibition was a true flower lover. Was there anyone among them whose flowers would never have any problems? Should something go wrong, it would be great to have someone like Lauren help.

She could even cure Matthews Ghost Orchids. Lauren was simply too skilled at curing orchids.

Someone immediately said, Mrs. Hunt, you are so capable. You have even cured such a delicate flower thats so difficult to treat! Its amazing! By the way, my flowers have also met with a small problem. I wonder if I can ask you for some advice?

Lauren smiled gently and replied, Sure. In the first place, this orchid exhibition isnt meant for showing off; rather, its to facilitate communication!

With a few simple sentences, she had saved the scene again.

Some of the others walked over to Iris and said, Mdm. Iris, come to think of it, that woman is actually quite capable. Her methods of curing the flowers illnesses are very similar to Orchidiances. Everyones privately speculating that Lauren may be Orchidiance! Sometimes, for the sake of the orchids, we should bow down to others!

Yeah, she actually cured Matthews Ghost Orchids. Shes really very impressive.

Matthews Ghost Orchids had been withering day by day for about half a month. He had been tp many orchid masters to cure it, but it had barely seen any effect.

News of it had already spread in New York.

Through his Ghost Orchids, Lauren had made a name for herself.

At the mention of Orchidiance, Iris subconsciously glanced at Nora. Then, she scoffed and said, Shes no Orchidiance. Compared with Orchidiance, she is far inferior!

The contempt in her words made the ladies look at one another. In the end, none of them dared to say anything. They could only smile awkwardly.

Lauren also heard her. At once, she narrowed her eyes and said, Mdm. Iris, now thats rather meaningless. Matthew had certainly wanted to approach Orchidiance, but the problem is that Orchidiance is so mysterious. No one knows who she is, let alone where to find her. I heard that shes not even in the country, so its impossible for anyone to find her. I admit that my treatment methods are indeed imitating Orchidiances, but am I wrong to diagnose and cure Matthews Ghost Orchids for him?