She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 690 - Birthday Present (6)

Chapter 690 - Birthday Present (6)

Chapter 690 Birthday Present (6)


Princess Lucy!

The two little girls called out each others names and rushed toward each other. The adults standing in between them stepped aside one after another and made way for them.

Thus, in full view of everyone present, the two little girls met at last.

At a distance of four inches apart, the two came to a stop. Both of them lifted their skirts and greeted each other elegantly, their movements were very regal and beautiful!

In addition, Cherry and Princess Lucys movements were practically identical!

When they were done, the two little girls finally held each others hands and started jumping about happily.

Dear Lucy, why are you here? asked Cherry.

Princess Lucy replied, Because I missed you, my best friend!

Cherry laughed loudly, her voice crisp and clear.

Princess Lucy smiled at her happily. Then, she said, It seems that you have fallen behind quite a fair bit in your etiquette lessons during the last six months that we havent met~! If Mrs. Steve hears of this, Im afraid, shed spank your bottom so hard it would split into two!

Cherry stuck out her tongue. You have also fallen behind in your etiquette lessons.

Princess Lucy burst into laughter. After you left, I made an excuse and stopped going to classes. Besides, we have already passed the exam a long time ago, so Mother said that I dont have to go anymore!

Thats awesome!

Cherry clapped.

Lisa, who could hear them, was dumbfounded. She subconsciously asked, Cherry, do you and Princess Lucy share the same etiquette teacher?

Cherry explained, Yup, we go for lessons together! Mrs. Steve is the best etiquette teacher in the UK. My grandaunt said that girls should learn to carry themselves well, so she sent me to take the lessons! Later, Princess Lucy begged Grandaunt to get Mrs. Steve to teach her too while she taught me. Thats how the two of us met each other!

Her words were like a bomb that blasted everyone so hard that they couldnt recover. Initially, when they heard the girls conversation, everyone had thought to themselves that Cherry, as expected, had indeed lived an extraordinary life abroad.

However, for most typical wealthy families, as long as they were willing to pay, they would be able to engage teachers who exclusively taught the royal family, and invite them to their homes to give their children lessons.

Everyone had also assumed that it was Nora or the grandaunt, whom Cherry had spoken of just now, who had done so.

Her grandaunt might also have wanted to let Cherry and Princess Lucy become acquainted with each other through the etiquette teacher so that it would be convenient for her to establish a connection with the royal family.

Going by what Cherry had said, though, why did it sound like it was not her grandaunt who wanted to curry favor with the royal family, but the other way around instead?

So, just what kind of social status did Cherrys grandaunt have?!

Lisa didnt think that far ahead. She only remembered Mrs. Livingstone lecturing Cherry about her upbringing and criticizing her for having poor etiquette. Thus, she turned to Mrs. Livingstone and sneered, Mrs. Livingstone, how do you find Cherrys etiquette? Do you think she learned well? Is there anything else about her upbringing that you think requires improvement?. Mrs. Livingstone was dumbfounded. She stared at Cherry incredulously, feeling like her face had already gone numb from all the slaps she received.

How could this be?

How come Cherry knew the princess of the royal family?!

Moreover, she seemed to know the princess very well

In this instant, in the eyes of everyone there, Cherry and Nora suddenly turned into towering giants. Their image had become high and lofty in an instant, making them feel like people beyond their reach.

In fact, the two of them felt a few notches even more impressive than how Yvette Smith had felt back then!

Everyone swallowed. This time, they offered their sincere congratulations.

Mr. Hunt, Ms. Smith is so amazing! She can even get her daughter to become good friends with a princess

Mr. Smith, even though Ms. Smith was not by your side all these years, it looks like she has been living very well!

Eh? Wheres Ms. Smith? Why isnt she here? I wanted to talk to her about parenting and ask her how she raised Cherry so well?

While everyone was offering their congratulations, Justin smiled slightly. Then, he looked straight at Mrs. Livingstone and said, Mrs. Livingstone, youve had your fill of fun. Surely you have nothing else to say now, right?

Mrs. Livingstone bit her lip. I didnt expect Ms. Smith to have such a superior standard of living Fine, you can take it that I was worried for nothing! It only had your interests in mind when I said all that. I was worried that you would wed an inappropriate woman, but its alright now. Im not worried anymore, so I have nothing more to say.

With that, she turned to leave.

But as soon as she turned, Justins frosty voice reached her. Wait a minute, Mrs. Livingstone. You may not have anything else to say, but I do.

Taken aback, Mrs. Livingstone looked at him.

Everyone also quietened down and looked over.

Justin looked at the butler and said, It seems that the people at home dont have the ability to distinguish who is family and who isnt. People from beyond three generations are no longer considered relatives. The Hunt Manor is not a place that just anyone can enter.

The butler understood at once. He immediately straightened his back and replied, Yes, sir.

Then, the butler walked up to Mrs. Livingstone. With a smile, he asked, Mrs. Livingstone, may I know if you have an invitation to the party?

Mrs. Livingstone: ??.

How would she possibly have one?!

All the guests at the party were invited by Justin. However, every time she came, she had always gone straight to Mrs. Hunt instead.

Dumbfounded, she shook her head. No, I dont.

The butler heaved a sigh at once. Sir, this is an oversight on my end. I will forgo three months of pay as punishment.

Then, he gave a wave. Guards, there is a lady here without an invitation. Please take her out!

Mrs. Livingstone: !!

Her eyes widened and she looked at the butler in disbelief. H-How dare you?!

However, the security officers had already rushed over. They subdued Mrs. Livingstone straightaway and led her out the door. She struggled fiercely, forming an extremely nasty sight.

At the same time, the security officers also located Thomas where the youngsters were and threw him out as well!

No matter how great the feud, generally speaking, no one would throw a guest straight out of their house. That would simply make the other party look too bad.

Justins actions sent a clear message to everyone present: Justin Hunt hates the Livingstones!

The guests at the party were all either rich or noble. All of them immediately got the hint.

The president of a certain bank stepped forward at once. The Livingstones owe the bank 30 million dollars. Ill have to press them for it tomorrow.

Yikes, they dont even have any cash flow left. I think wed better suspend our project with them!


As the saying went, everyone kicked men when they were down. The Livingstones could straight-up declare bankruptcy the next day!

Justin turned his head to the back in satisfaction and looked at Ian.

Just a moment ago, he had sensed murderous intent from Ian. He wondered what the Smiths dark forces would do to the Livingstones?

He wanted to ask Ian about it. If his father-in-law wasnt going to take action, then he would make the arrangements himself.

But unexpectedly, when he looked over, he instead found Ian, who was surrounded by people, looking somewhat distracted.

He was staring hard at the pair of Hearts of the Ocean with an agitated look on his face.

When Cherry ran to Lucy, she had placed the gems in his hands.

The two gems

He had bought the first Heart of the Ocean and given it to her back then

The trembling Ian raised his head and looked at John, who was standing in front of him. His fingers curled tightly into fists and then he asked hoarsely, The lady you serve Who is she?!