She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 689 - Birthday Present (5)

Chapter 689 - Birthday Present (5)

Chapter 689 Birthday Present (5)

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard him.

Princess Lucy from the UK?

Who was that?

Everyone looked at Justin, wondering if the Hunts had already reached such a height that they could even get the British royal family to visit in person and offer well-wishes to their children for their birthday?

One must know that the royal family did not easily establish good relations with wealthy families.

While everyone was marveling, someone asked, Mr. Hunt, when did you make friends with the British royal family?

Justin, however, frowned. Unlike everyone else, the princess arrival did not make him nervous. Instead, he calmly instructed the butler, Everyone visiting is a guest. Show her in.

Yes, sir!

The butler replied. Then, with his head down, he went out again.

After the butler left, Mrs. Livingstone looked at Cherry. Which country is your grandaunt living in?

Cherry tilted her head. The UK!

Mrs. Livingstone covered her mouth and laughed. Oh my, would you look at that? Had you known that Mr. Hunt was acquainted with the British royal family, it would have been so impressive if you had gotten him to get the princess to give you a gift instead! In other words, she was implying that the Smiths had messed up.

Even if they wanted to give her the gem, they should have gotten someone with a high social status to give it to her instead. Only then would it prove that Nora really was very impressive.

But as soon as she said that, Justin said, I dont know them.

To be honest, he did.

However, the one he knew was not Princess Lucy but her mother instead-in other words, the Queen of the United Kingdom!

But he clearly remembered that because he hadnt sent the Queen an invitation because he wanted to keep the party low-profile. Besides, the childrens fifth birthday was not a big occasion, either.

Could it be that the Queen-who was one fry short of a Happy Meal-had heard about his childrens birthday, so she sent the little princess here to please him?

That was impossible, though His identity shouldnt have been exposed yet. While Justin was thinking about it with a frown on his face, the butler had already led the distinguished guests in.

A little girl with blond hair and blue eyes walked in. She was fair-skinned, and her big eyes were bright and twinkling. Her curly shoulder-length hair was spread out slightly behind her, and her formal dress cinching her waist made her look slim and graceful.

Although she was only five, so her body hadnt grown and developed yet, the princess looked just like a doll, and was extraordinarily good-looking!

Behind the princess were a few bodyguards in professional attire. They scanned the surroundings vigilantly and protected the princess.

After Lucy entered, her big eyes blinked and she looked around.

Although she was young, her every move carried an air of nobility and elegance.

Justin took a step forward and came up to Lucy. He asked the attendant next to her, Why is the princess suddenly visiting our humble abode?

Princess Lucy was too young, so Justin couldnt be bothered to greet the child.

Besides, since she was so young, her attendants would surely somewhat be able to speak on her behalf.

With a smile, the attendant replied, Relax, Mr. Hunt. Her Highness merely heard that its her close friends birthday, so she has come over to visit.

As soon as he said that, Justin narrowed his eyes.

The people around them who had heard the attendant were also surprised.

The princess close friends birthday?

Everyone turned and looked at Cherry, Pete, and Xander once more.

So, which one of them was the princess friend?

Mrs. Livingstone didnt hear the exchange, so she was still a little dazed. She was standing at the side and speaking to Cherry.

You see that princess over there? Theres grace in her every action. Now, thats self-confidence that only a good family background can provide! What a shame that you didnt grow up in a good environment. Even if youre the young lady of the Hunts, you still dont have a bearing as outstanding as hers! Im sure that just a few months ago, youd never even dared imagine that you would ever see a princess, right?

Cherry: ?

Everyone around them: ?

Everyone looked at Mrs. Livingstone as though they were looking at a fool!

Mrs. Livingstone didnt understand why everyone was staring at her. Instead, she continued speaking smugly. What are all of you looking at me like that for? Am I wrong? You dont have the guts to say these things, but I do! And it isnt just Cherry but Ms. Smith, too. No matter what, its just not good to grow up in a family like that Seeing her performing a one-man show over there, Cherry gave her a push and said, Excuse me, granny, you are blocking my way!

Mrs. Livingstone, who had been pushed aside, stumbled to the side.

She looked over and censured Cherry furiously. Thats so rude of you, Cherry. How can you treat your elders like that? You should learn from Princess Lucy, take a gander at her deportment and manners!

She had only just spoken when she saw Cherry, with joy all over her face, lift her little skirt and run past her.

On the other side, Lucy had also finally found the little buddy she knew so well among the adults legs. Her eyes lit up, and she also rushed over.