She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 654 - Twins Or Triplets?

Chapter 654 - Twins Or Triplets?

Chapter 654 Twins Or Triplets?

Nora hung up the phone and looked at Cherry. After a moments thought, she nevertheless gave her a reminder. Dont bully the boy.

Cherry nodded at once, the very picture of a well-behaved girl. She replied, Dont worry, Mommy! Xander and I will get along very well!

For some reason, when she saw how she was behaving, Nora was entirely unconvinced.

But if Cherry was refusing to say it, then she couldnt possibly force her to, right?

As such, she let Cherry stay obediently in the room while she went out. When she did, she happened to bump into Justin, who was coming out of Xanders room. When the two met, Nora raised her eyebrows and asked, How did it go?

Justin looked a little awkward. He said that hes getting along very well with Cherry and told me not to worry.


She had obviously seen the two little fellows being awkward around each other, so how could they possibly be having fun?

But both of them were refusing to tell the truth

Do you believe him? She asked.

Justin kept quiet for a while before he suddenly replied, Whether the children are fated to get along or not is out of our hands. There are siblings who have trouble getting along. Lets not force it.

He was afraid that Nora would tell Cherry to treat Xander better, which might instead make the children rebellious.

Nora had always taken an easy-going and stress-free approach to child-raising.

If Cherry liked playing games, then she would let her play.

Of course, this was also because of Cherrys unique character. It definitely wouldnt do for other children to become as addicted as Cherry was to games. However, Cherrys IQ was too high. She had to use games and play with Barbie dolls to calm down her hyperactive brain.

Since Justin had put it that way, she nodded and walked out of the Hunt Manor.

When she was going down the stairs, she suddenly turned and looked back, upon which she saw a small head quickly darting backward in Xanders room as though he was afraid of being seen by her.

Nora withdrew her gaze, though a faint indescribable emotion welled up in her.

However, she quickly suppressed the emotion.

She didnt want her judgment to become impaired because of her emotions. Before she could be sure of whether Xander was her son or not, it was better that she had less contact with him, lest she developed feelings for him. If that happened, things would become troublesome.

She wasnt the only one who thought that way. As Justin walked her to the parking lot, even he himself suddenly said calmly, For Trueman to send the child back so easily, yet not for the purpose of saving Ruth, something must be wrong. Although it is highly likely from a DNA perspective that Xander is our son, until we can confirm it, we must not be soft-hearted.

Nora, who knew what he meant, nodded.

After leaving Justins villa, she started to drive out of the manor. However, someone stopped her while she was on the way out. With a frown, Nora stopped the car and looked at the Hunts housekeeper who had stopped her.

The housekeeper was looking at her with a smile. She said, Ms. Smith, Maam invites you over to her place.

Nora cast her eyes down and suddenly smiled. Sorry, but Im not free.

As soon as she said that, the housekeepers expression instantly changed.

She looked at Nora in surprise, upon which she saw a glint of indifference bursting forth from the womans cat-like eyes. She started the car and drove forward.

Fanny, the housekeeper, had been working for Mrs. Hunt for many years and had been taking care of the Hunt Manor for several decades. She was highly respected in the manor, and even Justin generally treated her a little more politely than others.

Fanny didnt expect Nora to be this rude to her!

The sixty-year-old Fanny frowned. Just as she was about to speak, she realized that Nora was really driving off. She could only step aside and say, Ms. Smith, please wait a minute. Im doing this for your sake. I doubt you want to put Pete in a spot, right?

Nora: ?

She let go of the gas pedal. The car came to a halt.

Fanny followed beside the car and went on. Ms. Smith, it wont do for you to continue taking things so seriously with Maam like this. After all, shes your elder. If you give in, Maam definitely wont make things difficult for you, either. Take Mr. Livingstones illness this time for example. If you take the initiative to cure Thomas condition, and get the baby-making formula from the Stewarts -youve done them such a huge favor this time, so they will definitely give it to youwhen that happens, you will be the Livingstones benefactor. Maam will definitely remember what youve done for them. This way, Pete wont have to be caught between his great-grandmother and his mother too, right?.

Nora knew it. Fanny must have come to her to get her to treat Thomas condition.

She scoffed and looked at Fanny. You want me to treat Thomas condition? Sure.

Seeing her relent so easily, Fanny smiled and said, I knew Ms. Smith is a smart person. Im sure you wont want to make things difficult for Mr. Hunt either. In that case, when can you treat Mr. Livingstones illness?

Nora replied casually, Oh, Im not sure about that because youll have to get an appointment. You can contact my assistant and talk to her about it.

After saying that, she stepped on the gas pedal right away. The car zoomed forward at once, puffing dust into Fannys face!


It was then that she realized that she had been tricked.

If she went to her assistant to get an appointment, god knows how long they would have to wait!

Everyone knew how good Antis medical skills were, so they all went to her for medical consultations. However, Anti only accepted two patients a month, so there was a huge line at Lilys at the moment.

Thomas really did want to have his condition treated. However, Mrs. Hunt had already gotten people to ask around-if they were to really join the queue, they would have to wait for at least ten years!

By then, Thomas would be nearly forty. What was the point of having his illness treated then?

Fanny stamped her foot angrily.

When she returned to the villa, Mrs. Hunt was sighing. She said, I owe her big this time. Sigh! Never mind, if she performs well in the future, then Ill just stop making things difficult for her!

But as soon as she said that, she instead saw a troubled-looking Fanny.

Mrs. Hunt was stunned. S-he didnt agree to


Fanny nodded.

Mrs. Hunt smacked the sofa angrily, her expression instantly becoming awful. She clutched her chest, so angry that she actually couldnt breathe for a moment. Fanny hurriedly gave her a Zabe Corporations Calming Pill. A short while after she took it, she finally felt like she could breathe again. She said, How dare she refuse! This is so maddening!

Mrs. Hunt took a deep breath. How dare she disrespect me again and again. It seems that I really have to teach her a lesson!

Nora was completely unaware that she had infuriated Mrs. Hunt. She had already arrived at the hospital by then.

Lily was waiting for her at the door.

Nora asked, When did he recover?

Lily lowered her voice and said, Actually, he was already showing signs of it two days ago. He had stopped making a din or kicking up a fuss, so I think he had likely already recovered at that time. He looked more like he was observing his surroundings at that time, and seemed to be full of hostility. It was only today that he finally said that he wanted to see you.

Nora nodded and entered the ward with Lily.

Old Maddy was seated on the bed. The burns on his face made him look extraordinarily scary. His entire face was flat with two holes in the area where his eyes were supposed to be. There were also two holes at his nose, and his outer lips were gone. He was completely disfigured.

Previously, when he was crazy, he had looked a little more pleasing to the eye. But now that he was no longer crazy and had calmed down, he actually felt scarier.

If a child stumbled into the room and saw him, they would probably burst into tears out of fright.

After Nora entered the room, Old Maddy stared at her hard with his beady eyes. A long while later, he sighed and said, You two really look alike! Too alike! You practically look just like Yvette.

Nora didnt care about that. She immediately voiced her biggest concern at the moment. Last time, you said that I needed to have children. In that case, did I give birth to twins or triplets?