She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 653 - Old Maddy is Awake!!

Chapter 653 - Old Maddy is Awake!!

Chapter 653 Old Maddy is Awake!!

Im so angry, Im so angry. Jumbo, are you fighting with a wild beast? You stayed in the jungle for so long, dont you see that the middle lane has already opened up! Theres so much HP, are you blind?

Although Cherry was very fierce when she scolded people in her childish voice, it was funny to see her dancing on the sofa. I think he might be a Buddhist who cant bear to kill.

Xander stood behind Cherrys sofa and played the supporting role.

Cherry rolled her eyes and turned around with her back to Xander. It was obvious that she did not want to talk to him. Can you shut


Xander stuck out his tongue and closed his eyes. He stood there obediently.

Cherry continued the next group battle. Jumbo! Im an ADC, do you know what an ADC is? Why are you stealing from my minions? Dont you know Im looking for more resources?

She had just finished complaining when Xander said again, This guy probably died of poverty in his previous life, so he wants whatever money he sees in this life.

Cherry was in a fit of anger. She nodded immediately. You have a point!

However, as soon as she finished speaking, she suddenly realized who had said those words. Cherry immediately rolled her eyes and glanced at Xander. She tilted her head and said in a childish voice, Can you not talk to


Xander stabbed his elbows into the sofa and hung his chin. His chubby face was held in his hands. But theres only you and me in this house. If I dont talk to you, who will I talk to?

Cherry: The butler!

Tsk, Im not talking to him. Xander continued to look at Cherry. I just want to talk to you.


She rolled her eyes again and stood up from the sofa. She strode upstairs with Xander following behind her. What are you going to do?

Cherry: Ill play upstairs.

Xander nodded. I think its quieter upstairs too. Its too noisy with people coming and going downstairs.

The two of them went up to the second floor one after another and arrived in front of Cherrys room. Cherry walked in and Xander was about to follow when Cherry suddenly turned around and looked into the distance. Daddy!

Xander suddenly looked over but realized that there was no one there. He turned around to see Cherrys door close with a bang.


The door almost hit his nose.

He touched his nose. That appearance was really identical to how Justin usually looked when he felt uncomfortable.

Why was Cherry so angry? She was not as cute as she was on the Internet.

As Xander thought about this, he pursed her lips. Then, just as he was about to knock on the door, he heard footsteps downstairs. When he turned around and saw Nora and Justin coming upstairs, he immediately strode forward and rushed into his room.


The door closed. Xander was prepared to sleep.


He sighed silently.

Before he returned to the country, Trueman had said that the woman beside Justin was very annoying, so Xander hated Nora.

However, who would have thought that Nora was the mother of his only friend?

What should he do now?

He originally wanted to tease Nora. But if he did that now, would his only good friend really cut ties with him?

Xander placed his arms behind his head and lay on the bed staring at the ceiling in frustration.

Outside the room.

Justin raised his eyebrows and said, Why do I feel like Xander is avoiding you?


Nora touched her face. Im not that scary, am I?

However, it was quite strange that the two children did not quarrel.

She did not know what had happened previously

As Nora thought about this, she and Justin looked at each other and then went their separate ways. Nora went to Cherrys room.

Justin went to Xanders room, planning to probe.

Nora had just entered when she saw that Cherry had finished her game and was video calling Pete.

The little girl lay on the bed, her legs swaying. Pete, that Xander really looks identical to Daddy. He keeps trying to curry favors with me. Fortunately, I listened to you and realized his goal long ago. I ignored him!

Pete: Okay, keep ignoring him. Cherry, Ive asked around. Everyone says that hes the illegitimate child of Dad and another woman. He must have a reason to curry favor with you, so this person cant stay. Otherwise, Mom will be very sad! We have to firm our resolve!

As if she was doing a spy mission, Cherry nodded. Pete, dont worry. Although he fawns on me in every way and his words are indeed quite nice, I wont be bewitched by his sweet talk! Daddy can have other babies apart from you and me, but this baby has to be born from Mommy. Otherwise, hell be our enemy! We cant be good to him or be soft-hearted to him. Or else well be betraying Mommy!

It was as if she was talking to Pete and herself.

In fact, after her father left today, Cherry had sneaked upstairs with the intention of messing with this little demon. After all, she had heard that on the day she was not around, the little demon had bullied several servants in the house!

He even bit the hand of her favorite bodyguard.

How detestable.

She had to teach this lousy child a lesson!

Therefore, she had secretly entered Xanders room with a spider in her hand. When she pushed the door open, she realized that the person, who looked like her father, was sleeping on the bed.

She smiled and walked over to place the spider in Xanders hand, wanting to scare him.

The spider in her hand was big, as big as a thumb, but it did not bite or poison. Cherry did not plan to hurt him. She just wanted to scare him.

When the spider crawled on her arm, Xander seemed to have sensed it. He slowly opened his eyes and raised his arm. When he saw the spider, Xander was indeed frightened.

He screamed, his face turning white!

Cherry felt that it was about time. After all, she couldnt scare him to death. She was about to take the spider away when she saw

Xander seemed to be frightened. His other hand suddenly grabbed the spider, and then

He stuffed the spider into his mouth

He stuffed it into his mouth

In his mouth

Cherry was shocked. She looked at him with wide eyes.

Xander took two bites and said calmly, It tastes good, but its a little hard. Find a soft one next time.


She was bewildered!

The little demoness who had been making trouble and bullying others since she was young was stunned by this unpredictable little demon in front of her!

Cherry was dumbfounded.

After a moment, she rushed toward Xander with a loud shout and reached out to poke his mouth. Return my spider to me! Shes my


Thats right. She had raised that spider. Otherwise, she wouldnt know so much.

But unexpectedly!

Xander had eaten it!!!

Cherry was furious. Then, she saw Xander look at her. Then should I spit it out for you?

As he said this, he planned to reach into his throat and even made a disgusting retching gesture. Cherry was a little princess who loved cleanliness. She hurriedly jumped out of bed and took a few steps back.

Xander did not spit out anything. Instead, he smiled at Cherry.

Cherry knew that she had been tricked.

She cried out loud. It was not because she had been deceived, nor was she at a disadvantage. It was because her little pet was gone!

She did not want to care about this stinky boy anymore.

Hey, why are you crying?

Xander was anxious. He jumped out of bed and was about to comfort Cherry when she suddenly opened her mouth and bit Xanders arm.

Xander: !!

When he saw Cherrys tearless eyes, he knew that he had been tricked too.

The pain in his arm made him cry out, Hey, let go. Are you a dog?

However, Cherry did not let go at all. She wanted to take revenge for her pet spider!

Xander was furious. He suddenly said, If you dont let go, Ill crush your spider to death!

Hearing this, Cherry was stunned.

She looked up and saw Xander reaching out with his other hand. His chubby hand slowly opened, and her spider was lying on his palm.


Cherry ignored him.

However, Xander found her amusing and followed her downstairs.

Cherry played games and scolded people in-game, so Xander played along and said a few words. When it came to scolding Pete had never been able to say it, so it made Cherry feel a little warm?

Furthermore, it felt like two swords had combined!

At the thought of this, she shook her head suddenly.

She slapped her head.

Cherry, what are you thinking about?!

How could she have a good impression of that bad child, Xander? She had to dislike him! Because liking him would be betraying her mother.

Cherry tried to build up her emotions, but she could not help but say, Pete, Xander doesnt seem that bad~

Pete: ?

Oh no!

His sister had been corrupted!

Pete was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, Ill come back tomorrow.

He could not let his sister be abducted by a bad child!

Cherry nodded. She was about to say something when Nora entered. She hurriedly hung up the phone. When she turned back, she saw Nora looking at her tentatively.

Cherry immediately blinked her large grape-like eyes and flew into her arms. Mommy, why are you here? Did you feel that Cherry missed you? Her little mouth was like honey.

Nora rubbed her head and was about to ask her how she was getting along with Xander when her phone suddenly rang.

She lowered her head and saw that Lily was calling. Boss, Old Maddy is awake. He said that he has something to say to you!

Old Maddy had woken up

Coincidentally, Nora wanted to ask him about the triplets!