She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 617 - You Are Not My Mother

Chapter 617 - You Are Not My Mother

Chapter 617 You Are Not My Mother

Justin subconsciously sat up straight. He lowered his voice and instructed, Speak.

Sean said, That small clinic had only one doctor when Ms. Smith gave birth. After that, the doctor went abroad for further studies and has not returned to the country since. Ive checked his family background and found that he was unmarried back then. Both parents have died, so he doesnt have any family anymore.

Sean then paused and said, During my investigation, I discovered that Ms. Smith had already sent someone to look for him when she was living abroad. After returning to the country, she had searched for him again. She was probably searching for the little mister at that time, but she couldnt find the doctor.

Nora had told him all that on the phone just now.

Nora would definitely tackle the problem from a few different angles when she was searching for her child. Yet despite her abilities, she still hadnt managed to find the man. This showed that the man had hidden himself very well.

Justins long slender fingers tapped against the sofa.

Lawrence became anxious. What are you doing? You cant even find a doctor from some small clinic?

Sean glanced at him silently and said nothing. Lawrence lifted his chin, looked at Justin, and asked, Boss, what should we do?

Justin suddenly said, We cant find him, but surely there is someone else we can ask?

Lawrence asked, Who?

Sean seemed to understand something. He nodded and said, Youre right. I will send some men to look for him right away.

Lawrence: ?

After saying that, Sean went out.

Lawrence immediately looked at Justin. Boss, who are you looking for?

Justin glanced at him indifferently. Then, he answered, Henry Smith.

When Lawrence heard this, he suddenly realized something. Youre right! Henry Smith watched Ms. Smiths entire childbirth, so he must know how many children she gave birth to! Why didnt I think of that? After his wife and daughter betrayed him, he didnt even have money to buy a plane ticket home. Our men schemed and made him a beggar, so he must still be under our surveillance now! We just need to find him and well know what we wanna know!

Justin listened to him prattle on and on. Then, he nodded. Yes, you are right. Lawrence touched his head. I also think Im really smart. To think I understood Boss thoughts right away. He completely forgot that Sean had immediately understood what Justin meant with just one sentence from him, and had already left to get things done by then.

Justin gave Lawrence a disdainful look. Then, he asked, How is that person in the basement?

Lawrence, who had underperformed next to Sean just now, was just thinking of proving himself. At Justins question, he hurriedly replied, Dont worry, Boss, our men are watching her. We wont let her escape! We have also given her a cell phone to let her contact her people abroad. She has been making frequent calls almost every day and begging her brother to send the child here! Oh, said Justin.

Just as he got up and was about to go out, Lawrence suddenly asked, Boss, its been almost three days. Are you really not going to give her any food?

Since that day, Ruth had been imprisoned in the basement. Justin had also left instructions forbidding anyone from giving her food.

The basement had a bathroom with water in it.

However, there was nothing to eat there. Ruth had already asked for food several times over the last few days!

It had been three whole days. She was close to starving to death.

Lawrence was also afraid that she would really starve to death. That was why he had asked about it.

Unexpectedly, Justin replied coldly, She wont die of hunger. Of course, if the child doesnt return within ten days, then it wont matter even if she starves to death.

If Trueman didnt send the child back, then it would mean that he didnt care in the least whether Ruth lived or died.

In that case, why should he care?!

Lawrence swallowed. He felt that there was murderous intent in his boss voice when he said that. It was only then he realized that his boss had really become angry this time.

His boss rarely got angry for real. After all, he could pretty much solve every problem with just a wave of his hand. For him to become so angry this time Surely it wasnt because Ruths existence had made Ms. Smith jealous, right?

Lawrence felt like he had figured something out.

Justin couldnt be bothered to go to the basement. Or rather, the sight of Ruth made him sick, so he didnt want to go. Lawrence, however, had to go.

After all, he had to remind and urge her several times a day to call her people overseas.

When Lawrence went down to the basement, he saw Ruth lying on the ground and eating paper towels. She was in a pathetic state. Her hair was greasy and stuck to her face while her cheeks were sunken in from hunger, making her look a little scary. After going hungry for three days, she had probably lost a few pounds.

Lawrence tutted a couple of times.

At the sight of him, Ruth put down the paper towels in her hand. She stared at Lawrence, her eyes fierce and vicious. She said, Give me something to eat! My son is about to come back to the country soon. When he does, he will become a Hunt! Even if Mr. Hunt does not give me the status I deserve, he still has to acknowledge his son! My son will be the head of the Hunts in the future! Lawrence, arent you afraid that my son will make life difficult for you in the future if you treat me like this?!

Lawrence: ?

He scoffed and threw the phone to Ruth. Time for you to make a call. If you want food, then well talk about it when your son arrives! Just like you said, he is a Hunt. If he says the word, who would dare starve you?

Ruth bit her lip, picked up the phone, and called Xander.

She had no other choice. Trueman had said that Xander didnt want to come. He had to respect his will.

Ruths eyes flashed with hatred when she thought of this.

Was there even a need to respect his will? He was just a sh*tty kid! They had raised him for so long. What was the big deal about making him return to the States to save her? Shouldnt he do that? That kid was a total devil!

While thinking about it, she took a deep breath.

The call was quickly connected.

Xanders devilish voice rang out. Aunt Ruth, what do you want this time?

Ruth got a shock when she heard the word aunt, and she glanced at Lawrence. She quickly lowered her voice and said, How many times have I told you this? You have to call me Mom!

Tsk, did you give birth to me? Why should I call you Mom? Ruth was so angry that she yelled, Xander!

Im still here, you dont have to be so loud. I can hear you.

Ruth took a deep breath and suppressed her anger. Xander, be good, hurry and come and save me, okay? There are a lot of fun things to do in America!

Wow, really? Ruth nodded. Yes, yes, of course. If you come here, I can buy you lots of things.

Oh, I dont need anything.

Is there anything else you need? If not, then Im hanging up. Also, Aunt Ruth, dont ever talk about being my mother or whatnot anymore. My mom is the woman who gave birth to me, not you!


Lawrence was eavesdropping on their conversation with a listening device.