She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 616 - Too Many Children!

Chapter 616 - Too Many Children!

Chapter 616 Too Many Children!


Nora subconsciously wanted to retort, Do I look like an animal to you?

But when she was about to do so, she suddenly remembered that due to obstructed labor, she had actually passed out at one point during childbirth.

From her perspective, she had only fainted for a short while at the time. She had regained consciousness after just a brief blackout. The doctor had then told her to continue pushing.

Then, she gave birth to a child, who was taken away by Henry. When she got down from the delivery bed to take her child back, her belly acted up again, after which she gave birth to Cherry.

She found Justins supposition too strange, so she couldnt help but reply, Its not impossible, but the chances are very low.

Even she hadnt noticed three different heartbeats in her belly during her pregnancy.

Justins voice was full of joy. Really? Then Ill get them to send the child back. When hes here, lets have a DNA test done.

Seeing that he was being so anxious about it, Nora didnt really have any objections, either. Alright.

However, at the bottom of her heart, she didnt hold out much hope.

She understood how Justin felt, though. Even she would find it fairly disgusting if he had a child with another woman, let alone Justin himself.

Besides, she wasnt that much of a saint that she could treat Ruths child like her own.

If Ruth and Justin really had a child together, would she and Justin be able to remain as they were? She couldnt guarantee it, nor could she imagine it.

She was too lazy to deal with overly complicated relationships.

After hanging up the phone, Nora returned to the bedroom.

Cherry was playing games while Pete was studying. Mia was seated next to Pete, her chin on her hand as she watched him while nodding off.

Pete sighed helplessly. Mia, why dont you climb onto the bed and nap for a while?

Mia immediately sat up straight. I am not sleepy, Pete! Pete:

Cherry glanced at her. Although puzzled, she continued to play her game with her head down. While she was playing, she said, Pete, that boy is calling me again. Should I answer?

No, youre not allowed to answer unless he apologizes to Mommy! Okie-Dokie! In a soft and tender voice, Cherry replied, Ill do as you say, Pete!

Pete was very satisfied. However, he was very curious. How did you meet him?

Cherry tilted her head and replied, I once went to play with Princess Lucy. You know how the royal family has a lot of rules and regulations, right? Princess Lucy was taking etiquette lessons at that time, so out of boredom, I started playing with my phone. Then, someone nearby sent me a message. Without thinking too much about it, I added them back and we chatted a little. That boy is very strange. He only talks to me when its late in the night, and the things he says are also very confusing. But he is very smart and he taught himself a lot of things! I hadnt contacted him for a very long time. If it werent because you were forcing me to study, I wouldnt have remembered him either!

Nora: ?

She narrowed her eyes.

Princess Lucy was Cherrys good friend in the UK. The little girl often visited her, but because Nora needed sleep, it was usually her aunt who took her there.

If she had added him as a friend when she was in the palace, wouldnt that mean that the boy had been near the palace? Or even living in the palace itself?

Princess Lucy was part of the UKs royal family. Why would there be unrelated people in the palace?

So, just who exactly was that boy?

While musing over it, her phone rang again.

When she answered, Morris voice came from the other side. Ms. Smith, Caleb Gray has successfully returned to the mysterious organization. He said that he will help us find the location of the mysterious organizations headquarters in the near future.


Nora responded indifferently.

Although she sounded indifferent, she had cast her eyes down coldly.

Her mother had been driven to her grave by the mysterious organization. She would definitely avenge her!

She asked, Havent you guys found any clues during all these years?

Morris was silent for a while before he sighed and replied, Its very difficult for us to look for clues. First of all, its inconvenient for us to do anything abroad. Secondly, they seem to be protected by very powerful people Furthermore, there are many places abroad that even the Interpol cant reach.

Nora understood.

Not every country was like the United States. There were still many countries with a monarchy. The UK was a country like that.

It was just like how there was a mysterious child hiding in Princess Lucys palace, yet no one could go in and investigate!

As the two didnt have anything else to share with each other, Nora hung up the phone.


Justin tapped the sofa with his finger lightly.

He was musing over something with a frown.

Next to him, Lawrence felt like his boss had gone a little bonkers.

Just now, he had dispatched someone to California to investigate the person who delivered the children for Ms. Smith back then. The two were currently waiting for news.

How could that kid possibly be the boss and Ms. Smiths, though? And why would their child possibly end up in Ruths hands? On top of that, he was even in Truemans clutches

These things were simply too complicated.

But wasnt it exactly just as strange back then?

Someone had called and said that his boss had a child and that he was about to die. When his boss went to the specified location, he had really found Pete

That wasnt all. Later, they met Cherry, and now, there was Xander too? Surely there wouldnt be a fourth, fifth, and sixth child, right? That would be too many children!

While he was thinking, agitated footsteps rang out outside the door.

Sean walked in. He looked at Justin and said in a low voice, Ive found information about that small clinic!