She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 605 - Why Are You Pregnant?!

Chapter 605 - Why Are You Pregnant?!

Chapter 605 Why Are You Pregnant?!

Nora sat opposite Caleb and looked at this man who was getting thinner and thinner because of lung cancer. His deep eyes were filled with helplessness as if he had seen through the world.

Those eyes made him look more refined.

He slowly said, Do you know how your mother joined the mysterious organization?

Nora shook her head. No.

Caleb slowly said, Actually, she was tricked into it.

Nora was surprised. Caleb continued, The mysterious organization was a small society. Your mother was deliberately set up with difficult questions and baited by them to join, but she had no idea what the organization was really doing Your mother was only interested in genetic modification. Human genes always have defects. Think about it, who wouldnt want their genes to be perfect? Your mother was virtuous and her research in medicine had already reached the peak back then.

Everyone in the country said that Dr. Zabes alternative medicine was the best, but that was not the case. Back then, the best in alternative medicine was actually your mother. It was just that she was still young and could not compare to Dr. Zabe in terms of seniority.

Thats why she was targeted by the mysterious organization.

The leader of the mysterious organization was famous for his academic research. He often discussed medicine with your mother and threw out all kinds of difficult questions about the production of gene serums.

Your mother used up all her wits and answered whatever questions she could every time. Over time, your mother started sensing that something was wrong, so she asked the leader.

The leader invited your mother to visit their dream factory overseas. Only then did your mother discover the true identity of the mysterious organization!

Caleb lowered his eyes. Do you know what the mysterious organization has done?

Nora shook her head. I dont really know.

Caleb took a deep breath and said slowly, The mysterious organization studied the gene serum. In the beginning, they tested it on adults and realized that their genes had already been rigidly fixed. It was not viable to change them again. Most of the people who had been injected with the gene serum either turned crazy or exploded. Therefore, they changed their strategy. Only experiments on some children could succeed. Therefore, in that year, they bought a thousand children who had been abducted or abandoned all over the world. Most of those children were just born and were not even three years old.

Those children all became the subjects of their experiments. They often injected drugs and extracted blood from them. Some even treated them as Petri dishes to see the effects. They sized up the viruses and bacterias. Some even deliberately injected the ratio virus into them to see if the gene serum can defeat the virus. Some even had their hands and feet chopped off and their organs plucked because the researchers wanted to know if the gene serum had the ability to regenerate their organs And while doing those experiments, they wouldnt inject the children with anesthetic because the anesthetic would change the effect of the gene serum Among a thousand children, only a few survived, and most of them died.

Noras heart clenched tightly when she heard these words.

She had always known that the mysterious organization was filled with evil and was trying to change the human genetic sequence. Furthermore, she had seen with her own eyes that Hillary, Yvonne, and the others had all been harmed by that drug. After entering the special department, she had also checked the information and knew that the mysterious organization was experimenting with children. There were also data about there being about a thousand children.

However, she had never known that the details were so infuriating!

Caleb had said it in too much detail, so much so that an image appeared in her mind.

If it was six years ago when she didnt have children, she might have only called them animals. However, now, whenever she thought of Cherry or Pete lying on the operating table and being tortured by them, she felt like destroying the mysterious organization!

They were so cruel and inhumane!

Noras expression turned cold. And?

Caleb took a deep breath. When your mother saw this, she also felt strange anger. Only then did she realize that she had unintentionally helped a tyrant for so long. However, she also understood that a head-on clash could not resolve the problem. She pretended to cooperate and accepted the leaders invitation to become the boss of the research and development department and the second-in-command of the entire organization. Then, she found an opportunity to steal the data at the research and development department and fled back to the country with the information.

Nora clenched her fists. Then?

At that time, the mysterious organization was only thought of as an organization engaged in child trafficking. Your mother was caught by mistake. After she found an excuse to escape, she realized that the people in the mysterious organization were very resourceful. She could not resist at all and thus she fled. Do you know why she went to California?

Nora shook her head.

Caleb sighed. Because she had saved a three-year-old boy from the 1,000 children captured by the mysterious organization. That boy told her to look for his parents in California.

Nora was stunned and looked at Caleb in shock.

Caleb smiled. Thats right. That boy is me.

Nora: !!

She stood up in shock and looked at Caleb in disbelief.

Caleb lowered his eyes and slowly said, When I was three, they injected me with a gene serum and improved my genetic code. They deliberately did not inject the serum all at once. At that time, my parents being quite capable reached the mysterious organization to find me. Unfortunately, by that time, I could no longer leave. My body had been conditioned such that I would die if I stopped taking the serum at regular intervals. I had to be injected with the serum every month to maintain my life.

Perhaps he had said too much at once, and he coughed again.

Nora handed the tea to him.

He took a sip and suppressed the itch in his throat. And thus, I was tied to the mysterious organization. When my parents found out, they felt helpless. At that time, your mother decided to make a deal with the Grays. The Grays helped her hide her identity and guaranteed to raise you until you were 18 years old. She also left the formula for the last dose of the serum. I was to be injected with the last dose once I turned 25.

When she heard this, Nora suddenly understood everything.

No wonder she had an engagement with Anthony! No wonder the Grays did not break off the engagement even when she got pregnant. What they wanted was the formula for the last dose of the serum!

And the reason why the mysterious organization came to New York and kept looking for her mother was because of that formula!

At this moment, she came to a sudden realization!

But what about her pregnancy? Why did her mother betray the Grays and arrange for her to have a child with Justin? Was there a secret behind this?!