She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 604 - The Truth From Back Then!

Chapter 604 - The Truth From Back Then!

Chapter 604 The Truth From Back Then!

Impossible! If shes Q, how can she be Black Cat?

Someone could not believe it. Besides, Miss Smith doesnt look like one to dirty her hands. A delicate young mistress cant be the number one killer.

The number one killer was a top-secret agent!

Such a person must have trained every muscle in their body. Furthermore, they probably had to train every day. Miss Smith was so free. She was either sleeping or preparing to sleep at all times. How could it be her?

When this was said, everyone believed it.

After all, in the special department, those who maintained their muscles really needed to train every day. However, Nora looked thin and weak. She could not be that strong.

Someone else said, She was interrogating those people earlier. Black Cat must have given her some tips!

This thought seemed to make everyone feel more comfortable and accept it. After all, if Nora was Black Cat, that would be too inconceivable. Therefore, everyone nodded and echoed this thought.

Morris was not sure if Nora was Black Cat, either.

However, in terms of martial arts, Nora was Quinn School of Martial Arts Big Sister. He felt that since she was Q and Big Sister, there was a high chance that she was Black Cat. After all, Black Cat was a top-secret agent and a special-class killer. No matter what they did, other than strong martial arts and intelligence, they also needed a good grasp of technology.

Forget about the uncertainty.


Morris slowly said, Black Cats identity is mysterious. Its not something that can be seen through by any ordinary person. Black Cat isnt someone that just anyone can hire. However, Nora knows Karl. He might be the person who understands Black Cat the most.

When the people heard this, they were a little indignant. Karl is also one of us now. Cant we just get Karl to invite Black Cat? She knows Black Cat probably through Karl, right?

As soon as someone said this, Morriss voice turned cold. He smiled sarcastically and said, You have the cheek to mention Karl?

Everyone shut their mouths at once.

Morriss gaze swept across everyones faces coldly and he said word by word, You guys always say that Nora is useless. Then Ill help you guys count how many things she has done for us since she joined the special department!

She was the one who lured Trueman out and gave us a chance to capture him. Regardless of whether shes Q or not, she was the one who gave us Truemans location. Otherwise, our Internet department wouldnt even be able to compare to the experts on Truemans side. We couldnt locate him at all! Furthermore, it was her who fixed the network departments bugs!

Damons face turned red.

Morris looked at Mark again. It was also her who set up a trap at the last minute and exposed Captain Johnsons true face. She also proved our hero Karls innocence. Otherwise, Karl would have been killed by you already, right?! You still want to find Black Cat through Karl? Heh

Mark was embarrassed and lowered his head.

So, what right do you have to judge Nora here? Not to mention her identity, just going by her contribution to the special department, who can compare to her?

Morriss every word pierced into the hearts of these people. The entire place fell silent. No one raised any objections.

Morris saw that the people had finally shut their mouths and looked at Mark. Come here.

Mark followed behind Morris, and the two of them walked to the side.

Morris suddenly said, Take a few people and monitor Ruth 24/7! You must catch her!

Mark looked at him in a daze. Captain Ford, youre

His eyes lit up. Youre suspecting Ruth?

Morris lowered his eyes. Of course, Ruth was suspicious! She first interrogated the four bodyguards, and the answers she got were all aimed at Nora. If Nora had not interrogated the bodyguards again, she might have been implicated by Ruth. She might even have had to leave the country, right?

Moreover, after detaining Nora, she took advantage of the time when his phone had no signal to interrogate Nora. It was as if she was afraid that he would not give her this chance.

Furthermore he had received news of the mysterious organization and the other party had deliberately set up a signal jammer nearby. Wasnt this too much of a coincidence?

If Nora had not hacked the jamming device and forcefully contacted him, he might still have been outside!

There were too many coincidences, so many that he could not help but suspect Ruth.

Before Morris could answer, Mark instantly stood up. Captain Ford, dont worry. I promise to complete the mission this time! Morris nodded. On the other hand, Nora entered Calebs interrogation room and saw Caleb was reading something. His cough seemed to have improved a lot and was not as frequent as before.

Hearing this, Caleb turned to look at her and said, Your medicine is not bad.

Before this, Nora had given Sheril a formula and asked her to help concoct a bottle of medicine. Although it could not treat lung cancer, it could slow down his cough.

Nora nodded. Ill further refine it for you later.

Caleb was silent for a moment before suddenly saying, Then you have to speed up.7

Nora: ?

She was stunned for a moment and looked at Caleb in confusion.

Caleb put down the book and poured a cup of tea for Nora. His treatment here had clearly improved. Im afraid Ill leave soon.

Nora paused. Where are you going?

Back to the mysterious organization.

Caleb said slowly.

His words stunned Nora.

If he was imprisoned here, how could he return to the mysterious organization?

Nora had just thought of this when Caleb answered her doubts. I chatted with Captain Ford.

Nora instantly understood.

Karls identity had already been revealed, and he was no longer suitable to be a spy overseas. So Morris had instigated Caleb?

Nora was stunned.

Calebs status in the mysterious organization should be quite high. How could he be persuaded to defect so easily?

As she was thinking, she heard Caleb suddenly say, Actually, Im the same as your mother.

The same

Nora looked at him directly. What do you mean? Do you know why she betrayed the mysterious organization back then?


Caleb replied calmly and pointed to the chair opposite him. Sit. There are some things I want to tell you.

Nora was really only here to say goodbye. After all, she had left the special department. It was indeed inconvenient to see him again in the future.

But she did not expect Caleb to suddenly reveal the truth from back then?!

What had Yvette done back then?v