She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 576 - Leave?

Chapter 576 - Leave?

Chapter 576 Leave?

Everyone in the special department immediately became nervous. They placed their hands on their waists and held their guns.

Tanya reacted a little slower than Nora, but then her legs went limp. She stumbled toward the interrogation room. As she ran, she shouted, Dad! In the interrogation room, the people with guns could only be the two policemen. Then, who had fired the gun? Who had been hit? Nora ran quickly into the interrogation room. Before she could get close, the people guarding outside had already rushed in. The person in the lead was actually Ruth!

After they entered, Ruths voice suddenly came from the interrogation room. Ah!

Nora sped up and rushed to the door. She hurriedly looked inside and saw that Karl was holding a gun in his hand. He was pressing it against Ruths temple.

The others, including Captain Johnson, all pointed their guns at him!

Noras gaze swept across Karls body first. When she saw that there were no traces of him being hit, she finally relaxed. Then, she turned around and saw that Old Terry was lying in a pool of blood.

She rushed over and checked Old Terrys pulse, but she realized that his temple had been pierced by a bullet. There was no way to save him.

Nora frowned.

At this moment, Morris had already rushed over. He asked in a low voice, Whats going on?

Captain Johnson still had a frightened expression on his face. His eyes were red as he shouted angrily, Karl kept saying that he wanted to see Old Terry. He would only tell the truth when he saw Old Terry, so I called him over. But I didnt know that Karl hated Old Terry for misjudging his murder case back then. He killed Old Terry!!

With that, Captain Johnson pointed his gun at him. I want to take revenge for Old Terry!

However, Karl blocked Ruth between him and himself and shouted, If you dare to shoot, Ill kill her!

Captain Johnson frowned.

Seeing that no one came forward, Karl said, I didnt kill anyone! Old Terry is my boss. How could I kill him?! It was Johnson who killed him and framed me!

When Captain Johnson heard this, he sighed silently. What? Karl, do you think this is a drama?!

Karl shouted, Its true! Old Terry is my boss. He has my file! Johnson killed Old Terry and wants to kill me too!

Captain Johnson frowned.

He took a deep breath and said, What bullsh*t. You said I killed Old Terry. Should I test the trajectory?! Lets see whose pistol killed Old Terry!

At this moment, both Karl and Captain Johnson had a gun in their hands.

Everyone would know after testing the guns.

Karl narrowed his eyes and stared at Captain Johnson.

He could not figure out why Captain Johnson would do this

Two minutes ago, when Captain Johnson and Old Terry entered, Old Terry had even held his hand and said that it had been hard on him for so many years.

Karl sighed. I just want to recover my identity so that I can return to my daughter.

Old Terry expressed his understanding. He even said that he himself had retired because he wanted to go back and accompany his daughter

However, Karl was stunned. You retired? Werent you working all along? When did you retire?

Old Terry was stunned. I retired five years ago. Your matters later were

Before he could finish speaking, Captain Johnson suddenly took out a gun from his pocket. It was wrapped in tissues. He fired through the tissues and aimed the gun at Karl!

In his panic, Karl reached out to snatch the


And there were only his fingerprints on the gun!!

If he went to verify it, there would be no evidence at all!

His original plan was to kill Old Terry and Karl. This way, he could bury everything!

But Karl had some skills.

Not only did he snatch his gun, but he also shoved him hard and rushed out. It was filled with Johnsons people outside. If Karl went out, he would die too!

However, Ruth just so happened to pass by outside at this moment. When she turned the corner, she was still talking. Captain Johnson, we want to start the interrogation from Karl. May I?

Then, she was quickly taken hostage by Karl.

He did not manage to fire that shot!

Now, it was big trouble.

However, Johnson had a plan.

Captain Johnson raised his gun and stood with the group of people around him. He said, Besides, Im from the special department. Why would I kill Old Terry? Im comrades with Old Terry! Brothers! Old Terry even took a bullet for me. Everyone knows that!

Captain Johnsons eyes were red. He was furious. I want to avenge Old Terry!

With that, he took another step forward and looked like he was about to shoot!

Karl pushed Ruth!

Ruth immediately shouted, Captain Johnson, save me, save me!

Captain Johnson looked extremely angry and he only felt that Ruth was meddlesome!

As Captain Johnson thought about this, he narrowed his eyes. Karl, if youre innocent, then put down the gun and let go of Ruth!

Karl sneered. How is that possible? Do you think Im mad? If I let go of her, Ill be the one dying the next second!

Karl was very smart. He knew that there was a sniper in the special department. Therefore, not only did he hold Ruth hostage, but he even hid inside the interrogation room.

The interrogation room was airtight, and it had become his safe haven!

Karl did not wait for Captain Johnson to speak again and shouted, Go out, all of you!

Captain Johnson and Morris could only slowly retreat.

As soon as he went out, Captain Johnson slammed his fist on the wall in anger. Tears flowed down his face as he roared, Im the one who harmed Old Terry!!

At this moment, inside the special department, Janson ran over. He shouted as he ran, Whats going on? What happened to my father?

The dead Old Terry inside was his father!

When Captain Johnson saw him, he instantly patted his shoulder. Its me. Im the one who caused your fathers death!

Jansons eyes widened. Then, he seemed to have understood something. He pulled out his gun and rushed into the room. I want to avenge my father!

However, he was grabbed by Morris. He said in a deep voice, Janson, dont be impulsive. You have to trust us. Well give you a fair answer!

Hearing Morriss words, Janson suddenly squatted down and covered his face.

He believed in Morris.

The door to the interrogation room was still open. Morris shouted into the room, Karl, let go of Ruth and surrender. Well give you a chance to defend yourself! This is also your best choice!

Karl did not move. He wanted to leave!

The moment Captain Johnson killed Old Terry, he no longer believed in this place.

Furthermore, five years Old Terry said that he had retired five years ago. Then, who had been giving him orders these five years?!

These matters were extremely terrifying when thought carefully. It made Karl only want to escape and return to someplace he was familiar with.

He held Ruth hostage and walked out of the interrogation room, avoiding the glass door and any place that could be hit by a sniper rifle. He moved out bit by bit. Prepare a car for me! I want to leave this place immediately!

Ruth was so frightened that her legs were trembling. Give it to him! Captain Ford, give it to him! I dont want to die!

Morris looked at the two of them. After a moment, he said, Karl, have you thought it through? If you leave like this, then your charge of murder will be confirmed! Youll never be able to prove your innocence!

Karl lowered his head. Fleeing is better than death!

However, when he said this, Captain Johnson suddenly pointed not far away and said, But what about your daughter? Do you want your daughter to be a murderers daughter for the rest of her life? Karl, arent you afraid youll traumatize your daughter by doing this in front of her?!

Karl suddenly looked at her daughter.

Tanya was standing holding the wall. Her beautiful eyes were looking at him without a blink. Her eyes were filled with shock.

Karl tightened his jaw.

Tanya did not know what to do

It was very dangerous now.

He might get killed if he stayed here much longer!

As she was thinking

An angry voice was heard. You killed my father. Im going to kill your daughter!

Janson stood up suddenly and raised his pistol to aim at Tanya! Karl was anxious. He let go of Ruth and shouted at Tanya, Careful!

Tanyas eyes widened.

Even Morris looked suddenly turned toward Janson, but it was too late. Janson had already pulled the trigger!

At the moment, just as everyone held their breaths, they realized that Janson had pulled the trigger but there was no sound at all.

Jansons hands were trembling. Only then did everyone realize that the gun was not loaded! Morris was shocked. He stood between Tanya and Janson and shouted angrily, What are you doing?

Janson looked at Morris and said, Captain Ford, dont worry. I didnt forget Im a cop!

He knew what he should and shouldnt do!

Then why did he suddenly target Tanya? At this thought, Morris suddenly realized something. This was a diversion!

This was Janson and Captain Johnsons plan!

Indeed, Morris suddenly turned his head and saw that on the other side, Captain Johnson suddenly shouted at Ruth, Get down!

Ruth understood and hurriedly dropped to the ground.

Then, Captain Johnson calmly shot Karl with a cold expression!

Captain Johnson wanted to kill Karl!! Karl looked at the gun aimed at him and knew that he could not escape

He subconsciously looked at Tanya.

For some reason, he suddenly thought of the dumplings that Jill had once made for him with three-fish filling

Was he going to die here today?

Although he was unwilling, he seemed to feel a little better when he thought about how he was going to reunite with Jill.

These thoughts flashed across Karls mind

But at this point!

Unexpectedly, the falling Ruth suddenly raised her arm. Coincidentally, she blocked the bullet aimed at Karl!


The bullet hit Ruths arm, causing her to cry out in pain. Ah!!

The bullet was blocked. It seemed to be mostly luck, but no one had noticed that Nora, who was treating Old Terry on the ground, had suddenly picked up a coffee bean lying on the ground and thrown it at Ruth, hitting her arm. Nora narrowed her eyes. She had been performing CPR on Old Terry with another policeman.

However, she was actually looking around and watching the reactions of the people around


Karl was saved again. He quickly came back to his senses and grabbed Ruths arm, taking her hostage again! She, who had been trying to escape had been shot in the arm, causing her to turn pale.

At this moment, Ruth was so angry that her entire body was trembling.

She just wanted to receive credit. She did not expect things to end up like this!

Karl did not listen to her and dragged Ruth to the door.

At the door, Black Panther was waiting in a black car. He was originally going to pick Karl up from prison.

He did not expect to get into such a situation.

He immediately rushed to Karls side and asked, Brother, whats going on?! When Captain Johnson saw him, he shouted, Do you see that? That is Black Panther! Hes here to receive Karl. They must have planned everything long ago! They planned to kill Old Terry!

He was not anxious at all.

Luck was a factor when he picked up the gun earlier.

It would have been best if he could kill Karl. But even if he couldnt, Karl would still be frightened away. As long as he left, everything could be buried!

Karl roared, I didnt!

Morris stared at him. Karl, I believe you. Put down the gun and surrender. I guarantee that no one can hurt you! ill find evidence for you! But if you leave, your innocence will never be proven!

Black Panther said warily, Brother, we cant trust these people. Theyre too sly! Follow me. We can escape from here! Black Bear and the others are ready!

Hearing that Black Bear was here, Karl was even more confident to escape.


Was he really leaving?

Karl turned to look at Tanya, who was following behind everyone.

If he left, he might never see Tanya in his life again.

But if he did not leave

Brother, you have to go! You dont have any evidence to prove your innocence! Black Panther was anxious and shouted vigilantly. The two of them hid behind the car and avoided the snipers.

The car was in front of him.

Once he got into the car, he could leave safely.

However, Captain Johnson shouted, We cant let him go. We have to make him pay for Old Terrys death! He killed Old Terry!

Karl narrowed his eyes and made up his mind.

He reached out and held the car door. When Captain Johnson saw this, he heaved a sigh of relief.

However, at this moment, a cold voice suddenly sounded. Who said Old Terry is dead?