She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 575 - Slap In The Face!

Chapter 575 - Slap In The Face!

Chapter 575 Slap In The Face!

Ruth had always been proud of her academic qualifications. After all, there were very few highly-educated people with Masters degrees like her. People like them were considered scarce talents.

That was why she had suddenly put Nora down with academic qualifications when she spotted her right after they came out of the conference room.

Because it seemed that apart from her academic qualifications, there was nothing about her that could compare with Nora!

However, she was currently staring at Noras personal information on the screen in astonishment. It clearly read:

Education: Doctorate

All education after a Bachelors graduation was postgraduate, so postgraduate degrees were the highest level of degree that one could achieve.

In that respect, Noras academic qualifications were the same as Ruths.

However, Ruths was a Masters degree whereas Noras was:

Degree: PhD

Ph.D. This was the highest level of degree achievable! Was there anything beyond that? Of course there was! There were postdocs and academicians, but those were just occupational titles.

In addition, there were many people who couldnt become postdoctoral researchers or academicians even after spending all of their lives trying

Yet it was stated in Noras file that she was an academician at an international medical university when she was living abroad.

It was to the extent that Ruth was even wondering if her eyes were playing tricks on her.

Did 25-year-old academicians even exist?!

She rubbed her eyes and looked over againonly to see that the word academician was still clearly stated there. In addition, there were also corresponding certificates proving that all of this was real.

Johnson was dumbfounded.

Ruth also shut up.

Only Damon, the insensitive fellow, was silly enough to say, Oh my god, I finally understand why Captain Ford said that we would just be humiliating ourselves if we compare our academic qualifications with Ms. Smiths! B-but whats going on here, though? Didnt they say that Ms. Smith has never been to school? Yet shes actually an academician?!

Someone nearby swallowed audibly and said, An academician! Ive actually seen a living, breathing academician! No wonder Ms. Smith is so cocky! If my academic qualifications were like hers, I would be even cockier than her, alright? Shes so cool!

Where did Captain Ford find someone as talented as her? Her working ability aside, just her academic qualifications alone are already the first of its kind in the special department! Ms. Smith makes us so proud!

No matter in what industry and no matter who it was, one would always possess the most basic level of awe in the face of knowledge. People who managed to enter prestigious universities were already very impressive, and geniuses-even if they were down and outwould never be ridiculed, either.

Furthermore, given Noras academic qualifications and certificates one couldnt even call her a mere genius anymore, right?!

Im actually working with an academician every day! Gosh, I suddenly feel so honored.

Me too I feel like Im about to float Captain Ford is so awesome. To think he could actually get such a talent to join the special department

While everyone was talking about it, Johnson hurriedly turned off his cell phone. He felt like his cheeks were stinging. He had recruited Ruth while

Morris had recruited Nora.

All this time, he had been trying to use the reason that Ruth was better than Nora to weaken Morris momentum, but little did he think that he would actually lose all of the few consecutive rounds of competition!

This especially stood out when he looked at the group of subordinates here. It was obvious that they now admired Morris even more.

He had totally shot himself in the foot!

Ruth clenched her fists tightly.

She felt like even the glory that Black Cat had brought her just now had all been snatched away.

If she hadnt mentioned anything about academic qualifications, everyone would probably still be gathered all around her and dying to know more about Black Cats proposal. However, it was obvious that their focus wasnt on her anymore.

Ruth coughed, planning to change the subject. She asked, Would you guys like to take a look at the proposal that Black Cat and I have discussed and jointly drawn up?.

As soon as she said that, Damon said perfunctorily, I cant read it anyway, so Ill just wait until youre done translating it Speaking of academicians, though! Its really hard to become one. But considering how Nora is Anti, the top surgeon in the world, it doesnt seem that improbable that she would become one

A puzzled co-worker asked, Are academicians very amazing?

Damons lip corners couldnt help b He gave him a crash course and said, The United States has a population of over 300 million people, but there are only over a thousand academicians in the country! In addition, you have to make major contributions in your field to have a chance of being appraised! There are only a dozen or so academicians in the field of medicine! So, would you say its amazing or not?!

My goodness, then Nora no, I feel like even the uttering her name is a form of insult towards her. What kind of contribution has Professor Smith made?

No one was paying any attention to Ruth anymore. All of them had gathered and were discussing the matter in low voices. Seeing this, Ruth bit her lip hard.

Next to her, Johnson took a deep breath and said, Whats the use of having impressive academic qualifications? This is the special department! Its not a medical team! People who can crack the case and catch all the members of the mysterious organization are the ones who are truly the most impressive!

Unfortunately, no one was listening to him anymore.


Forget it, Captain Johnson, said Ruth.

Johnson looked at Ruth bitterly and said, Its all your fault. Youve totally embarrassed me!

A dim light flashed across Ruths eyes, but on the surface, she instead lowered her head and sighed. I didnt expect this to happen, either. But dont worry, Captain Ford has already said it himself just now. Having high academic qualifications is nothing impressive. As long as my proposal allows us to find important clues through interrogation, itll still be all thanks to you knowing talent when you see it!

Upon hearing this, Johnson looked at her. He suddenly lowered his voice and asked, Is that interrogation plan of yours reliable?

Johnson had boasted really hard about how Ruth was a master interrogator and whatnot, but to be honest, he didnt really believe in her, either.

Ruths eyes flickered. Then, she smiled and replied, Just wait for the good news tomorrow!

Johnson nodded when he heard that.

Then, all of his fury from just now disappeared.

The next day Heh, he would give the special department a big gift the next day!

Nora drove home in the jeep.

On the way home, she couldnt help but sneeze.

She couldnt tell who might be cursing her.

She held the steering wheel with one hand and leaned her other arm on the window. Her head was propped on her hand as she looked ahead of her and drove in boredom.

Ruth and Johnson sure were becoming kinda annoying

It was to the extent that she wanted the two of them to disappear from her sight.

However, those two usually only made small trouble, so she could only disclose her identity and give them a slap in the face at the most, which was no fun at all.

She wondered when the two of them would do something big instead?

Bland and painless tricks like those were simply too boring!

While thinking about it, she returned to the Smiths.

As soon as she entered the house, Maureen came running out in tears. She was taken aback for a moment. Before she could even ask what had happened, Warren rushed over. He said, Sigh, dear, let me explain

Maureen, however, refused to listen and left at once.

Warren chased after her and went past Nora. It was as though neither of them had noticed her.


The couple was quarreling again.

The corners of her lips spasmed and she ignored them. Instead, she went up the stairs. As soon as she reached the door, she saw Joel staring at her. He said, Mr. Hunt came over today.

Nora raised her brows.

The sensitive woman discovered that for some reason, Joels term of address had changed from Justin to Mr. Hunt again.

There was a little more respect in his speech.

Uh-huh, and then? She asked.

Joel replied, He proposed marriage, to which Dad has agreed. Then, he immediately set a few dates where hell be coming over so that you guys can settle on a wedding date.


Was that man in such a hurry? Her lip corners twitched and she nodded. Okay, got it.

After replying, she was about to enter her bedroom when she heard Joels voice again. Nora, he said.

Nora looked back to see Joel looking at her hesitantly. A short while later, he suddenly said, You Why dont you treat Mr. Hunt a little nicer and be a little more faithful to him?

Nora: ?

Even though she was confused, she nodded before she finally entered her room, leaving behind Joel, who could only heave a soundless sigh as he looked at her from the back.

In the future that Ian had planned for Nora, Justin was the queen in her harem. As for the concubines, they sure were pitiful. They wouldnt even be getting an official status.

Just like that, Justin-aka the queen-started to play multiple roles all by himself without him even knowing.

The next day, Nora only woke up at noon as usual. When she went downstairs, she saw Tanya standing there and looking at her nervously. She said, Nora, I will go with you to pick him up and bring him home!

Nora yawned.

Before she came home the day before, she had gone over and visited Karl again. He was still the same as ever. He had even asked her to tell Tanya to prepare some dumplings for him to eat that day.

In the kitchen, the dumplings were already all wrapped and laid out on the tray, stuffed to the brim with fillings.

Nora took a couple of bites from a slice of bread. Then, she went to the special department with Tanya.

When the two arrived, Karl had not been acquitted yet. Nora took Tanya to visit him first.

When he saw Tanya, Karl chuckled and asked, Are the dumplings all wrapped and done?

Tanya looked at him huffily and folded her arms as she replied fiercely, No, they arent!

Karl grinned and scratched his tattooed arm. Well, never mind if they arent done yet, what are you being so fierce for? Youre not like your mom at all!

At the mention of Tanyas mother, Tanya fell silent for a moment before she asked, What was she like?

Margot, who had killed Jill and stolen her identity, had always beaten and scolded Tanya since she was a child. If it werent for the fact that she was afraid that others would discover her identity, she would probably have drowned Tanya a long time ago. But it was precisely because of Tanyas existence that no one ever connected her to Margot.

Tanya had never experienced a mothers love.

Karl was about to tell her about Jill when Johnson suddenly knocked on the door outside and said, Karl, Terry is here! As they had to deal with work matters, Nora led Tanya out of the room.

Karl was waving at them. The burly man looked just like a kid asking for candy. He said, Ill tell you all about it when we get home!

Tanya rolled her eyes.

Even though she cared for him, on the surface, she was always acting as if she didnt. Nora, however, was staring at the man named Terry. He had wrinkles on his face and was in a wheelchair. Johnson pushed the man in the wheelchair into the interrogation room

For some reason, a foreboding feeling suddenly welled up in Nora.

Sure enough, some time later, a gunshot suddenly rang out in the room!!!


Noras pupils shrank and she rushed over!