She Becomes Glamorous After The Engagement Annulment - Chapter 552 - She Didn’t Remember She Knew Ruth

Chapter 552 - She Didn’t Remember She Knew Ruth

Chapter 552 She Didn’t Remember She Knew Ruth

Nora’s voice was cold. Even though everyone was talking about Ruth in private, these words still reached everyone’s ears clearly.

Ruth’s fingers tightened.

She looked at the woman who was talking calmly. She was wearing a black shirt tucked under her clothes and was casually carrying a big backpack. She looked valiant and cool as she stood there.

That question seemed to have seen through her mind, making her feel a little guilty for a moment.

Had she found out that she was lying?

As soon as this thought surfaced, Captain Johnson sneered. “Nora, what do you mean? Only Black Cat knows if he has ever said such things. Are you Black Cat? Why are you questioning Ruth here?”

Nora raised her eyebrows and pursed her lips.

Captain Johnson said again, “I know that women are generally petty. Are you unhappy when you see women more beautiful and popular than you? But this is not a reason for you to question others!”

With that, he snorted.

Ruth also returned to her senses. She still maintained her gentle persona and said with a smile, “Captain Johnson, it’s okay.”

After saying that, she looked at Nora. “I’m indeed good friends with Black Cat.”

Nora sneered. “Then tell me where Black Cat is. What does he look like?”

Ruth sighed. “I’m sorry. Black Cat likes to hide and relax, so I can’t expose his identity. This is also one of the prerequisites for me to come here and accept Captain Johnson’s invitation.”

Captain Johnson immediately echoed, “Yes, so don’t pester Ruth about Black Cat. She won’t mention it!”

Nora: “?”

Tsk, this person was quite sly!

The excuse she had found was perfect.

Ruth did not give Nora a chance to speak again. Instead, she took out a big bag of coffee beans from her bag. “I specially brought this here. The taste is very good. Consider it a gift for everyone to try!” When she said this, the group of eternally-single men immediately took a step forward.

“Okay, this way. The coffee machine is over here!”

“Miss Ruth…”

Ruth smiled gently. “You don’t have to call me Miss Ruth. Just call me Ruth. We’re all colleagues.”

“Okay, Ruth. Coffee is my favorite! People in our line of work often stay up late. Coffee is indispensable!” Ruth kept smiling. “It seems like my gift was well received.”

As Nora watched a group of people crowding around Ruth as she walked to the coffee machine, for the first time, she began to think that she was indeed not very good at handling


Look at Ruth…

Why didn’t she invite everyone for coffee when she first came to the department?

As she was thinking, she heard Morris’s voice. “What’s in your bag? It’s so heavy.”

Morris casually picked it up, planning to help her carry it. Nora blinked. “There’s no need to trouble you, Captain Ford. The bag is filled with some clothes and food. I wonder if I can give it to Karl?”

Morris thought about it and nodded. “Okay, but you have to go through a routine checkup before you can take it in.”

“No problem.”

Nora entered the interrogation room.

She wanted to continue chatting with Karl. After all, last time, Karl wanted to say something, but he was interrupted by Captain Johnson.

Since they were here to meet again, she had to get Karl to say what he could not say the last time!

When they went through the security checks, Nora took out things one by one. Tanya had really prepared many things for Karl.

Other than some snacks, there were also cigarettes and daily necessities. They were all acceptable, so he let them in.

When they entered the interrogation room, Nora could still vaguely hear the young man guarding the door say, “There’s another girl in the department! Her character is especially good!…”

Nora shook her head and entered the interrogation room.

However, when she saw Karl’s appearance, she frowned. “Uncle Karl, why have you become like this? What did you want to tell me last time? Can you tell me why you helped the mysterious organization bring people into New York?”